Let’s Explore The Best Eyelash Extensions For Asian Eyes!

Welcome, fellow lash techs! Today, we embark on a journey to delve into the wonderful world of eyelash extensions for Asian eyes. As diverse as the continent itself, Asian eyes come in various shapes, sizes, and characteristics, each deserving of a unique approach to accentuate their beauty. So, grab your tweezers and let’s dive in!

Asian eyes cover a number of eye shapes from monolids to the hooded one
Asian eyes cover a number of eye shapes, from monolids to hooded eyes.

Before diving into eyelash extensions for Asian eyes, let’t get to know the definition and structure of Asian eyes/

What are Asian Eyes?

Asian eyes, often referred to as monolid eyes or epicanthal folds, are a typical eyelid shape among people of Asian heritage. If you have this eye shape, your upper eyelids’ skin covers the inner portions of your eyes. Also, the eyelids do not divide into two sections due to folds. Most monolids go with cat or fox eyes, which make the eyes of whoever owns them seem to be uplifted. It is significant to note that not all Asian eyes are monolids. Indeed, many Asians were born with double-lidded and hooded eyes. Those coming from Vietnam and India are found to have round, double-lid eyes rather than monolid ones.

Also, there are variances in the size and shape of the eyes among all of these Asian ethnic groups. There are numerous ethnic groups and they don’t all look alike. It is something you should bear in mind as a lash artist.

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Which Are The Best Eyelash Extensions For Asian Eyes?

Many of our Asian clients can be reluctant to have eyelash extensions or even had negative experiences in the past with other lash technicians. Everyone can pull off a ferocious set of lash extensions, and they just need the courage to give it a shot. Let’s find out which are the best eyelash extensions for Asian eyes!

The Almond Eye: For many Asian clientele, the almond eye shape is the most requested shape and is rather prevalent. While it goes without saying that all forms are attractive, many Asian clients who do not have almond eyes want to use lashes to make their eyes appear more like this. Natural lash extensions with uniform length along the eyelids look the best on almond-shaped eyes. For added presence, the emphasis should be on increasing length and volume.

The Phoenix Eye: This eye form has a medium-sized lid crease and is somewhat upturned. Since phoenix eyes are somewhat extended, they look well with doll or natural eye extensions. High-impact lashes work well on this kind of eye shape.

Round Eyes: The whites of the eyes show more with round eyes, which are more circular in shape. These eyes appear larger, which gives the sense of increased alertness. Round-eyed people may appear astonished, so exercise caution when adding too much drama. A good option for round eyes is cat-eye extensions.

eyelash extensions for Asian eyes
Cat eye extensions are great eyelash extensions for Asian eyes because they add length to the outer corners of the eyes and create the illusion of almond eyes.

Triangular Eyes: As you get older, the outer eye area occasionally starts to sag; therefore, older clients frequently have triangle eyes. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t select a lash that is very dramatic. This will highlight the triangle shape even more. Opt for a natural lash extension to accentuate the eye’s existing shape instead.

Eyes Downturned: The outer corners of downturned eye form droop significantly. Select an extension that is longer in length and focuses more on the outer corners of the eye for this type of eye. The outer corners of the eyes will appear more open and lifted as a result.

Upturned Eyes: This eye form has uptilted outer corners and is the opposite of a downturned eye. Adding greater volume to the center of the eyes is the best technique to draw attention to upturned eye type. Rather than adding lift at the outer corners, this will open up the eye.

Monolids: This eye form may be the hardest to style. The eyes appear smaller when the monolids are long and narrow. Furthermore, no crease in the eyelid is apparent. The appearance of a larger eye can be enhanced by an open pair of extensions. Give the eye’s center more length and volume, and give its sides a symmetrical taper.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Applying Eyelash Extensions for Asian Eyes

Hey beauties! If you’re into lash extensions and have Asian eyes, there are some important tips you should know to get those lashes looking fabulous. Let’s dive into what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to eyelash extensions for Asian eyes.


Tape it Right: Lash tape is a must-have for lash artists, but using it on monolids requires a special touch. Placing the tape too far from the lash line won’t give the desired lift and openness to the eye. Instead, keep it close to the lash line, especially for those inner lashes. Trust us, it’ll make your job easier and your clients happier!

Opt for Longer Lashes: When picking lash lengths, remember that monolids cover part of the upper lashes. You don’t want your client to open their eyes and feel disappointed, right? Choose longer lashes that will still be visible, considering that some length might be hidden when the eyes are open. Just don’t go overboard—stick to 2–3 millimeters longer than their natural lash.

Go for These Curls: Because the L curl can open up lashes that often point downward, it’s a great option for eyelash extensions for Asian eyes. Our top picks are the traditional L-curl lashes, which are available in several lengths to allow you to create customized looks. For clients with an eye shape that is more downturned, a D curl is an additional option.

The ideal lashes to use on hooded eyelids are M curl lashes that give a lot of lift. These lashes elevate the lash line and provide the illusion of bright, fresh eyes because of their curl and base, which cause them to protrude from under the lid.

eyelash extensions for Asian eyes
The L curl can lift lashes that naturally point downward; it’s a great choice for eyelash extensions for Asian eyes.


Skip the J-Curl: While the J-Curl might look stunning, it’s not the best choice when it comes to eyelash extensions for Asian eyes. Asian lashes tend to be straighter and point downward, so a J curl can make the eyes look smaller instead of opening them up. Opt for curls that complement Asian eye shapes better to achieve that wide-eyed look we all love.


As lash techs catering to a diverse clientele, it’s essential to understand the unique needs and preferences of Asian clients when it comes to eyelash extensions. By selecting the right eyelash extensions for Asian eyes, employing customized application techniques, and providing thorough aftercare guidance, we can help our Asian clients achieve the stunning, eye-enhancing results they desire. 

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