Our OEM program at Vietnam Lash is dedicated to meeting the specific needs and challenges faced by our customers. We understand the importance of brand identity and the difficulties in achieving it. Our program addresses these concerns by offering a tailored approach to personalize and customize lash products, including stickers, branded packaging, and labels.

Overview of OEM Products

Free Designed Stickers

We provide custom logo stickers available in a range of shapes, sizes and colors tailored to your packaging requirements

OEM stickers
vietnamlash sticker
loose fans mix length tray
loose fans box
rapid fan mix length boxes
loose fans box
XL tray boxes
rapid fans single length box
mini XL trays
xl tray box

Brand Box Printing

Just let us know your preferences and requirements for your brand’s packaging box, and we will create designs that suits your needs

Label Printing

We can create custom labels for you in various designs and sizes, including 16 lines, 18 lines, and 20 lines.

vietnamlash label
vietnamlash label

Why Choose Us?

How to Order Custom Services from Vietnam Lash

Ordering private label products from Vietnam Lash is simple and convenient

Step 1

Reach out to our dedicated OEM services through our hotline at +84 924 851 724 to discuss your requirements.

Step 2

Share detailed specifications for your desired products, including design preferences and quantities.

Step 3

Collaborate with our team to finalize the design, ensuring it aligns with your brand identity and meets your expectations.

Step 4

Confirm the order and agree on production timelines and delivery details.

For any inquiries or to initiate your OEM order, please contact our dedicated hotline provided above.