High-quality promade loose fans in Vietnam Lash

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Discover the perfect finishing touch for stunning lash extensions with high-quality promade loose fans from Vietnam Lash. Enhance your lash artistry with loose premade fans, expertly crafted for easy application and a flawless, voluminous look. 

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General introduction of promade loose fans

Premade loose fans play a significant role in the field of eyelash extensions, specifically in creating volume lash looks. Let’s see the main characteristics and benefits of these loose fans.

Definition of the promade loose fans

Promade loose fans are fans created by skilled craftsmen that are not attached to a strip or base. They are pre-made by hand, with multiple lash extensions carefully fanned out and bonded together at the base using a special adhesive. Promade loose fans are left messy in the tray, eyelash artists only need to take it out with tweezers and apply to the clients.

Promade loose fans
Premade loose fans are pre-made by hand, not attached to a strip or base, and can be easily picked up with tweezers from the tray and directly applied

Major characteristic of promade loose fans 

These promade loose fans are carefully handcrafted and bonded together to form a ready-to-use fan shape. Each loose fan is designed to be uniform, ensuring consistent and symmetrical results. Promade loose fans are available in a range of styles, lengths, diameters, and curls.

Promade loose fans are made using ultra-fine and lightweight lash extensions, ensuring that they provide a comfortable and natural-looking result. The fans are designed to mimic the effect of handmade volume fans, giving lashes a fuller and more voluminous appearance.

Benefit of promade loose fans

Thanks to various types, lash artists can select the desired premade fans based on their clients’ preferences and desired looks, allowing for customization and creativity in lash extensions.

These pre-made fans are particularly beneficial for lash artists who are new to volume lash techniques or those who want to enhance their speed and efficiency during lash extension applications. With promade loose fans, lash artists can achieve stunning lash designs with ease, saving both time and effort.

What problems do promade loose fans solve for customers?

Overall, premade loose fans are designed to offer convenience, time-saving benefits, and an efficient solution for lash artists seeking to create volume in lash extensions without the need for manual fanning or strip attachment. 

As for customers who apply promade loose fans, they will have a black, thick and even eyelashes. 

Promade loose fans are produced in Vietnam Lash

Vietnam Lash offers a wide range of premade loose fans to suit nearly all customers requirements.

Promade loose fans made by Vietnam Lash
Promade loose fans made by Vietnam Lash

Types of promade loose fans we have

Our skilled technicians carefully arrange the individual lashes in each loose fan, taking into account the length, curl, and thickness of the lashes, strategically placing them in a way that mimics the growth pattern of natural lashes. They ensure that each promade loose fans is symmetrical and evenly spaced, avoiding any irregularities that may compromise the flawless look. 

In terms of design, we have 2 types of promade loose fans: wide fans and narrow fans. Hearing the name, you can imagine the difference between these two types of fans.

Wide fans have a wider distance between fibers on a fan. Therefore, lashes using wide fans extension will look thinner and more natural

Meanwhile, narrow fans have closer lashes. That’s why when using promade loose fans- narrow fans, the lashes look darker and thicker

Quality of Vietnam Lash’s promade loose fans

High-quality promade loose fans in Vietnam Lash are crafted with precision and attention to detail. The individual lash extensions should be uniformly fanned out and securely bonded together at the base. The fans should be symmetrical, with no clumps or uneven distribution of lashes.

Lash material used in promade loose fans is premium PBT fiber import from Korea. It closely mimic the texture and appearance of natural lashes. These lashes should be lightweight, soft, and comfortable to wear.

The adhesive used to bond the lashes together in Vietnam Lash promade loose fans should are strong and durable. It provide a secure bond without causing damage or irritation to the client’s lashes.

In addition, each fan within a tray or set should have consistent length, curl, thickness, and overall appearance. This ensures a uniform and cohesive lash look when applied to the client’s natural lashes.

High-quality promade loose fans in Vietnam Lash
High-quality promade loose fans in Vietnam Lash

Customer experience when using promade loose fans

We recently received positive feedback from a new customer based in Stockholm, Sweden, who is a lash supplier specializing in promade loose fans, particularly wide fans. In response to current market trends, she expressed interest in expanding her product range to include promade narrow fan lashes. 

To test the quality of our narrow fans, she placed an order for 100 trays in popular curves C, CC, and D, with a mix of lengths. We are delighted to report that she was highly satisfied with the quality of our product. This marks an important milestone in our customer relationships, and we hope to serve as her long-term supplier for years to come.

Purchase promade loose fans’ information 

Thousands of our customers around the world have used and are extremely satisfied with our  promade loose fans. Try now so we can help you become a smart supplier.

Product list of Vietnam Lash

Customers from various countries and regions typically have diverse preferences when it comes to eyelash types. As previously mentioned, Vietnam Lash provides a wide range of promade loose fans such as narrow fans, wide fans with various sizes to cater to different customer needs. 

In addition to promade loose fans, Vietnam Lash also offers high-quality of volume lash, classic lash and hybrid lash  at competitive prices. If you are a professional eyelash extensionist, we are confident that your customers will be pleased with the quality of our products.

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Promade loose fans offer several benefits and characteristics that make them a popular choice in the world of eyelash extensions such as: eliminate the need for manual fanning, saving valuable time during the lash extension application process, and each fan has uniformity in the number and the shape of the fan lash. They are ready to use and do not require intricate fanning techniques. 

As a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced lash artists, promade loose fans contribute to the growth and creativity within the lash extension industry. Their ease of use, time-saving nature, and ability to deliver stunning results make them an indispensable asset in the pursuit of beautiful and voluminous lash looks.