Different types of eyelids may be you don’t know

types of eyelidsWelcome back to my blog today. In today’s post, I will be discussing a topic with a lot of content. Have you ever noticed what type of eyelids you have? There are many different types of eyelids, and believe it or not, the eyelid shape plays a significant role in the overall beauty of your eyes, and even your entire face. If you’re looking to learn about different eyelid types to enhance the beauty of your overall appearance, you can’t afford to miss this article. And if you’re a lash technician, this article will be even more useful for you. Identifying the eyelid type will help lash technicians choose the right eyelash extensions to accentuate their clients’ strengths.

types of eyelids
Find your types of eyelids and the suitable eyelash extensions for you

The most common types of eyelids among Asians

Because I’m Asian, the first eyelid type I want to talk about is the most popular eyelid type in these countries. When you go to Asian countries like China, Vietnam, and Korea, you will probably see that their eyes are completely different from Western people. Most Asians, even the most beautiful celebrities, have eyes that lack a distinct crease in the upper eyelid. This fold helps divide the eyelid into two separate parts and makes the eyes look larger. Due to the lack of this fold, Asian eyes often look quite small.


Types of eyelids I mentioned before are called monolids, commonly known as ‘single eyelids”.  They are identifiable by the absence of a discernible crease that divides the eyelid into distinct sections. The skin fold appears more like an eyelid that extends towards the eyebrow region.

Broadly speaking, monolids are more prevalent among individuals of Asian descent, particularly East Asians. Those with single eyelids who desire a double eyelid appearance may explore options such as eyelid tape or eyelid glue to imitate various eyelid configurations.


Tapered eyelid

Another form of monolid in Asians that is also common is tapered eyelid. Tapered eyelids exhibit a defining feature, which is a crease that tapers in a parallel manner along the upper lash line, ultimately converging towards the inner corner of the eye. Individuals with this eyelid type often project an innocent and pure look.

This eyelid category comprises two variations: tapered side flared eyelids and tapered eyelid creases.

Tapered eyelid creases with a lateral flare exhibit a slight elevation on the outer portion of the eyelid compared to the central area. In contrast, the eyelid folds gradually narrow as they extend from the bridge of the nose along the lash line, seamlessly merging into the inner corners of the eyes.

Hooded eyelid

Hooded eyelids, while less prevalent than the previously discussed types, are frequently observed in many individuals of Asian descent. The defining feature of this eyelid type is the presence of an apparent excess of skin above the eyelid crease, hence the term “hooded.” This surplus skin can partially or completely cover the eye folds, resulting in the appearance of smaller eyelids and sometimes conveying a sense of drowsiness.

Typically, the tendency toward drooping eyelids can be inherited, while the aging process can also contribute to the development of this eyelid variation.

Types of eyelids are commonly seen in Europeans

If Asians are characterized by single eyelids and small drooping eyelids, Europeans are often distinguished from Asians by eyes with clear, large and deep double eyelids. Let’s also take a look at some popular eyelid styles among Westerners

Double eyelid

Usually, I see European, Russian, and American girls all have double eyelids. Our double eyelids come in many forms such as thick double eyelids, thin double eyelids, moderate double eyelids. These types of eyes can also be called large eyelids because they are formed by a very clear fold in the upper eyelid of the eye. People with partial eyelids have a much brighter, more delicate face. That’s why many girls wish to have this type of eyelids.

types of eyelids
Double eyelids look bigger and more flexible, bringing a more unique look to the face

Thin double eyelids

Thin double eyelids are a type of double eyelid that folds quite close to the base of the eyelashes. Therefore, we will see that the eyelids are quite narrow. For this type of eyelid, it can often turn into a monolid. These styles are often suitable for volume eyelash extensions. Volume eyelash extensions make the eyelashes longer and look darker. This can make the eyes appear larger.

Moderate double eyelids and thick double eyelids

Moderate double eyelids and thick double eyelids have a larger distance between the eyelid crease and the base of the eyelashes. They are clearer and easier to distinguish from single eyelids than thin double eyelids. Eyes with these two types of eyelids are often quite large and deep. Therefore, to make the eyes more impressive, lash tech can choose extensions with slightly longer eyelashes than usual. This can reduce the depth of the eyes, making people’s eyes look softer and gentler. On the contrary, if your eyes are big but not too deep, you should only choose short and alternating eyelash extensions. Avoid letting your eyelashes get too thick and long as eyelash extensions will be counterproductive, making your eyes look smaller.

Parallel eyelids

Parallel eyelids, a prevalent eyelid type, are commonly found in Europeans and are particularly favored in Asian nations like Korea and Japan. What characterizes parallel eyelids is their distinct trait of having an eyelid line that runs in parallel with the upper lash line, without converging at the corner of the eye. This particular eyelid style is widely regarded as the ‘ideal’ among many Asians today, as it creates the illusion of larger and more radiant eyes. Consequently, those possessing parallel eyelids achieve a youthful and appealing aesthetic.

Numerous renowned Asian actors naturally possess parallel eyelids, even though most eyelid types are more common among individuals of European descent

Triple eyelid

types of eyelids
Triple eyelids are common in Caucasian

Triple eyelids, or eyelids with three or more folds, manifest when the upper eyelid exhibits multiple creases as opposed to a single one. This eyelid configuration is frequently observed among individuals of European descent. Various factors, including weakened eyelid muscles, the effects of aging such as fat loss, or an excess of skin on the eyelids, can contribute to the formation of triple eyelids.

How to Identify Your Eyelid Type?

Each of the previously mentioned eyelid types comes with its own distinctive characteristics, and these features are readily discernible from one another. Consequently, all you require is a mirror and a little time to carefully inspect your eyelids and establish which type you possess.

However, it’s worth noting that eyelids can also be categorized based on the height of the fold. In the case of eyelid types with creases, the height of the eyelid crease denotes the fold’s position in relation to the base of the eyelashes. This height is measured from the upper eyelid’s edge to the crease of the eyelid.

The height of the eyelid crease may fluctuate due to age or genetics, and we can classify them into three categories: low crease, medium crease, and high crease.

Recognizing your specific eyelid type holds importance, particularly when it comes to applying makeup. It will aid you in selecting an eye makeup style that complements your features.

Outside of understanding eyelid types, it’s also good to know your face shape and eye shape. Take a peak:

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Today’s article is here, my dear friends! I wanted to write longer but time did not allow it. So I have condensed the main ideas here for you. There are two most common types of eyelids: monolid and double eyelids. Each type is divided into smaller types based on eyelid size characteristics. Therefore, if you want to determine which type of eyelid you have, read the above section carefully. I wonder if I missed any eyelid styles in this article? Or is the information I gave incorrect, my friend? If you have any additional ideas to share or comments for me, please leave a few words in the comments section. If you find this article useful, please help me like and share it with your friends. Hope these few words of mine help you a little. Goodbye and see you again!    

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