Do You Have Almond Eyes – It’s Time To Find Out

Welcome, our beauties! Are you here for the confirmation of your fancy, lovey, and terrifically luxurious physical looks? You’ve come to the right place, queens of almond eyes!

Almond eyes, like other shapes of eyes, have their own levels of attractiveness when they’re learnt and enhanced in smart ways to be shown to the audience. No matter the size or color your eyes are, it is the almond shape of them that never fails to take one’s breath away.

If you are confused to determine whether or not you have almond eye shape, follow us since we have most of everything you need, from facts, feasible tips, to professional advice on the best lashes for such a gorgeous shape of eyes. Stay tuned, the beauty lovers!

Almond eye shape gives you a glam, mystery impression
Almond eye shape gives you a glam, mystery impression

What Are Almond Eyes?

When we talk about your eye shape, we mean it to be natural, without any makeup, literally, no winged lashes, eyeliner, or shadow. When your face is totally clean and unadorned, your eyes will look plain enough to help bring closer the most effective tips to determine what the eye shape of yours is in a generally precise way.

The term “almond eyes” describes eyes that are elongated and shaped like an almond, with a tapering inner corner and a slightly rounded outer corner. The irises of the almond shaped eyes touch the top and bottom eyelids. In other words, you mainly can see only the sides of your eyes’ whites, neither nor their top or bottom.

Almond eyes have an impression of a dilly-dally look
Almond eyes have an impression of a dilly-dally look

1. What Race Has Almond Shaped Eyes?

Almond eyes are impressively common in many countries since they aren’t focused on one’s eyelids, whether they are mono or double. Some of you may not know that Westerners have long compared the almond-like shape of Asian eyes. Then it can be said that no matter what your eye shapes are, there is still the existence of an almond look in your eyes.

2. Do I Have Almond Shaped Eyes?

In addition to having an iris that extends past both the upper and lower eyelids, almond eyes have a noticeable crease. To put it another way, you cannot see your eye’s whites above, or below the iris. It is because such an eye shape is typical in most of us that you won’t have to spend too much time determining if you have it.

Look straight forward into a mirror, as usual, to see if you have almond eyes. Your eyes may be almond shaped if you can see creases in them and your irises touch both of your top and bottom eyelids. The center of your eyes can also be visualized based on an invisible straight line. You probably have almond eyes if your other eye corners are at the line and not above or below. It seems this shape of eyes defines what is often called well-proportioned-ness.

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Types Of Almond Eyes

Many eye shapes, especially those with two slanted and slanted eyes, are closely connected to almond shaped eyes. The reason for this simply shows that they all have comparable eye directions relative to their cheekbones. As a result, this eye shape can be objectively divided into a number of different categories, including the following four types.

Almond eyes are so common that can take after other eye shapes
Almond eyes are so common that can take after other eye shapes

1. Upturned Almond Eyes

To simply explain, upturned and almond shaped eyes can be said to resemble one another. The only difference is how much lifted the outer corners of the eyes are, of which those in upturned eyes are more upward than the almond ones. Hence, upturned almond eyes are almond shaped eyes with their outer corners slightly lifted over the invisible line.

2. Round Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are roundly shaped when they are looked at from different angles. This shape of eyes is seemingly rounded itself, which makes it look a little softer than the upturned one. If they are widely opened, the roundish look will be shown to some extent. Therefore, round almond eyes are almond shaped eyes, whose irises are incompletely “touched” to the lower eyelids, giving off an effect of roundness.

3. Large Almond Eyes

Its name tells us almost everything – the almond eyes that are large in size. Such a type of almond shaped eyes can be in relation to the round almond one. The thing is that the irises of round almond shaped eyes aren’t that close to the lower eyelids, while those in the large almond one are still kept close to the lower eyelids. But generally, there is not really a huge difference between round and large almond eye shapes.

4. Almond Downturned Eyes

This mixture of downturned and almond shaped eyes is opposite to the upturn-almond one. Since downturned eyes are confirmed based on their outer corners drooping lower than the invisible line, the almond downturned shape refers to almond eyes with their outer corners, to some extent, turning downward to get lower than the invisible line.

Isn’t it easy to figure out these types of almond eyes? Follow through for the best part of this post to be updated with awesome tips for some glow ups!

Best Lashes For Almond Eyes

Be happy since almond eyes are adaptable to every sort of lash styles or eyelash extensions you might say. It is even more interesting that their looks may change due to the variation of eyelashes, which creates distinctive shades of beauty in whoever owns them.

Almond eyes can be beautified with whatever type of lashes
Almond eyes can be beautified with whatever type of lashes

In Vietnam Lash Factory, thousands of beautiful and exquisite eyelash goods are produced every day. Bringing you the greatest products for your beauty enhancement is undoubtedly our goal. Queens of almond eyes, we are thrilled to provide our professional insight on chic lash extensions for a reachable degree of charm. Join us!

1. Individual Lash Extensions

Individual eyelash extensions come in four different types: classic (single lash), volume (2D – 7D), hybrid (mixed of classic and volume), and mega-volume (8D – 16D, or 20D – 30D). All of these types can add fullness to your natural lashes. Consult an expert in eyelash extensions to determine the best kind of eyelash extensions for your almond eyes since the bigger the D number is, the greater the length gets.

2. Promade Fan Lash Extensions

Often, fan extensions make a change in the thickness of the client’s eyelashes. We offer four varieties of lash extensions: loose fans, rapid fans, fans in line, and semi-finished fans. They all fall into types ranging from 2D to 16D and have varied levels of thicknesses, lengths, and curvatures. Since promade fans help thicken your lashes, they are favorably used for all eye shapes, especially almond eyes.

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3. Wispy Lash Extensions

The wispy eye style creates an almost spiky appearance by changing lash lengths that rise and fall over the eye. For someone who likes to have dramatic eyes, this is an ideal choice. The lengths, volumes, and thickness of eyelashes vary from person to person with almond eyes. Thus, before applying lash extensions to your natural lashes, the artist must consider these criteria to their customers.

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The charisma of almond eyes is hardly ever doubted
The charisma of almond eyes is hardly ever doubted


1. Are Almond Eyes Attractive?

Given that you might pretty much carry off any makeup look, almond eyes are believed to be the most desirable eye shape of all time. People with almond eyes are frequently passionate and devoted by nature, making them excellent partners or friends. Isn’t it a huge plus for this eye shape to not only be physically attractive but also meaningful when referring to a person’ personality trait, or inner impression!

2. Who Are The Almond Eye Celebrities?

Given how astounding almond eyes are, many celebrities, mostly women, have pursued this shape of eyes. There are too many to name them all, but some must be named, such as the billionaire Kim Kardashian, the Pop music Queen Beyonce, the beautiful icon of impressively epic music stages Rihanna, or the muse of Hollywood film industry Anne Hathaway, etc.

3. How To Have Almond Shaped Eyes?

Having almond eyes from birth is the only natural method to acquire them. Using botox and filler, which provide the lower eyelid with a more oval or almond shape, you can change the shape of your eyes. The degree of adjustment you want also factors into this. If you wish to alter your entire eye shape, surgical procedures will be required.

4. What Is The Makeup For Almond Eyes?

Makeup is flexible. For this shape of eyes you can start with applying thick eyeliner along the lower lash line to emphasize the outline of your almond shaped eyes. Blend darker tones of makeup in the outer corners of the eye and softer, shimmery shades in the inner corner. By combining your dark and light eyeshadows and creating a smokey eye, you’ll win all races of seeking the beauties having the prettiest almond shaped eyes.


It should be the pride for many of us to own the shape of almond eyes. Back in the old days, this eye shape was connected to the definition of supreme beauty and is favorable in today’s world. After all, there is no denial to the fact that every shape of eyes has its own charm and charisma, and can even be up to another level in any of us when cherished enough.

The best lashes for almond eyes should rest on your lashes, offer you big, rounded features, and avoid being overly thick or blocking your pupils. There are various options of extensions for your almond eyes to be enhanced, no matter what makeup styles you choose to have.

Your desires for beauty are endless so don’t stop pursuing your dream looks as long as your naturalness is properly maintained to some extent.

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