Do You Have Monolid Eyes – Our Tips Will Help You Out

Physical beauty comes in multiple shapes and sizes, as well as different eye shapes. Some areas, particularly East Asia, soon confirmed that cosmetic surgery and medical treatments for eye shapes are popularly held among beauty seekers. In reality, most Asians have monolid eyes. Double eyelids do exist among them, yet are not as common as those from Western nations. Some of them even have one monolid eye and one double eyelid, which is not always a genetic-related phenomenon.

Monolid eyes are genuinely special though they may look simple from the outside. There is, for sure, something behind which makes them one of the most attractive traits ever found in Asians’ physical appearance. For those asking whether or not you have such an attractive shape of eyes, follow us not to confuse you, pretty queens! Our favorable tips are neatly served!

Monolid eyes define the beauty standard in East Asian countries
Monolid eyes define the beauty standard in East Asian countries

What Are Monolid Eyes?

Monolid eyes, also known as eyelid creases, are a typical eye shape in East Asians. Such a shape of eyes lacks a crease which divides the eyelids into two sections with the eyes being horizontal to the frontal bone and joined by a band of skin without folds. Monolid eyes are visible in people who have the hereditary disease and particularly common among Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese. Many people assume monolids with Asian eyelids, however not all Asians have monolids. Not to add that the anatomy of the eyelids also differs between Asian groups.

1. Do I Have Monolid Eyes?

It is actually not that difficult to identify whether you have monolids or not. The easiest way to identify this shape of eyes is by lightly touching the outer eyelid with your fingers. The truth is you don’t even need a mirror like you would for other eye shapes. It is obviously because the eye shape of monolids do not have distinct folds and do not expose as other eyelids. As your pupils’ delicate skin is where you touch most often, it makes more sense. Although monolid eyes may make your eyes appear smaller since there are no folds, or folds that separate the eyelids into two, they are a harmless and even appealing trait on their own. Of course, monolid eyes differ from double eyelids, as you may have noticed.

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2. Monolid Eyes Vs Double Eyelids

It is noted that the crease between your lashes and eyebrows will be arc-shaped when you have double eyelids. This fold splits the eyelids in half, while monolid eyes do not have such wrinkles. Although fairly common, double eyelids are more like the trait of those who are not Asian in origin. Exceptions are still under discussion.

Monolid eyes are often found as a genetic trait among the Asians
Monolid eyes are often found as a genetic trait among the Asians

3. Monolid Vs. Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyelids feature a flap that completely or partially encloses the eyelid. Some people have closed eyelids from birth, whilst others get them as they get older. Moreover, monolid eyes are not the same as ptosis, a condition that results in hooded eyes. Therefore, if your vision is severely affected by hooded eyes, surgical correction is needed.

What Causes Monolid Eyes?

The tide is turning in the East Asian community, as well as in the beauty world more widely. Full monolid eyes are found in approximately 50% of people of Asian origin and people are embracing them and the spesh look that they bring. Epicanthal folds, another name for this shape of eyes, can also be found in non-Asian infants, and many early children before their nose bridges develop.

It is usual for monolid eyes to be in comparison to other eye shapes
It is usual for monolid eyes to be in comparison to other eye shapes

1. Genetics

Monolid eyes are mainly a genetic feature which is similar to our hair colors, skin tones, and many other physical characteristics. Most people from East Asian regions own chromosome structures that differ genetically, which results in the folds of this eye shape. There is even a theory in which monolid eyes helped humans to survive better when they were living in cold, windy environments like Mongolia in prehistoric Asia. The actual origin of this shape of eyes, up to now, is still a mystery to the science world.

2. Eyelid Surgery

East Asians have a history of being “big fans” of eyelid surgeries. In fact, anecdotal evidence indicates that some elementary-aged children even have surgery to generate eyelid folds. Of course, this number is quite small and is based on the primary reason for their eyelid surgery permission, which is vision-related. Many people are not hesitant to spend money on surgery for suitable monolids after seeing celebrities with gorgeous monolids displayed in magazines and cosmetic commercials.

3. Medical Conditions

One’s eye may expand or change form as a result of a medical condition that can also result in monolid eyes, or the appearance of one. In fact, albeit not very frequently, monolids might develop in non-Asians. Down or Turner syndromes, fetal alcohol, PKU, blepharospasm, and those affecting persons of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, may result in monolid eyes. For typical monolid eyes, medical conditions are rare. Genetics continues to rule, once again.

Eyelash Extensions For Monolid Eyes

There are many different options available when choosing the best eyelash extension. It can be a little bit tricky to find the ones that complement your eye shape of monolids. To pick out the perfect eyelashes for your monolid eyes, we advise following these simple steps. Choose an eyelash extension type first whose length at the outer borders is longer than your natural lashes. Next, select the lashes that have the proper thickness since this factor greatly affects how your final eyelashes look. For the last step, the curvature of your lash extensions should curve your eyelashes against each other, after all, elongating your monolids.

Monolid eyes can be enhanced via suitable eyelash extensions
Monolid eyes can be enhanced via suitable eyelash extensions

Following each line of the production of eyelash extension, we Vietnam Lash Factory always retains the commitment to bringing customers’ needs to satisfaction. Based on the standards of curvature, material, and other aspects of our products, we personally recommend eyelash extensions suitable for those with monolids below.

1. C, D, L Curl Lash Extensions

There isn’t a single model working for everyone because all customers have different shapes of eyes necessitating distinctive designs. Therefore, customers with monolid eyes are free to choose the style of eyelash extensions they want, but we still advise them to have those with mild curvature, particularly the C, D, or L curl lashes. The type of eyelash extension that has the effect of making it darker and thicker than the customer’s natural lashes should really be the most appropriate as their monolids mostly contain delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

2. Promade Fan Lash Extensions

A layer of average thickness might make monolids appear larger, unlike hooded eyelids. So, the greatest choice to maintain a healthy, pretty opening for monolid eyes will be the narrow or lash fans of 2D type or higher. If you don’t want your eyes to be smaller, it is great for you to avoid wearing eyelashes that are excessively thin. Seasoned lash stylists like mink or silk lashes for their clients, as well.

3. Properly Lengthened And Thickened Lashes

Look for a slightly shorter lash at the inner corner as anything too long or heavy will irritate your eyelids. The eyelash extensions utilized for monolids should be 1 – 2 mm longer than typical, falling about 11 – 12 mm for each lash. This helps your eyelids to be more open. A slight lengthening from the inside out might look fantastic along the remaining lash line.

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What to jot down when having monolid eyes We got you, queens!
What to jot down when having monolid eyes We got you, queens!


Are Monolid Eyes Appealing?

Many people have monolid eyes, and this spesh eye shape is both simple and endowed with beauty. As a matter of fact, monolids are fairly common among Asian supermodels, who are drawn to their enigmatic appeal. Thus, they are effortlessly attractive and even easy to “hunt humans” with beautiful makeup. Owning natural monolids is something you should be proud of, you beauty lovers!

Should I Double My Monolid Eyes?

It’s up to you, dear! To remove the monolid, many people resort to surgery or other cosmetic treatments. However, this is not the only way to have double eyelids. You can, instead, use our eyelash extensions in conjunction with your makeup, or you can construct a liner with a specific tape. If you decide to modify your appearance, whether temporarily or permanently, make sure you’re doing so for the right reasons.

What Is The Makeup For Monolid Eyes?

Thankfully, there are different ways to style monolid eyes. To bring attention to the monolids, go use liquid eyeliner to create a cat-eye effect by tracing the line around the outside corner of the eyes on the upper and lower eyelids. And, when applying eyeshadow, make a crease by spreading dark eyeshadow across the lid. Don’t forget to apply the color vertically toward your brow bones.


Maintaining your confidence and finding an eyelash extension professional, as soon as you can are vital, regardless of your eye shapes and options of lashes. You’re unique when you have monolid eyes. Cosmetic firms and fashion magazines can locate you if you know how to shine to the greatest extent.

Allowing yourself to enjoy yourself when wearing makeup and favorable eyelash extensions is terrific for your monolid eyes. If you can make changes to your eye shape without twisting its natural beauty, go learn to love what beauty you have from this very minute!

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