Do I Have Downturned Eyes – Unsure? We’re Here For You

Welcome, our beauty lovers! Are you new here, or did you just come from the post on “How to determine eye shapes”? The eye shape that many celebrities have, which is downturned eyes, is one of the most breathtaking and mysterious eye shapes ever. Thus, it is definitely our chance to introduce it to you from this very second.

Despite the fact that its name can give this eye shape a slightly “downward” impression, this is, actually, its most appealing feature. Do you have downturned eyes? Let’s learn a number of interesting information about this eye shape if you’re having problems determining it.

Downturned eyes never fail to be a mysteriously attractive eye shape
Downturned eyes never fail to be a mysteriously attractive eye shape

What Are Downturned Eyes?

The position and shape of the eyelids and the surrounding muscles cause downturned eyes, sometimes known as “bedroom eyes.” People with this eye shape have weaker or more lax lateral tendons, the muscle that lifts the outside corner of the eyelid. This results in the outer corner of the eyelid sagging, giving the seemingly sad look of downturned eyes.

Eyes with a natural downward tilt have outer corners that point toward your cheekbones. If you look in a mirror and visualize a line passing across the center of your eyes available to all eye shapes, you can tell if you have downturned eyes. In other words, you’ll have them when the outer corners of your eyes are below the hypothetical line.

1. How To Tell If I Have Downturned Eyes?

When someone has downturned eyes, the outer corners of the eyes are slightly tilted or look downward. It is a physical trait that differs between individuals and determining this shape of eyes is not complicated or time-consuming to their owners, even to those whose eye shapes are not the downturned ones.

In essence, the outside than the inner corner of the eyes are lowered. This is the method for you if your outer upper eyelid hangs down to touch your lower lash line. As some cosmetics can make the eyes look downturned, it is necessary to lift, brighten, and open the eyes when having such an eye shape.

One more time, try drawing an invisible line at the level of your eyes, which is meant to serve as the base for you to evaluate how downturned your lower eyelids are. If the outer corner of your eye is lower than the inner one, you’ll definitely get yourself pretty downturned eyes.

Downturned eyes have thicker, lower eyelids than the upturned ones
Downturned eyes have thicker, lower eyelids than the upturned ones

2. Downturned Vs. Upturned Eyes

It is obvious from their names that these two shapes of eyes are diametrically opposed. As a result, ways to determine downturned eyes can be the same as those for upturned ones. In essence, downturned eyes will have some small droops in the corners of the eyes. On the contrary, upturned eyes are, sometimes, almond-shaped, with their outer corners particularly higher and nearer the brows. The looks that they give to their owners are also spesh on their own. What a fascinating fact, don’t you think?

3. Downturned Vs. Hooded Eyes

Many of us are still confused between these two shapes of eyes. It is because the corners of them both have a tendency to droop. But if you look closely, the upper eyelid is still visible in downturned eyes. Regarding the hooded eye shape, the upper eyelid is mostly concealed by soft tissue that migrates downward under the brow. Therefore, the look of them is slightly colder than that of the soft-impression downturned eye shape.

Reasons For Downturned Eyes

It isn’t a problem to find out the reasons for downturned eyes to be formed in a person. Many people believe that this shape of eyes are mostly the result of genetics. Nevertheless, some other factors such as natural aging or the impact of fat and muscles on the formation of such an eye shape can also be on the list.

It is genetics that contributes to the formation of downturned eyes
It is genetics that contributes to the formation of downturned eyes
  • Genetics: Downturned eyes have their uses, much like other eye shapes, to give their owners a special look. The most evident reason is genetic inheritance, which states that if one parent has this shape of eyes, their children may also have them, either of the exact same downturned level or with lower eyelids.
  • Aging: The skin around your eyes starts to sag as you age as your skin becomes less flexible. More than the initial downturned level, this has a tendency to drag your eye corners downward. As you age, periodically check to see if your eyelids are pulled down or not.
  • Muscles: A structural change in the muscles may cause your eyelids to droop. It makes sense that the anatomy of your eyes could influence how they look. Let’s give your muscles some massage for a few minutes every day at flexible times to reduce eye downturning. It is after waking up in the morning and before your bedtime at night for this habit to be performed.

Best Lashes For Downturned Eyes

Thousands of exquisite and distinguished eyelash extensions are produced at Vietnam Lash Factory. Our mission is to deliver eyelash extensions that will impressively enhance the look of every eye shape. To that end, we’re always willing to offer our dear clients professional guidance on the best types of eyelash extensions to get the ideal look for their eyes.

Suitable lashes for downturned eyes can lift their low eyelids
Suitable lashes for downturned eyes can lift their low eyelids

1. C, CC, D Curl Lash Extensions

In fact, downturned eyes can be corrected by applying numerous lash extension curves, and each curve will change the color of the eyes. As with other eye shapes, we advise you to use eyelashes with curvature C, CC, or D since they give your downturned eyes the full look right away. Eyelash extensions with low curvature, like J or B, cannot make your eyelids higher or denser. The sharpness of this eye shape can be enhanced by using eyelash extensions with a flexible curvature larger than D.

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2. Cat Eye Lash Extension Style

Work your eyelashes from the inner to the outer corner to achieve this eye cat effect. As you approach closer to the outer corner of the eye, the length of the eyelashes lengthens. Thus, your downward eyelids will be sharpened, even more when used with mascara and eyeliner. To get the greatest results for this effect, we recommend you to use lash fans from 2D to 7D for your downturned eyes to be leveled up.

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3. Natural-looking Wispy Eyelashes

Since the wispy eyelash extension has a unique texture, it is suggested for practically all eye shapes. Select lashes that curl and lengthen the eye contour for downturned eyes. Thin and natural-looking lashes with more length in the upper outer corner are also suggested, which will give the look of raising to counteract your eyes. Based on the production extent of those facilities specializing in offering eyelash extensions, the length, thickness, and curve of wispy eyelashes might vary.


1. Are Downturned Eyes Attractive?

It relies on the structure of your face. Some faces may look better upturned, others may look more downward. Generally, the deadly smokey look benefits the downturned eyes by giving them a look of deep eyes that capture onlookers’ attention. Even this eye shape already has a soft look, this point is much more magnified in females. They can also modify their shades from elegant to luxurious, based on the makeup styles and eyelash extensions they’re given.

2. Are There Downturned Eyes Celebrities?

Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry, Marilyn Monroe, Camila Cabello, and many other celebrities do have downturned eyes, or “puppy eyes.” Many of them opt for light makeup and extensions of lashes to maintain the downward look of their eyes. Some decide to use winged eyeliner and cat eye extensions to lift their eyelids. This helps their eyes to be bigger and more open.

Downturned eyes celebrities
Downturned eyes celebrities have raised the charisma of this eye shape

3. How To Care For Downturned Eyes?

You can try certain non-surgical procedures, mostly massages and makeup. For an exercise, put your index and middle fingers on the corners of your outer eyelids and draw them slightly toward your temples. Release after a brief period of holding this position. Remember to redo it, gently, as much as you can. 

For makeup advice, you can practice applying eyeshadow to provide the illusion of lift, using eyeliner to give the appearance of wings, or curling your lashes using mascara. Your eyelids will be sharpened, making your eyes wide open as they are impressively lifted.


Every eye shape deserves our real respect and cherishment, so do downturned eyes. Those whose attention is paid to whether or not this shape of eyes can be a beauty standard since they are found in a lot of downturned eyes celebrities. To briefly explain, it isn’t always about who has them but more about the eyes’ charm. Are downturned eyes attractive? The answer cannot be an even “No” since every eye shape has its own levels of appealingness.

Smart choices of lashes for downturned eyes, flexible exercises for everyone to get rid of the factors causing their eyes to be over-downward, and tons of feasible tips to upgrade this eye shape to a greater extent of beauty are always free and up to you, the beauty seekers.

Are you ready to make some small, positive, and pretty changes to your eyes? It is your time to shine, queens of downturned eyes!

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