The Ultimate Handbook for Monolid Eyelash Extensions Magic!

Are you tired of the same old mascara routine that barely gives your monolid eyes the pop they deserve? Enter monolid eyelash extensions – the ultimate game-changer that will revolutionize your beauty routine! In this thrilling guide, we’re diving deep into the enchanting realm of monolid eyelash extensions, covering everything from the basics to maintenance tips, and uncovering why they’re the undisputed choice for elevating the allure of monolid eyes.

monolid eyelash extensions
There are many styles of monolid eyelash extensions. Find out today!

Understanding Monolid Eyes

First things first, let’s understand what monolid eyes are. Monolid eyes are characterized by the absence of a distinct crease on the eyelid. Unlike other eye shapes, monolids don’t have the natural crease that separates the lid into distinct areas. Because there are no creases or folds that divide your eyelids into two regions, monolids can make your eyes appear smaller. Monolids narrow the space between your upper and lower eyelids. This unique feature can make finding the right makeup and beauty enhancements a bit challenging. 

However, it also presents an opportunity to explore and celebrate this special eye shape. Monolids are common among East Asian ethnicities, but this eye shape is celebrated worldwide for its unique charm.

Are monolid eyes the same as hooded eyes?

Don’t be fooled – monolid eyes and hooded eyes may look similar, but they’re not cut from the same eyelash fabric. On monolid eyes, there is no crease, but on hooded eyes, there is a fold of skin that partially or completely wraps around the eyelid. Assume that the eyelid of hooded eyes is clearer than the eyelid of monolid eyes.

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What makes finding eyelash extensions for monolids tricky?

Overcoming challenges when applying eyelash extensions for monolid eyes involves addressing specific issues. Due to the absence of a distinct eyelid, artists encounter difficulties in the process, including:

  1. Choosing Appropriate Lengths: Unlike double eyelids that expose the entire natural lash line, monolid eyes have a fold of skin covering part of the lashes. To compensate, false lashes for monolid eyes should be 1-2mm longer than usual.
  2. Selecting Suitable Lash Styles: Monolid eyelash extensions are particular about lash styles, excluding those with short extensions at the inner and middle parts. Short lashes in these areas may be concealed by the thick eyelids of monolid eyes. Hence, careful design is essential before proceeding with lash extensions.
  3. Addressing Asian Mongoloid Fold: Monolid eyes in many East Asians come with mongoloid folds (Epicanthal folds) that obscure the inner part of the eyes, adding complexity to lash extensions. To overcome this challenge, it is recommended to use the tapping method along the lash line to lift the fold and facilitate lash application on the inner part.

Best Monolid Eyelash Extensions

Folded eyelids will display the length of your lash extensions, whereas monolids will hide the upper half of all eyelashes. For people with monolids, you should use 1-2mm longer extensions. Also, keep in mind that thick eyelids will hide the inner corner of the lash line and the central section of the eyelashes, so choose your design carefully.  

monolid eyelash extensions
Choose your design carefully since monolid eyes tend to hide the length of lashes

1. Choosing the Right Extension Style

Best lashes for monolids? The winner is none other than the glamorous doll eye lash extension style!

Monolid eyes may benefit from lash extensions that help create the illusion of a more lifted and defined eye shape. The doll eye style typically involves longer lashes in the center of the eye, gradually tapering towards the outer corners. This design opens up the eyes and enhances their natural shape.

Monolid eyes can sometimes appear smaller or more closed due to the absence of a crease. The doll eye style lifts the central lashes, creating the illusion of larger, more open eyes. This effect contributes to a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Lash technicians can tailor the doll eye extension style to suit the specific preferences and facial features of the individual. Customization allows for adjustments in length, curl, and density to achieve the desired look while considering the unique characteristics of monolid eyes.

With the doll eye design, you may discover that if you apply too short extensions, such as 7-8mm, the eyelids will cover them, and the lash extensions will disappear behind the eyelids. For monolid eyelash extensions, use longer lashes in the inner corners than usual.

2. Choosing the Right Curl

When choosing the ideal eyelash extensions for monolid eyes, it’s crucial to consider the curl type that complements the eye shape and accentuates its natural characteristics. For a monolid eye, finding the right curl is effective in opening up the eye and giving the appearance of a larger eyelid.

Vietnam Lash's Curls
Picking the right curl for monolid eyelash extensions if an important step

C and D curls

One highly regarded choice for monolid lashes is the C-curl extension. The C-curl provides a gentle lift to the lashes, opening up the eyes and creating a natural, flattering look for those with monolids. This curl type is ideal for individuals who want a subtle enhancement without an overly dramatic effect.

The D curl, featuring a gentle and dramatic curve, respectively, is also suitable for Asian eyes, including monolids. This curl helps create an open and lifted look, enhancing the overall appearance of the eyes. 

L and L+ curls

The L curl, with its unique L-shaped curve, and the L Plus curl can contribute to a chic and flattering set of eyelash extensions on monolids. 

The L and L+ curls are designed with a distinct shape to assist clients whose natural lashes have a tendency to grow downward. They provide a lovely lift due to their dramatic bend. These extensions create an eyelid lift effect, particularly benefiting clients with heavy or droopy lids, resulting in a more open-eyed appearance.

The unique L shape ensures a straighter base for the eyelash extension, leading to improved bonding with the natural lash and enhanced retention. To get the best results, we recommend positioning the base of the L curl extension parallel to the natural lash. Use your preferred adhesive for application. Keep in mind that these lash extensions are not appropriate for naturally curly lashes that curl straight from the roots.

monolid eyelash extensions
L-curl is one of the best curls for monolid eyes

3. Choosing the Right Length 

In terms of length, it’s essential to strike a balance that complements the natural eye shape. Opting for extensions that are too long may weigh down the eyes, while lashes that are too short may not provide the desired impact. Many monolid lash extension enthusiasts find that a length between 10mm and 12mm works well, offering a noticeable yet tasteful length that enhances the eyes without appearing overly exaggerated.

4. Choosing the Right Material

The choice of material is another crucial consideration. Faux mink and silk are popular materials for monolid eyelash extensions due to their lightweight and natural appearance. Faux mink lashes mimic the texture of real mink fur but are cruelty-free, making them a sustainable and ethical option. Silk lashes, on the other hand, have a glossy finish and are known for their softness and durability.

Customization is key when applying eyelash extensions to monolid eyes, and seeking the expertise of a professional lash technician is highly recommended. A trained technician can assess the unique features of an individual’s eyes and provide personalized recommendations, ensuring the best possible outcome for the client.

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Before & After Extravaganza: Witness the Monolid Transformation

Feast your eyes on a jaw-dropping before and after monolid eyelash extension pic! The definition along the lash line is unmatched, and the lift and volume from the extensions make those eyes pop, radiating brightness and awakening your inner goddess.

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monolid eyelash extensions
Drastic differences are captured in before-and-after extensions

Monolid Eyelash Extension Retention Hacks

Maintaining monolid lash extensions is an art in itself. Thin Asian lashes and those alluring monolids demand extra care. The thicker skin on monolid eyelids, combined with natural oils, can challenge retention. Fear not, lash warriors! Here are some post-appointment care tips:

  1. Opt for oil-free makeup.
  2. Dust a bit of powder on your lids after makeup for that oil-free finish.
  3. Seal the deal with a lash sealant for an extra layer of protection against oils.


There you have it, darlings – the secret weapon to make your monolid eyes pop is none other than monolid eyelash extensions! Peel back the curtain on the enchanting world of monolid magic, whether you’re a lash pro or a total newbie. It’s time to let those lashes steal the show, telling a story as unique as you are. Bat those extensions proudly and embrace the fabulous world of eyelash extensions. Here’s to winking your way into the spotlight and giving monolid eyes the admiration they truly deserve! Keep winking, beautiful!

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