vietnamlash logo

Vietnam Lash was introduced with a logo featuring a Vietnamese woman dressed in an Ao dai, looking away at a 3/4 angle. This design aimed to capture the graceful and gentle essence of Vietnamese women while preserving an element of mystery. The dominant colors were gold on a black background. However, the previous logo was considered to have too many details and lacked a truly impressive representation of the company’s aspirations and colors. 

As a result, Vietnam Lash made the decision to reposition its brand with a new logo featuring a Vietnamese woman facing forward, with the logo color now being red, signifying the following:

Vietnam Lash was founded with a mission to provide eyelash products that enhance the beauty of women and boost their confidence in life. The women who create these eyelash products are hardworking and diligent Vietnamese individuals. This is why a Vietnamese woman was chosen as the central image of the logo. While still maintaining the graceful and traditional charm of the Vietnamese woman in her Ao dai and Non la, in the new logo, the woman’s image has turned to face forward, symbolizing confidence and courage as she steps out of her comfort zone. This reflects the ambition of Vietnam Lash from its inception: to take its handmade products into the global market and conquer it. In our new logo, the eyelash product has been simplified into a sleek, alluring shape, accentuating its beauty and allure.

The image of the woman in traditional Vietnamese attire, the Ao dai and Non la, not only serves as a reminder of Vietnam as our product’s place of origin but also acts as an ambassador of Vietnamese culture to our international customers.

The red hue in Vietnam Lash’s logo carries profound meanings:

  • Passion and Dedication: Red symbolizes passion and unwavering dedication. It reflects the relentless creativity and innovation of our team to continuously improve and offer new, superior products to our customers.
  • National Pride: The red color aligns with the colors of the Vietnamese flag, representing our deep love for our homeland. It underscores our pioneering role in elevating the national brand and showcasing it to international friends.

In our publications, the image of a girl often accompanies the depiction of a lotus flower – a symbol deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture. The significance of the lotus is intertwined with its depiction as a pure flower blossoming amidst muddy waters. It symbolizes purity and innocence untouched by impurities. This embodies the aspiration and determination of Vietnam Lash to provide quality products and reliable services without compromising integrity for profit, thus safeguarding the interests of customers and partners. Moreover, the lotus flower is closely associated with Vietnamese culture, serving as a means to convey messages about Vietnamese culture, the birthplace of our eyelash products.

The girl accompanies the depiction of a lotus flower
The girl accompanies the depiction of a lotus flower

Our logo is more than a visual representation; it encapsulates our commitment, values, and ambitions. It tells the story of Vietnam Lash – a brand driven by passion, craftsmanship, and a determination to make a mark on the global stage.