How To Fix Drooping Eyelash Extensions? Expert Solutions

Drooping eyelash extensions can be frustrating, especially after investing time and money into achieving the perfect fluttery lashes. Whether due to poor application, natural oils, or simply the passage of time, seeing your extensions lose their lift is disheartening. But fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into expert solutions on how to fix drooping eyelash extensions effectively. From practical tips to professional insights, discover how to revive your lashes and regain that coveted, wide-eyed look with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned lash tech or a client, this article will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to address drooping lashes like a pro.
how to fix drooping eyelash extensions
Your desired look can be compromised due to droopy lash extensions. Knowing how to fix drooping eyelash extensions is necessary.

What Do Drooping Eyelashes Look Like?

If you’re experiencing drooping eyelash extensions, it’s important to address the issue promptly to prevent any discomfort or potential damage to your natural lashes. Here are some potential symptoms:

Physical Symptoms:

  • The most obvious symptom is the appearance of drooping or sagging eyelash extensions.
  • The extensions may seem misaligned or uneven compared to the natural lash line.
  • Experiencing discomfort or heaviness around the eyelids due to the weight of the extensions.

Visual Symptoms:

  • Noticeable gaps between the extensions and natural lashes.
  • Extensions appearing to point in different directions rather than following a uniform curve.
  • Difficulty in opening or closing the eyes fully due to the weight or misalignment of the extensions.

Why Are My Eyelashes Drooping?

If you are experiencing droopy eyelash extensions, it is important to understand the reasons behind it in order to find solutions and maintain the best looks for your eyelashes. Identifying when the drooping occurred is a helpful starting point.

Did you notice your eyelash pointing down immediately after leaving the salon, or did it take a few days after your appointment? We can offer insights into the causes of droopy eyelash extensions and assist you in how to fix drooping eyelash extensions.

how to fix drooping eyelash extensions
The occurrence of drooping eyelashes stem from a number of factors

1. Poor Application/ Adhesive

One common cause of droopy eyelash extensions is poor application tools. If the extensions are not properly attached to each of your eyelashes, they may not be able to bear the weight that results in eyelash pointing down.

Another reason is a weak adhesive. If the adhesive used during the extension process is not strong enough, the extension will be loose over time, which causes them to sag and possibly even fall off prematurely.

2. Excessive Moisture

Moisture really contributes to droopy eyelash extensions! Water, sweat, or any other form of moisture can weaken the adhesive bond, causing the extensions to lose their shape. To get rid of this, it is crucial to avoid getting your eyelash extensions wet for at least 24 hours after the application.

3. Improper Aftercare

Insufficient brushing, or cleaning, results in the accumulation of residue or tangles, ultimately causing drooping or even those lashes to fall into your eyes. Also, sleeping on your stomach with your face pressed against the pillow flattens your eyelash extensions. If your extensions are excessively large, long, or heavy, they’ll exert downward pressure on your natural ones.

4. Extreme Heat

Although the occurrence of this is exceptionally uncommon, the curl of your lash extensions could potentially be affected by excessive heat. Individuals employed in kitchens or similarly high-heat settings, where the extensions are consistently exposed to extreme temperatures over extended periods, may encounter the predicament of droopy eyelash extensions.

5. Naturalness and Lash Style-Related Causes

If your natural lashes have a downward angle, it is possible that lash extensions which lack sufficient upward curl may result in a droopy appearance. It is important to note that even if the lashes are not overly heavy or curly, choosing the wrong style of lashes will still give the impression of droopiness. Specifically, a cat-eye extension, with excessively long lashes on the outer corners can accentuate the tired look of eyelash pointing down.

Lash artists must be consummate in how to fix drooping eyelash extensions
Lash artists must be consummate in how to fix drooping eyelash extensions

How To Fix Drooping Eyelash Extensions?

If you are encountering issues with droopy or sagging eyelash extensions, there is no need to be concerned. We’re here to suggest simple ways on how to fix this problem by outlining proper methods for lash technicians and clients to answer the question “How to fix drooping eyelash extensions”!

How to fix drooping eyelash extensions? (For lash techs)

1. Remove Excess Adhesive

If the drooping is caused by excess adhesive, gently use a micro-brush dipped in a specialized adhesive remover to dissolve the adhesive bond. Be extremely careful not to get the remover in the client’s eyes.

2. Go Shorter And Thinner

If the extensions chosen are excessively long, they may cause the client’s natural lashes to become weighed down, resulting in a droopy look. Long outer corner extensions can create the look of downturned or droopy eyelash extensions.

Furthermore, the use of thick and heavy lashes will exert downward pressure on the client’s lashes, potentially causing harm to their lash line. Any of you should get eyelash extensions with the right lengths and thicknesses and each lash map should be artistically and logically designed to highlight your eye shapes. This way, that issue of eyelash pointing down can be addressed in an effective way.

2. Suggest A Stronger Curl

If you have ensured the length and thickness of the lash extensions are ideal, the problem may be due to the natural downturned shape of your client’ eyelashes. To address this, go use a more pronounced curl that provides the lift you desire.

If you already used C lashes, consider experimenting with CC or D lashes. Alternatively, if you have already tried D lashes, you may want to test DD or L lashes as alternatives to fix droopy eyelash extensions, as well.

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consider experimenting with CC or D lashes
Consider experimenting with CC or D lashes

How to fix drooping eyelash extensions? (For lash clients)

1. Brush And Wash With Care

Do you diligently clean your eyelash extensions on a daily basis with a specialized brush or lash shampoo? If you have neglected your post-treatment care, it is important to thoroughly wash your lash extensions. Failing to do so can result in the accumulation of debris and oil, causing the lashes to droop, as well as lash damage and reduced longevity.

Also, if you notice your lashes getting droopy, it is possible that they simply need to be fluffed up. Because of the weight they carry, knotted lashes often bow forward. To rectify this, gently detangle them using a clean spoolie and start from the bottom to the top.

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2. Have A Talk To Your Lash Tech

If brushing and cleansing the eyelash extensions did not effectively resolve the drooping, it is advisable to communicate with your stylists. It will be beneficial to offer visual proof by taking pictures of the drooping and requesting a consultation before your upcoming visits. Choosing lashes that are lighter, or curlier can soon fix your drooping problem.

Daily cleansing with a mild cleaner can deal with droopy eyelash extensions
Daily cleansing with a mild cleaner can deal with droopy eyelash extensions

Ways To Prevent Droopy Eyelash Extensions

Experiencing the frustration of droopy eyelash extensions is something that many individuals can relate to. However, there are a few proactive measures you can take to effectively avoid this problem from occurring again in the future.

1. Use A Lash Serum

To prevent droopy eyelash extensions, it is advisable to use lash serums, which nourish and fortify your natural eyelashes. They’ll provide the necessary support to sustain the weight of the extensions. You can choose a lash serum that incorporates beneficial components such as Biotin, Peptides, and Keratin, as they’ll contribute to the promotion of healthy lash growth.

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2. Avoid Oil-Based Makeup

It is also vital to avoid using oil-based makeup and skincare products near your eyes. These products, such as oil-based makeup removers, moisturizers, and cleansers, can weaken the adhesive and make the extensions droop. To address this issue, opt for oil-free products that are specifically designed for use around the eyes.

3. No Excessive Moisture

To keep the shape and prevent droopy eyelash extensions, you should minimize exposure to moisture within the first 24 hours after application. It is because excessive moisture weakens the adhesive and leads to sagging of the extensions. Hence, make sure to keep your droopy eyelash extensions dry during this initial period to prevent any potential issues.

4. Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your side or stomach can result in droopy eyelash extensions as they may come into contact with the pillow, leading to weakened adhesive and drooping. From now on, you’ll try sleeping on your back with an elevated pillow, as this position may help your lashes not to rub against the pillow and maintain their desired shape.

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How to fix drooping eyelash extensions is tough. If you’re a lash pro, a proactive approach of choosing proper lash size and curl can help with the issue. As a customer, applying apposite aftercare can often resolve droopiness. If the problem persists, it is advisable to consult your lash stylist for potential solutions. Ultimately, it is crucial to determine the underlying cause of the droopiness to effectively address it.

Despite being a source of frustration, there are straightforward ways to rectify the issue of an eyelash pointing down. Remove makeup from your lashes using a clean spoolie to dry them, apply a small amount of adhesive, steer clear of oil-based products, sleep on your back, and consider using fine lash serums. By adhering to such guidelines, the allure of your eyelashes can be maintained in the long run, beauty queens!

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