How to Brush Eyelash Extensions Correctly and Its Importance

Proper care is essential for maintaining the beauty and longevity of eyelash extensions. One crucial aspect of this care routine is brushing your lashes regularly. In this post, we explore the importance of brushing your eyelash extensions and how to brush eyelash extensions correctly to ensure stunning results.

The Benefits of Brushing Eyelash Extensions

Brushing your eyelash extensions is a simple yet essential step in the care routine.

Brushing eyelash extensions is important in lash care routine
Brushing eyelash extensions is important in lash care routine
  • Prevent Lash Tangles: Brushing your eyelash extension helps prevent tangles and clumps from forming. As you go about your day, your natural lashes and extensions may move and overlap, leading to a messy appearance. By gently brushing through your lashes, you can separate and align them, ensuring they stay neat and tangle-free
  • Maintain the Shape of Extensions: Regular brushing aids in preventing any potential tangling or crisscrossing of the extensions, which could lead to an uneven and unkempt appearance. The bristles of a lash brush or a clean mascara wand work to separate and define each extension, helping them stay in place and preserving the meticulously crafted arrangement. It ensures that the extensions are properly aligned and follow the desired curl, whether it is a natural or more dramatic look.
  • Promote Natural Lash Health: Brushing your lashes promotes natural lash health and stimulates the hair follicles. It helps distribute the natural oils along the lashes, keeping them nourished and preventing dryness. Additionally, brush removes any debris or makeup residue that may have accumulated on the lashes, promoting a clean and hygienic environment for your natural lashes and extensions.

How to Use Eyelash Brush?

Knowing the correct technique for brushing your eyelash extensions is essential for preserving their beauty and ensuring their longevity. 

# Use the Right Tool

When it comes to maintaining your lash extensions, the choice of the right tool is paramount. Start by ensuring you possess a dedicated lash comb that’s specially designed for eyelash extensions. Using a clean brush is crucial to prevent any debris or bacteria from transferring onto your lashes.

Make sure you use right tool to brush eyelash extensions
Make sure you use right tool to brush eyelash extensions

# Gently and Light Strokes

Hold the lash comb parallel to your eyelid and brush through your lashes using gentle and light strokes. Start at the base of the lashes and move towards the tips. Avoid apply excessive pressure or pulling on the lashes to prevent damage or accident removal of extensions.

If you encounter any resistance or tangles while brushing, remain patient and gently, Slowly and carefully work through any snags, using the lash comb to separate and untangle the lashes. Take your time and being gently will prevent any unnecessary pulling or damage to the extensions

Using lash comb to brush through your lashes gently
Using lash comb to brush through your lashes gently

# Brush Daily 

Incorporating daily brushing into your beauty routine is a key practice for maintaining the allure and health of your eyelash extensions. To achieve the best results, make it a habit to gently brush your extensions at least once a day, ideally in the morning or after you wake up. This consistent routine serves as a proactive measure to keep your lashes impeccably groomed and prevent any issues like tangling or clumping.

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Should You Brush Your Eyelash Extensions When Wet?

The answer is NO, brushing your eyelash extensions while they are wet is not advisable. It’s essential to exercise caution and wait until your lashes are completely dry before attempting to brush them. Wet lashes have a heightened fragility and susceptibility to damage, making them particularly vulnerable when subjected to brushing. Brushing wet lashes can lead to various issues, including twisting of the extensions or premature shedding.

To maintain the integrity of your eyelash extensions, wait until they are fully dry. When the lashes are dry, you can gently and carefully brush them using a clean lash comb. This method helps separate and align the lashes, ensuring they maintain their intended arrangement and appearance. Gently brushing dry lashes also minimizes the risk of any unnecessary stress or strain on the extensions, preventing any untimely detachment or damage.This will help keep your lashes in good condition and ensure they stay beautiful and long-lasting.

What Are The Eyelash Combing Tools I Can Use?

1. Spoolie Brush

A spoolie brush holds a significant place in the realm of eyelash care and makeup application. This tool’s design is characterized by its soft bristles and a distinctive tapered shape, rendering it a versatile asset for various tasks involving eyelashes.

The primary purpose of a spoolie brush is to comb and groom eyelashes, both natural and extended. The gentle bristles are adept at untangling and separating lashes, promoting a neat and polished appearance. This is particularly beneficial for those who have opted for lash extensions, as spoolie brushes help maintain the extensions’ alignment, ensuring they lay smoothly and uniformly.

Spoolie brushes are often included in eyelash extensions kits and can also be purchased separately. 

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A spoolie brush is a common and versatile tool for combing eyelashes
A spoolie brush is a common and versatile tool for combing eyelashes

2. Disposable Mascara Wands

They can be used as an alternative to traditional spoolie brushes. These wands have a small brush head with bristles that effectively comb through the lashes. They are affordable, easy to use, and readily available in beauty supply stores.

Disposable Mascara Wands
Disposable Mascara Wands


Q: How should I clean my eyelash combing tool?

A: To clean your eyelash combing tool, use a mild soap or baby shampoo and warm water. Gently wash the bristles or teeth of the tool, ensuring you remove any product residue or buildup. Rinse thoroughly and let it air dry before using it again.

Q: Can I use an eyelash comb on both natural lashes and eyelash extensions?

A: Yes, an eyelash comb can be used on both natural lashes and eyelash extensions. However, it is important to be gentle and cautious when combing through eyelash extensions to avoid any tugging or pulling that may damage the extensions.

Q: Can I brush my eyelash extensions with mascara on?
A: It is generally not recommended to brush your eyelash extensions with mascara on. Mascara can make the lashes sticky and clump together, making it difficult to brush them without causing damage. It is best to brush your lashes before applying mascara or after removing it.

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When brushing your eyelash extensions with mascara, the lashes may clump together
When brushing your eyelash extensions with mascara, the lashes may clump together

Wrap up

Brushing your eyelash extensions is a vital step in maintaining their appearance and prolonging their lifespan. By preventing tangles, maintaining the lash shape, and promoting natural lash health, brushing contributes to the overall beauty and health of your extensions. Visit our website: for more informative blogs