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Welcome back to my blog today. Today, I’m here to share with you an important beauty tip. I’m sure many of you are having trouble with liquid eyeliner, right? I used to be like that. I’m struggling to know how to apply liquid eyeliner in the right way. And then I was enlightened by a friend. She showed me why I should choose liquid eyeliner, the mistakes people often make when first starting to practice liquid eyeliner, and how to do eyeliner beautifully. And so now, after much practice and changing a few liquid eyeliners, I am ready and confident to write a liquid eyeliner tutorial for you. Let’s start with the reasons for choosing liquid eyeliner!

Why should we apply liquid eyeliner?

For those who have never learned about eyeliner types, we often use two main types of eyeliner: pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner is often recommended for those who are first learning to apply eyeliner because it holds firmly and the lines are easier to follow. If applied incorrectly, it will be easier to erase. 

how to apply liquid eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner brings natural beauty and lasts longer on the eyes

But, pencil eyeliner has a major disadvantage: the strokes are large, look unnatural, not beautiful, and quickly wash off. Fortunately, liquid eyeliner can overcome these disadvantages. Liquid eyeliner has thin lines, bold colors that are clear and natural. Each stroke of liquid eyeliner drawn brings flexible and lively beauty to the eyes. In addition, this type of eyeliner sticks well and does not slide off as quickly as pencil. Those are the reasons that since its inception, liquid eyeliner has been loved by many people, from beginners to top makeup experts. 

However, one thing that liquid eyeliner cannot do is because it is drawn with a water brush, so for those who are not familiar with it, it will be very difficult to draw satisfactory lines if they do not learn according to standards and practice many times. So if you want to know how to put on liquid eyeliner properly, read on!

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How to apply liquid eyeliner: avoid the following mistakes

When we practice something that does not follow specific standards from the beginning, it is very likely that we will make basic mistakes without realizing it. The same is true for eyeliner. Have you ever paid attention to the order of eye makeup such as eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow? Are you doing it in the order I’m listing it? If so, that is one of the mistakes that most people make when applying eyeliner. Let’s see what those mistakes are!

Eye makeup in wrong order

First you have to apply eye shadow first. In fact, there are no regulations for this. But makeup experts advise us to apply eyeshadow first, then eyeliner and finally mascara. The eyeliner and mascara steps can be used interchangeably, but we shouldn’t let eyeshadow be the last step. Because eyeshadow can ruin the beauty you tried to create. For example, you’ve created a great line of eyeliner, but then eye shadow is applied and a matte layer covers all your efforts. Or if you’re not careful about applying eyeshadow after applying mascara and the mascara isn’t dry yet, it will cause the mascara to clump and that looks terrible.

how to apply liquid eyeliner
What to avoid when apply liquid eyeliner

Use liquid eyeliner on the lower lashes

In fact, eyeliner can be used on both eyelids, but makeup experts say that applying eyeliner on the lower eyelid can cause you to encounter many sad incidents. For example, eyeliner leaks after a period of use. You don’t want your eyes to look scary with eyeliner melted and smudged all over your eyes, right? Then consider applying liquid eyeliner to your lower eyelids

Wrong thickness when applying eyeliner

Using eyeliner is to help your eyes look sharper and clearer. But it can also be counterproductive if your eyeliner is too dark or too light. Drawing too light will make your eyes look sad and lifeless. But too much eyeliner also makes people feel like your eyes aren’t “real”. Too much eyeliner can make you look years older and less natural. Consider applying dark or light eyeliner based on your eyelid shape. If your eyelids are wide, you can draw a little darker eyeliner. If your eyelids are small and narrow, you should only go a moderate line to ensure it maintains its natural look. Remember that when applying eyeliner, start out light and gradually darken.

The steps on how to apply liquid eyeliner are easier

There are many different types of liquid eyeliner depending on your needs and ingenuity. If you go to school or work normally, you only need light eyeliner. This is very easy to do even if you are a newbie. If you want to attend a party and need to have attractive eyes, cat eyeliner or Korean eyeliner will bring better results. However, it requires a bit of technique.

how to apply liquid eyeliner
Cat eyeliner with liquid eyeliner is suitable for luxurious parties

Liquid eyeliner steps for beginners

For beginners, practice using eyeliner with these basic steps. First, clean your eyes and let them dry before applying. This helps the eyeliner adhere better. Then, place the pen from the eye socket and brush the brush tip as close to the eye as possible. Take a gentle line from the eye socket to the corner of the eye to get the first basic line. In this step, you need to pay attention to your hand strength. Do not press too hard or relax too light. And your hand must pull continuously without interruption, otherwise your lines will be unevenly broken. This part is easy to say but to do it, you have to be very persistent and practice many times. Then, depending on the density you want to add to the eyeliner line as desired.

Cat eyeliner with liquid eyeliner

Once you are proficient with basic eyeliner strokes, you can increase the challenge of your skills with cat eyeliner. This eyeliner style is suitable for parties and luxurious outfits. It will make your eyes bigger, more beautiful and attractive. So how to apply liquid eyeliner to create a cat eye look? Very simple. After the basic steps of creating eyeliner, lengthen the tail, draw it larger and darken it as shown in the picture. The characteristics of this cat eye line are big and bold, so not everyone is suitable for this style. As I said above about common mistakes in liquid eyeliner, if your eyelids are not big enough, applying cat eyeliner will make your eyes smaller and your overall face will age significantly. . So choose the drawing method that best suits you.

how to apply liquid eyeliner
For those who are new to using liquid eyeliner, it is inevitable that the color will be smudged or uneven

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How to fix smudged liquid eyeliner

There is a truth that I cannot help but tell you. That is, although liquid eyeliner is a great beauty item, it inevitably has its weaknesses. That is, it is very easy to smudge when applying, especially for those who are first applying eyeliner with this type of eyeliner. 

Because the tip of the pencil is quite soft and has a lot of ink, if we are not used to it, we often make the lines uneven and difficult to control the strokes, causing it to smudge. So to fix these smudges, we have to remove makeup and redo the whole thing? Are not! 

Of course not. Buy yourself an extra makeup remover pen. It is a specialized makeup remover for eyeliner because the cross-section is very small, especially used to remove makeup on small spots that are difficult to remove normally. If finding this item is a bit difficult, you can simplify it by using a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover and gently dabbing it on the smudged area. This method is also quite effective. In addition, my favorite way is to dab a little primer or concealer on the smudged area. The effect is great. Please try it!


So you know how to apply liquid eyeliner, right? Please read my instructions carefully to avoid making these unnecessary mistakes and draw your own beautiful eyeliner. If you have any tips on applying eyeliner, please leave a comment to let me and other readers know. Hope this article is very useful to you. Now let’s say goodbye!

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