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Hello! I’m thrilled by your return to the blog today! It’s an honor to continue serving your information needs. So, what do I have for you today? It’s another small guide, isn’t it? In today’s post, I will guide you on how to apply mascara correctly! Don’t think it’s too simple not to need guidance! Just the other day, I encountered my 17-year-old niece as she was getting ready for a birthday party, struggling with her mascara and not quite satisfied with the results. I had to step in to help, and during that moment, I realized that most of us are just following our instincts without ever really learning how to do it right, aren’t we? So, what’s the correct way? How do you achieve eyelashes with mascara that look like they’ve been done by a professional makeup artist? Let’s explore that in this post!

how to apply mascara
Find the way how to apply mascara like a prof

Who should use mascara?

I say this and it may make many of you not like it, but it is a fact that cosmetic experts recommend that we should not use mascara too often. Although we must admit that it enhances our beauty significantly, you know that the skin around our eyes is quite thin, so the chemicals in mascara can irritate the skin, dry it out, and cause hair loss. Our eyelashes are dry and break more. According to experts, we should prioritize taking care of naturally black, thick and long eyelashes or get eyelash extensions for beauty instead of using mascara every day. Especially those who are getting eyelash extensions should not use mascara because it can destroy the structure of the extension glue, causing the eyelash extensions to fall off quickly. However, having said that, using mascara on special occasions to become more beautiful and confident is indispensable, as long as you know how to remove it after use and take care of your eyelashes properly, it will be limited. Maximize unwanted harmful effects of mascara.

How to apply mascara avoiding common mistakes

As I said, it seems like most people are applying mascara instinctively without learning the specifics. Then I will show you the specific steps. But before that I want you to remember and avoid these common mistakes while applying mascara.

Sharing mascara

The biggest taboo in makeup or using skincare products is sharing them. In particular, mascara should not be used by others or lent to someone. You know, your mascara bottle is full of bacteria. They can come from your eyelashes after each brushing or from the environment. If you share it with others, bacteria can spread and that’s terrible.

And speaking of bacteria here, the second mistake many women make is using mascara for too long. Because it is a breeding ground for bacteria, you should not use mascara that is too old because this increases the risk of eye infection.

how to apply mascara
Avoid these mistakes to putting mascara on like a pro

Leave too much mascara on when applying

Another mistake that many girls don’t know is that they use the brush head when they first take it out of the bottle without wiping it off. Because mascara brush heads are always designed so that we take in more substance than we need, it is necessary to remove them before brushing on the eyes, otherwise it will lead to the mascara being too thick and clumping on the eyelashes.

Overuse of waterproof mascara.

The appearance of waterproof mascara has been a lifesaver for many women who often have to work outdoors and sweat a lot. However, as I said in the previous article about waterproof mascara removers, this type stays on the eyelashes for a long time and is very difficult to clean. Therefore, using waterproof mascara every day is a mistake because it increases the risk of buildup after each use. In my opinion, waterproof mascara should only be used on special occasions when you want it to last longer.

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How to apply mascara like an artist

In a makeup artist’s makeup routine, mascara is always the last step. After you’ve applied your face makeup, eyeshadow, and eyeliner, finally spend a few minutes on mascara. Although it is the last, it plays almost the most important role in improving the effectiveness of all the previous steps. So do it properly to optimize your beauty!

Step 1: Curl natural eyelashes.

After you have finished other eye makeup steps such as eye shadow and eyeliner, get ready a lash curler to curl the eyelashes. You can use a traditional lash curler or an electric heated lash curler. I prefer using a heated lashes curler because it’s faster and better for my eyelashes. I have explained the reason in great detail in an article about lash curlers, you can read it again! If you don’t have a heated lash curler, try heating a traditional curler by soaking it in hot water. This heating will keep your lashes curled longer. The order of clamping eyelashes is to first clamp the eyelash roots, then clamp the middle part and finally clamp the tip of the eyelashes. In each position, hold for about 15-20 seconds to achieve better results. Be careful not to use too much force when clamping your eyelashes to avoid breaking them.

how to apply mascara
Following these steps how to put on mascara for you

Step 2: Apply a layer of primer to the eyelashes

In order for mascara to stick better and longer on your eyelashes, it is important not only to choose a good, high-quality mascara but also to follow this tip. Apply a layer of primer to your eyelashes and wait about 1 minute before continuing with mascara. I don’t know if you’ve read it yet, but I also have an article about lash primer. In short, it is a substance that coats the surface of our eyelashes, helping to protect them from drying out and helping mascara stay on longer.

Step 3: Apply mascara to the upper lashes first, then the lower lashes.

This is an important order for how to apply mascara without it smudging after applying. Please read the above section carefully about common mistakes when applying mascara to avoid using too much mascara when applying. When you take the brush out of the mascara bottle, you can also gently wipe it on clean paper to remove excess. Then, to apply mascara on the upper eyelid, open your eyes wide and look up at the dark so that the mascara is applied evenly from the base to the tip of the eyelashes. Need to sharpen in order, not randomly sharpening according to inspiration. To increase the thicker effect of your eyelashes, gently press at the base of the eyelashes with the goal of applying more mascara here. Then you tilt your face up slightly and look down to apply mascara to your lower lashes. Because the lower eyelashes are often sparser and thinner, pay attention to the right amount of mascara

Step 4: Add a second layer.

To ensure mascara covers your lashes evenly. After the first time, wait a while for the mascara to dry and continue applying another thin layer to complete. So you already have attractive eyes.

how to apply mascara
Use these tips to make your mascara thicker and longer

Tips to hack the game: how to apply mascara

In addition to correctly applying the standard steps to apply mascara beautifully and safely for the eyes, I have also accumulated two extremely interesting and effective tips so that everyone can easily increase the effectiveness of mascara. Let’s see!

  • Use talcum powder to make your eyelashes thicker

Right about that. You didn’t hear wrong. Baby powder may be very familiar to us, right? To make your eyelashes look thicker when applying mascara, use a little baby powder on the first layer of mascara. After completing step three, when the mascara is not too dry and still sticky, use a cotton swab to dab a little powder and cover your eyelashes. The powder will be retained on the eyelashes. Wait for the first layer of mascara to dry, then continue applying another layer according to step 4. This will cover the white color of the talcum powder and at the same time make the eyelashes significantly thicker.

  • Rotate the brush vertically when applying the lower lashes

This is a tip I use often when using mascara. Have you ever had the problem of applying mascara to your lower lashes and it smeared on the surrounding skin? Because our brush is so big, the lower lashes are often quite sparse and thin. So to avoid smudging and the eyelashes are polished more evenly, turn the brush lengthwise!


So today’s article on how to apply mascara is quite long. With my instructions, are you confident that you can apply mascara like an artist? As long as you practice regularly, you will definitely succeed. But don’t forget my advice: don’t use mascara every day. It will not be good for both your eyelashes and eye skin. If you want to not use mascara but still maintain the beauty of your eyes regularly, consider eyelash extensions. This is also a good solution. And now I have to say goodbye to you. If you find this article useful, please help me share it more widely. Thank you

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