Learning Different Face Shapes Never Gets Old Thanks To This!

Have you ever looked at your lovely self in the mirror and asked “What is my face shape?” or “What face shape do I have?”. Well, that may sound dull (to some extent) but not really, after all. We are unique in every inch of our bodies, yes exactly, from the bottom to the top! And of course, our different face shapes greatly contribute to the factor that decides our charms and charisma. Are you ready for some worthy learning, beauties?

Today’s show is for interesting facts behind different face shapes, as well as how to find your face shape without too much effort. Stick with us till the very end!

face shapes
There are different face shapes with one-of-a-kind looks. Can you guess which is yours?

Let’s Learn About Different Face Shapes!

The thing is that not many of us truly know what our face shapes look like. Are they round or square, long or short, sunken or chubby? It appears not as easy as it should be for any good guess to be made, don’t you think?

1. Almond Face Shape

The almond face shape is characterized by balanced proportions, with a slightly pointed chin and gently rounded hairlines. Some notable features of this face shape are high cheekbones and a narrow forehead. Celebrities who are often associated with the almond face shape are Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Keira Knightley, etc.

2. Oval Face Shape

Imagine an upside-down egg for an analogy of an oval face shape so you will see its curving chin is only slightly wider than its narrower forehead. It is possible that you have an oval face shape, if you have a high forehead, broad cheekbones, and a longer face than it is wide. The jawline is typically slender and rounded rather than coming to a single point. Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé, Tessa Thompson or Jisoo are among celebrities with oval faces.

3. Diamond Face Shape

Your face shape would resemble a diamond if somebody draws lines from the middle of your forehead to your cheekbones and then down to your chin. An oval face shape with additional angles is known as a diamond face shape.

Cheekbones are powerful and high, and the space between them is only a little broader than the width of the forehead. Also, the chin is more pointed and thin, and the hairline will usually culminate in a sharper point. Celebrities with diamond faces are Zoe Kravitz, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Graham, and Charli D’Amelio.

4. Oval Diamond Face Shape

The oval diamond face shape combines the features of both oval and diamond face shapes. It is characterized by a narrow forehead and jawline, with wider cheekbones. Your chin may also be slightly pointed. Celebrities who have this oval diamond face shape include Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and many more.

face shapes
Each face shape has distinct features that are obviously recognized from the front view

5. Heart Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces often feature a delicate, thin chin resembling the point of a heart. Those with this face shape typically have a sharp hairline. The broadest feature of this facial type is the cheekbones.

A heart face shape is one where the forehead is the broadest region of the face and the chin is pointy. People with heart face shapes have a more angular jawline, a wide forehead and a slightly pointed chin. Also, you can have this face shape without that widow’s peak hairline of some people. The heart face shape hairline is wider than that of the diamond one. Stephanie Hsu,  Reese Witherspoon, and Sydney Sweeney, etc., are celebs with heart face shapes.

6. Square Face Shape

Wide hairlines and sharp, powerful jawlines distinguish square faces. This face shape, which is as long as it is wide, has a width that is roughly equal between your forehead, cheekbones and jawline. For certain face shapes, the jawline and hairline are parallel to the cheekbones. 

Your jawline is slightly inclined and very barely curved if you have a square face shape which has straight sides. You also have a jawline that is very angular, and has sharp bones. Margot Robbie, Angelina Jolie, Megan Thee Stallion all prettily have square face shapes.

7. Round Face Shape

If you had a round face shape, the sides of your face curve outward more than going straight and is similar to a square face but with soft angles. You’ll have a rounded chin and forehead, and the width of your face is at your cheekbones. 

Owning a rounded hairline with a soft jawline are signs of a round face shape. Its face length and width measures are likewise equal. Many celebrities, like Selena Gomez, Gemma Chan, Kiersey Clemons, Madison Bailey, etc., have round faces.

8. Triangle Face Shape

The triangle face shape, commonly referred to as the pear face shape, is distinguished by a wider jawline and a narrower forehead, which is thinner and taper toward the top, when your jawline is often the most noticeable feature.

The main features of a triangle face are high cheekbones and a thin jaw. Your forehead and cheekbones will be wider than your chin, which will be narrow and pointy. Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Osbourne, and Victoria Beckham are examples with triangular face shapes.

9. Oblong Face Shape

The oblong face shape is distinguished by having a larger length than width. It has a straight, extended face shape with similarly sized forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. High foreheads and longer chins are other signs of oblong face shapes. This “expensive” face shape is often found on celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, and Adam Levine.

10. Rectangle Face Shape

Rectangle face shapes have a length that is greater than their width and a sharp and angular jawline. Your cheekbone will be equal in width to the forehead and jawline, or appear spaced equally apart. Straight hairlines and a squared-off jaw line are two clear features of rectangle face shape. Olivia Wilde, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kourtney Kardashian are those with this oblong face shape.

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The most ideal way to know your face shapes is to measure your length, width, and jaw

How To Find Your Face Shape In Minutes

So how to know your face shape? Or can you identify if you belong to just one face shape or the combination of different face shapes? Now go take out the measuring tape and make the following points, before moving on to our different facial shapes. This is how to find your face shape using the most accurate ways to determine your face shape. Keep reading on!

1. Through length, width, and jaw

Yourself, a mirror, or your phone camera, and nothing else are required to make the simplest solution to the age-old issue “What is my face shape?” What to look for is right below:

Step 1: Your Jaw Shape: try seeing how your jawline looks. You most likely have a round or oval face shape if it appears rounded or gently curved. You may have a square, rectangle, or heart face shape if your face is sharp, angular, or pointy.

Step 2: Your Face Length And Width: after thoroughly evaluating your jawline spend some time thinking about the sizes of your face shapes. If your face appears longer than it is wide, you are likely either on a team rectangle or team oval.

It is fine to measure your cheekbones and jawline, forehead’s length and width, as well as all of these features. Another option is to use a pencil, tape measure or something else you just happen to have on hand to determine your face shapes.

2. Through fine makeup looks

Ready for a quick makeup application? In order to determine your face shapes, this instructs you to trace your image directly on your mirror. To be honest, it is quite enjoyable. 

Step 1: Choose Your Makeup Products: choose whatever dark makeup item you have but avoid those you love, or use frequently since you will use a lot of it. It works just well to use a dark pencil eyeliner, a crimson or dark lipstick, or even a foundation or contour stick.

Step 2: Conduct A Self-Check: once you have decided on an item, pull your hair back then stand in front of a mirror. Keep your arm’s length not too close from the mirror, when drawing so that it is easy and precise. Remain in place and keep your composure.

Step 3: Okay, Turn To Your Face Shapes: keep perfectly still and trace your face shapes in the mirror, looking straight ahead. Keeping them as level as you can will help ensure that the approach’s primary goal is achieved.

Don’t be stressed out if you make any mistakes. When you are done drawing your face, step back, and look at what you’ve made. How does it resemble the features of the face? If you’re uncertain, remove the makeup and try again, perhaps with new looks.

face shapes
Using your phone’s cameras is also a good way to determine your actual face shapes

3. Through your selfie and trace

This face shape recognition method is for you if accuracy is your preference. It entails taking a fine picture of yourself, smartly a selfie, or another clear, and front-facing picture, printing it off, and tracing your face to seek which face shape it most closely resembles. Simply adhere to these easy steps below:

Step 1: Take A Picture Or A Selfie: you may either use a photo of yourself that you already have lovely selfies with your hair pulled back to show off your face shapes the most. Be sure that you are ideally close to the camera without being too close to cause an angle distortion.

Step 2: Now, Match The Dots: place a clear or thin layer of paper (or wax paper) that works well over your photos. Next, either totally trace around your face shapes or only draw dots at the parts of your face which are the most noticeable such as your cheekbones, jawline, chin, top of your forehead, and the area where your hairline starts. Lastly, make the matches!

Step 3: Let’s Find Your Face Shapes: here it is, your masterpiece. What’s the shape that it most resembles? If your face appears oval, you’ll have an oval face. If a square shows up on your page, you may have a square face. Easy, right? Whichever shape shows on the page is your face shape, so if it resembles two different face shapes in different ways, you now know you fall halfway between them.

4. Through the use of collages

Rewind to art class, when we’d cut out photos and put them all together, either for inspiration or as works of art. You will be performing the identical action with celebrities that have similar face shapes to yours. You may also do this by using an app like Pinterest if you’d like to be a little less hands-on about it. 

Step 1: Who Is Your Inspirational Celeb? any old publications you may have lying around, compile them. All of this is about making use of what you already have. Afterward go through them all and take out any faces you believe to be yours. Are you frequently compared to Gigi Hadid or Beyoncé? What is your self-perception? Your closest face shape will be determined using this idea for the determination.

Step 2: Let’s Do Some Magic- Photo Matches: try putting celebrities with comparable face shapes together. Have you seen anything? Did you decide on Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez? The likelihood is that you can have a V-shaped, heart-shaped, or round face like any of them.

Step 3: Display The Photos As Inspiration: after reviewing celebs’ face shapes’ photos to determine your face shapes, you can get ideas from their greatest haircuts, blush placement, and other features. It also makes for some really cool bedroom artwork, you might ask!

face shapes
Every face shape is differently perfect and deserves the best attention of beauty lovers

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As we grow older, the shape of our face undergoes changes. These changes are influenced by factors, such as alterations in fat distribution, muscle tone, and skin elasticity. Thus, older individuals often exhibit more rectangular or oblong face shapes, while younger people tend to have triangular face shapes. After all, different face shapes are uniquely stunning, so now you should know how to find your face shape, right? Enjoy yourself and live your own life!

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