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 It’s a pleasure to meet you here today. I hope you are in a happy mood and healthy spirit when reading these blogs. Today I will write an article about the best eyeliner for lash extensions. Surely you still often see ads about eyeliner for lash extensions on Facebook, Instagram,… right? In these advertisements, everyone brags about the good aspects of their products and attracts your attention. So in a space filled with advertising like that, what are the good and suitable products for you? Let’s continue reading! 

best eyeliner for lash extensions
What are the criteria for  the best eyeliner for lash extensions? Let’s see

Can you use eyeliner when wearing eyelash extensions?

Before going into specific types of eyeliner for lash extensions, let’s stop for a moment with this issue. Don’t rush to skip this part because it may contain useful information for you. Can you use eyeliner when wearing eyelash extensions? The answer is of course yes. So that’s today’s article. But because eyeliner has many types. So the problem lies in which types of eyeliner are good with eyelash extensions, and which types are not.

This also means that you can increase the sharpness of your eyes when you have eyelash extensions by adding eyeliner, but let’s see which type is the eyeliner for eyelash extensions!

There is another issue you need to consider when using eyeliner. It’s not about the eyeliner itself, it’s about removing the makeup afterward. In a few previous articles, I mentioned the need to remove eye makeup after applying makeup. In short, this keeps your eyelashes from getting dirty, does not reduce the lifespan of eyelash extensions and does not increase the risk of infection. But if you remove makeup, you will have to rub the eye area where eyelash extensions are applied. If this is not done properly, it will cause eyelashes to fall out frequently. Therefore, when choosing eyeliners for eyelash extensions, you need to choose ones that are easy to clean after use.

So, what types of eyeliner should you avoid using, and what types of eyeliner are friendly to eyelash extensions. Let’s continue watching!

Which types of eyeliner for eyelash extensions you should avoid?

When applying eyelash extensions, your eyes are like a baby that needs to be carefully protected. Therefore, before using any makeup product, carefully consider its properties. The following are eyeliners for eyelash extensions that you should absolutely not use when applying eyelash extensions if you want to avoid losing your eyelash extensions and even damaging your natural lashes.

best eyeliner for lash extensions
Pencil eyeliner is very bad for eyelash extensions because it both contains oil and is difficult to remove

1. Pencil eyeliner

The number one enemy of eyelash extensions is eyeliner. As the name suggests, the texture of these eyeliners is similar to the pencil you write with. It can be produced in a normal screw form or sharpened like a pencil. These types of eyeliner are mixed with wax and oil to maintain their adhesion on the skin. That’s one thing that makes eyelash extensions scary. Because like I said, after using eyeliner, we have to remove makeup. The ingredients in this pencil eyeliner adhere very well and cannot be easily removed with gentle makeup removers for eyelash extensions. Therefore, this type of eyeliner should not be used under any circumstances. Another reason why this pencil eyeliner is not recommended for eyelash extensions and even for those who do not have eyelash extensions but have weak natural eyelashes. That is when drawing on the eyes, you need to press harder and rub more carefully, leading to stretching the eyelashes. Applying this excessive force can cause extensions and even regular lashes to fall out more easily.

2. Water-proof eyeliner

The next type that is not the best eyeliner for lash extensions is waterproof eyeliner. Just like its name, this eyeliner is water resistant. Normally, many people will look for this type of eyeliner to be able to keep the drawing all day without fading. However, for eyes with eyelash extensions, this should be avoided as much as possible. The reason is that waterproof eyeliner definitely contains oil (the ingredient that helps it resist water). The oil in these eyeliner layers will bind the chemical bonds in the eyelash extension glue. As I have talked quite carefully about the characteristics of eyelash extension glue, it can dry by absorbing moisture in the air to form durable bonds. 

But these bonds are broken by oil. Therefore, using waterproof eyeliner a lot will cause these bonds to gradually become loose and the eyelash extensions will fall out more easily. In addition, a problem that almost all waterproof eyeliner has is that it is difficult to clean off (which is also its advantage in some cases – but not for eyelash extensions). And to wash it off, as mentioned in the section about pencil eyeliner, rubbing will affect the health of the eyelash extensions.

A prominent and new form of waterproof eyeliner that has appeared on the market in recent years is gel eyeliner. Although using it will bring more beautiful eye effects. But it also brings many great disadvantages to those who are getting eyelash extensions. So it’s not for us eyelash extension users

best eyeliner for lash extensions
Choose liquid eyeliner, powder eyeliner or oil-free eyeliner to protect your eyelash extension

Best eyeliner for lash extensions

Next I will talk about the types of eyeliner that can be used when applying eyelash extensions. When choosing eyeliner to enhance the beauty of your eyes after eyelash extensions, carefully check if the type of eyeliner you intend to buy is among the types I mentioned below. If so, that’s a great choice.

Liquid eyeliner

The first is liquid eyeliner, also known as ‘ink pencil’. It is often produced in the form of a crayon that children often draw with or can also be in the form of a gel bottle (but the ingredients of this eyeliner for eyelash extensions are not the same as waterproof gel eyeliner). This type of eyeliner sticks easily with just gentle strokes. It does not cause pulling or strong rubbing on the eyelids, so it will not cause pressure to break or fall out. It is also designed with ingredients that last longer so they can be easily washed offwith just warm water. As for this type of eyeliner for eyelash extension, although it cannot be said that it is the best eyeliner for lash extensions, it is still worth using.

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Powder eyeliner

The second type of eyeliner for eyelash extension users that I’m talking about is powder eyeliner. It is one of the friendliest friends for eyelash extensions. It is usually produced as a black pressed powder and applied to the eyes with a thin brush. This type of eyeliner can be quite difficult to use if you are using it for the first time. But once you get used to using the brush, you may discover more interesting ways to use this eyeliner for eyelash extensions.

best eyeliner for lash extensions
Powder eyeliner is one of the best eyeliner for lash extensions

Oil-free eyeliner for lash extensions

And finally I will talk about the best eyeliner for lash extensions. This is the type of eyeliner that I like the most. It’s called water based eyeliner or oil-free eyeliner for lash extensions. When talking about this type of eyeliner, we can think of eyeliners from many famous brands such as Essence, Bobby Brown or Nars. These big brands have many types of water-based eyeliner for us to choose from. Its characteristic is that it does not contain any oil ingredients, so there is no fear of damaging the glue bond of eyelash extensions. They are also optimized for adhesion but still wash off easily with specialized makeup remover for eyelash extensions.

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In short, using eyeliner for eyes with eyelash extensions is completely possible. But what is the best eyeliner for lash extensions? We need to learn and consider carefully before buying and using. We need to avoid eyeliners that contain oil and are waterproof to maximize protection for eyelash extensions. Types of eyeliner that are more suitable for eyelash extensions are oil-free eyeliner for lash extensions, and types that are easy to clean. Famous cosmetic brands produce a wide variety of eyeliner for eyelash extension users. So before buying, ask the salesperson or consider carefully yourself. Hope you find an eyeliner that suits you. Please leave a comment about which types of eyeliner you like and are good for eyelash extensions so I can know more! And now goodbye!

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