A guide for you: how to remove waterproof mascara

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog today. As usual, in this blog, I will write about tips and guides related to eyelash care and eyelash extensions. The topics of my articles usually encompass several issues regarding eyelashes that many people have commented on or asked me about. And in today’s post, I will discuss a guide on how to remove waterproof mascara. We often prefer waterproof mascara because it’s long-lasting, right? But when it comes to removing it, it’s a different story. Many people end up damaging their lashes, eyelids, and even their eyes while removing waterproof mascara. So, why is waterproof mascara so difficult to remove? And what is the best way to remove waterproof mascara? I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching through books, articles, and consulting my makeup and beauty expert friends, so let’s explore these questions together in today’s post!

how to remove waterproof mascara
Waterproof mascara is often more difficult to remove than regular mascara. How to remove it effectively?

Chemical composition of waterproof mascara remover

You might be surprised by this information. Mascara dates back to the 19th century. It was used by women as a favorite beauty tool to enhance their eyes and make their eyelashes look more youthful. Nowadays, based on their ingredients, mascara can be divided into two types: regular mascara and waterproof mascara. The difference between these two types lies in their chemical composition. 

The basic ingredients of mascara are black pigment from carbon, a polymer layer to form a film that covers the eyelashes, water and waxes to create consistency and glue for the mascara to adhere well. As for waterproof mascara, there will be no water in its ingredients but instead a mixture of water and oil. This ingredient makes mascara waterproof, difficult to be washed away by water or normal sweat, and difficult to peel off. Therefore, conventional removers will not be able to remove this mascara. 

So how to remove waterproof mascara? The answer is that we must choose a makeup remover with special ingredients to remove these stubborn mascaras. Waterproof makeup remover often contains oil to help remove waterproof makeup more gently.

How to choose a safe waterproof mascara remover

how to remove waterproof mascara
Whether you use waterproof mascara or not, you should use a specialized eye makeup remover

I know that many of you often have the habit of using the same makeup remover for your face, lips and eyes. But it’s not like natural cosmetic companies come up with different formulas for makeup remover products for eyes and lips than for facial skin. Each skin area we remove makeup has a different characteristic, so the manufacturer’s goal is to provide the most suitable and safest product for each skin area. 

In my opinion, whether you use waterproof mascara or not, the first thing you should think about when asking how to remove waterproof mascara should be to choose mascara specifically for eyes. To choose a good waterproof mascara remover, you should pay attention to products from major brands that have been recognized as effective by many people such as SHU, Shiseido, Nars,… Eye makeup removers with natural ingredients. , leaning towards moisturizing, shrinking pores should also be considered more.

how to remove waterproof mascara
How to get off waterproof mascara steps by steps

How to remove waterproof mascara steps by steps

Waterproof mascara is often suitable for people who work all day long or often sweat and don’t have time to reapply mascara. But that’s also why it’s so difficult to clean. The mascara layer will stick tightly to the eyelids and cannot be removed with regular makeup remover and facial cleanser. So what are the different steps to clean waterproof mascara? Please continue reading the following 3 steps!

Step 1: Use warm water

You need a clean cotton towel and enough warm water. Use water around 35-40 degrees to suit the eye area. Because the skin around the eyes is quite thin, heat perception will also be more sensitive than the hands. This means that if you test the water with your hand and it feels right, it may be a little too hot for your eyes. Wet the prepared clean towel then cover your eyes and let your eyes rest for 1 minute. This time is when the oil ingredients in mascara will dissolve and begin to separate from our eyelashes.

Step 2. Use cotton swabs and cotton balls

In this step, you need a cotton ball or makeup remover pad. You will place this cotton pad on the lower eyelid of your eye and close your eyes. This is to prevent the melted mascara on the upper lashes from sticking to the eye skin below, reducing the need for you to clean this area later. Then you need to add a cotton swab. Use a cotton swab to gently brush from the roots to the tips of the eyelashes. Brush gently and slowly until most of the mascara dissolved by the heat in the previous step is removed. Then remove the cotton pad from under your eyes. At this point, most of the mascara is almost removed.

Bước 3: Use waterproof mascara remover

At this time, although all the mascara on the eyelashes has been wiped away, it is not completely clean. There is still quite a lot of mascara on the eyelashes and especially on the roots because this is the most difficult area to remove. So how to remove waterproof mascara in these locations. This is where your remover comes into play. Put a sufficient amount of waterproof mascara remover on a cotton pad and gently massage around your eyes again. This step not only removes excess residue left on the eyelashes, but also helps remove dirt around the eyes. At this point, you can finish removing makeup by washing your face, then drying it and using a little lash serum to nourish and care for your eyelashes. I have an article on how to make great lash serum at home. You can refer to making your own bottle of lash serum for daily use!

What should be noted in the steps on how to remove waterproof mascara?

Many of you have also done the 3 steps of makeup removal for waterproof mascara, which are quite standard, but the results are not as expected. They lost their eyelashes after removing makeup, had skin irritation around their eyes, and many people also had red, irritated and itchy eyes. The reason why? That’s because you haven’t paid attention to the following important details. The first step is to brew with warm water. As I said, you must prepare the water carefully. Water that is too cold will not have enough heat to melt the mascara. But if it’s too hot, it will harm your eyes and eyelashes. Second, when using makeup remover cotton, it must be a specialized type for eyes, or a good type of cotton that does not fray and lose fibers when used. Poor quality cotton often frays when we use it, causing the hairs to fly into our eyes or get stuck in our eyelashes. When mixed with water, the mascara will dissolve and form clumps. Many people would use their hands to pull these lumps out but they don’t. That’s a mistake. Pulling by hand can cause your eyelashes to fall out. And the important thing I have to repeat again is that the eye skin is very thin, so when wiping your eyes with makeup remover, be very gentle.

how to remove waterproof mascara
Let’s see what beauty experts recommend when using mascara

Professional advices

Q: I have eyelash extensions, should I use waterproof mascara?

A: The expert answer is no. You already know that mascara contains oil. But as I have said very clearly in a few previous blog posts, the ingredients of eyelash extension glue are very oil-phobic. When encountering oil-based products, the bonds in the glue will become loose and the eyelash extensions will fall off quickly. Therefore, the advice of beauty experts is to choose a style of eyelash extensions according to your style, accentuating the fullness and thickness of the eyelashes like when using mascara, not using mascara with eyelash extensions. It will be a terrible experience.


So I have outlined the important steps on how to remove waterproof mascara. In each step I have explained in quite detail and also highlighted the notes and mistakes that people often make when removing makeup with waterproof mascara. Pay attention to choosing quality products for your beauty routine. Quality mascara, quality remover and even quality makeup remover cotton. One thing I want to remind you of is to be careful and gentle with all makeup removal steps so as not to damage your eyes. 

By the way, I also want to say that not only is it necessary to remove makeup when using waterproof mascara, but even if you wear eyelash extensions, you should also remove makeup every day with specialized makeup remover to protect your beauty. 

Today’s article is already long. If readers have any questions about the steps on how to take off waterproof mascara, please leave a comment or send us an email. Also, try applying my steps and tips now to see if they work. And don’t forget to share with your friends and relatives if you find this article useful. Goodbye and see you next time.

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