How Long Do Lash Extensions Take? A Comprehensive Guide

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then lash extensions are the ornate curtains that beautifully frame them. If you’re curious about the time it takes to achieve those envy-inducing, luscious lashes, then you’ve come to the right place. This article is your golden ticket to understanding everything you need to know about the age-old question: “How long do lash extensions take?” 

So, sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey filled with insights, expert advice, and the wonders of lash extensions.

How long does a beautiful set of eyelashes usually take to complete
How long does a beautiful set of eyelashes usually take to complete

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions offer a fantastic way to enhance your natural beauty and elevate your overall look with confidence! However, before taking the leap and investing in eyelash extensions, it’s essential to grasp the details involved.

Consider factors like the time required for the application process and the associated cost commitment. Researching the application procedure will also prove beneficial.

Remember that maintaining eyelash extensions typically demands special care, including regular touch-ups and the use of specific lash aftercare products like extension-friendly mascara removers.

Ultimately, eyelash extensions can truly transform your appearance, but for a successful experience, ensure you gather all the necessary information beforehand!

How Long Do Lash Extensions Take?

When it comes to the duration of lash extensions appointment, two key factors plays a significant role:

01: The Technique for Different Lashes

There is an array of lash extension techniques, each offering its unique appeal. The popular options include classic lashes, hybrid lashes and volume lashes. The technique chosen depends on the level of volume and length you desire to add to your natural lashes. 

Different types of eyelash extensions take different time to do 
Different types of eyelash extensions take different time to do

Classic Eyelash Extensions: This technique involves applying an individual lash extension to each natural lash, achieving a 1:1 ratio. The process typically requires applying 50 to 80 lashes per eye, providing a natural yet captivating look. The application time for classic lashes ranges 90 to 120 minutes, depending on the desired outcome and the expertise of the lash technician. 

Volume Eyelash Extensions: For a bolder and more dramatic effect, volume eyelash extensions are the go-to choice. While the application process takes 120 to 180 minutes, the results are long-lasting and eliminate the need for additional makeup. 

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02: The Type of Eyelash Extension Appointment 

The duration of your lash appointment also depends on whether you are getting a full set or a refill 

Full Set: A full set appointment marks the beginning of your lash journey. Whether you got classic or volume lashes, this initial application involves attaching extensions to all suitable natural lashes. The time taken varies based on the technique and your natural lash count, normally it 

Refill: After your initial appointment, you will need regular refills to maintain the fullness of your lashes as they shed naturally. Refill appointments take less time compared to full sets since they involve replacing lost extensions.

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To summarize and facilitate easy recall, you can refer to the following table:

How Long Do Lash Appointments Take?  Full Set Refill
Classic Lashes  90 to 120 minutes 30 to 60 minutes
Hybrid Lashes 90 to 150 minutes 60 to 90 minutes
Volume Lashes 120 to 180 minutes 60 to 90 minutes

Exploring Other Contributing Factors

Beyond the primary factors, other elements come into play during the lash application process:

  • The Health of Your Natural Lashes: The condition of your natural lashes influences the application time and the number of extensions that can be safely applied.
  • Your Eye Shape: Lash technicians consider your eye shape to customize the extensions, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances your natural beauty.
  • Eye Makeup: Arriving for your appointment without eye makeup helps save time, allowing the technician to start the process promptly.
  • Lash Style Requested: Specific lash styles may require additional time and meticulous precision to achieve the desired effect.
  • Clean Lashes: Prepping your lashes by keeping them clean ensures better adhesion and a seamless application.
  • The Lash Artist’s Skills: An experienced and skilled lash artist is essential for both safety and achieving stunning results, particularly for volume eyelash extensions.

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Health of natural lashes can influence the application time during lash extensions
Health of natural lashes can influence the application time during lash extensions

How Long Does an Eyelash Appointment Take for the Beginner? 

For beginners in the field of eyelash extensions, the appointment lengths will typically be longer compared to experienced stylists who have mastered the precise application techniques.

Since beginners are still honing their skills, they will require more time to complete the same tasks as experienced stylists. Additionally, new stylists may need extra time for lash consultations to understand the client’s preferences and ensure they are satisfied with the chosen lash style before proceeding with the application.

On average, a beginner will take around 120 to 180 minutes to apply a full set of classic eyelash extensions. Refill appointments, where extensions are applied to maintain the fullness of the lashes, will take about 60 minutes for beginners. This additional time allows the beginner stylist to carefully and accurately apply enough extensions to achieve the desired look.

As beginners gain more experience and refine their skills, their appointment times are likely to become more efficient and closer to the average appointment lengths discussed earlier for experienced stylists. With practice and dedication, beginner stylists can achieve the same level of precision and speed as their experienced counterparts in the eyelash extension industry.

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How To Reduce Your Eyelash Extensions Application Time?

Eyelash extensions are a fabulous way to enhance your eyes and achieve a glamorous look. If you’re looking to save time during the application process, follow these simple tips to expedite the procedure and enjoy your stunning lashes even sooner:

  1. Assure Your Natural Lashes Are Clean

Before your eyelash extension appointment, make sure your natural lashes are clean and free from any makeup or oils. Avoid wearing any eye makeup to your appointment, and if you have any makeup residue, use a gentle makeup remover to clean your eye area beforehand. Clean lashes provide a better surface for the lash extensions to adhere to, eliminating the need for the lash artist to provide a lash bath before starting the application. By arriving with clean lashes, you’ll save time and expedite the overall process.

  1. Refrain from Drinking Caffeine Before the Appointment

Caffeine can make some clients feel uneasy or restless, which might lead to fidgeting during the lash application. Additionally, caffeine consumption can cause eyelid twitching, making it challenging for the lash artist to work precisely and efficiently. To ensure a smooth and calm appointment, try to avoid consuming caffeinated beverages before your eyelash extension service. By doing so, you’ll prevent any unnecessary interruptions or delays during the application process.

  1. Follow Aftercare Instructions

To maintain your eyelash extensions’ longevity and appearance, follow the aftercare instructions provided by your lash artist. Proper aftercare ensures your lashes stay in top condition, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups or replacements, which can save you time and money in the long run.

Final Thought 

Lash extensions are a true testament to the artistry and skill that lies within the beauty industry. With their ability to enhance your natural beauty and elevate your confidence, it’s no wonder lash extensions have become a sought-after trend. I’m delighted to shed light on the question, “How long does it take to get lashes done?” Now, armed with this knowledge, you can confidently step into the world of lash extensions, knowing the secrets to achieving those mesmerizing, fluttering lashes you’ve always dreamed of.

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