Order & Payment Policy

At Vietnam Lash Factory, we always strive to provide our customers with convenience through various secure payment methods. Each country has its own money transfer methods, so we offer multiple options for our customers. Get in touch with our sales specialist for detailed guidance on how to make payments for your orders. Our team is always ready to answer any questions related to your payment transactions and will assist you in ensuring the most accurate and efficient payment process possible.

WhatsApp Ms.Anna: +84976528235

Order process

Step 1: Consulting

Firstly, please contact our Sales Agent to send the order list. Our Sales Agent will provide consultation and then proceed to generate an invoice. Make sure to double-check the invoice as well as take your budget into consideration in order to confirm your order.

Step 2: Payment

Our Sales Agent will send you information on all the payment methods available, you will then choose the method that is most suitable. As soon as we receive your money, we will start producing and customizing the items according to your requests.

Step 3: Producing

The production time will vary for each order. The Sales Agent will notify you of the exact production time after you place an order.

Step 4: Checking & packaging

After the manufacturing process finishes, we will double-check the quality of the products. Once they are confirmed to meet the standard, we will do the packaging.

Step 5: Pay the remaining fee

For orders in bulk or for customers choosing to pay the shipping fee afterward, we will notify the customers of the shipping fee charged after having the weight and sizes of the packages. In other words, the customers will pay the remaining fee for their orders.

Step 6: Shipping

After you make full payment for your order, we will ship your packages from Vietnam to your address and give you a tracking number to follow.


Shipping Policy

When your order is ready, our staff will take photos of your order for checking and further payment is required for shipping.  After you make full payment for your order, we will ship your package from Vietnam to your address.


We provide various types of shipping services worldwide, depending on your preferences. Now, we are connected with all trusted global carriers (DHL, FedEx, UPS) and other partners (AIR CARGO, SEAWAY).

Shipping time: It always takes 3-7 working days for shipping your order. After shipping your order, we will provide a “tracking number” for you. Please keep track of your order on the carrier’s system, if there is any problem with your order, please contact hotline and ask us if you need any support: +84924851724

If the shipment is delayed beyond the agreed deadline, Vietnam Lash will either refund the value of the lashes or compensate the customer with 0.5% * Order Value/Day (not exceeding 10% of the order value). This policy only applies to refunds for merchandise, excluding refunds for labels and packaging.

International Tax and Duty

Our Vietnam Lash Company will take responsibility for the tax and duty of your order in Vietnam. Customers are responsible to pay any applicable inbound duties, taxes, and others in your country.


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