Distinguish between lash fill-in and full set lash – things you may not know

What does the term “lash fill-in” mean? How are eyelash fills performed? What sets apart a complete set from a lash fill-in and full set eyelash? 

In this blog post, we will discuss distinguishing between lash fill-in and full set lash, determining the appropriate timing for a fill, and the necessary steps involved in performing a refill.

What are full-set eyelashes?

A full set of lash extensions serves as your initial or beginner’s set. It is recommended for individuals who are new to lash extensions.

When you opt for a full set, our skilled technicians will thoroughly cover and customize your lash line with extensions, tailored to your chosen application style. Whether you prefer classic or volume lashes, our stylists will carefully apply between 60 to 120 extensions on each eye, seamlessly blending them with your natural lashes.

Typically, the application process for a full set of eyelash extensions takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. However, the duration may vary slightly based on factors such as the number of your natural lashes, the chosen application method, and the specific lash look you desire.

Lash fill in – a new concept for most of newbies

If you’re new to the world of eyelash extensions, the term “lash fill in” may be unfamiliar to you. Fear not, we’re here to shed light on this new concept and explain its significance. Let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of eyelash extension fill.

lash fill
application of fresh lash extensions to the client’s natural lashes as the old ones naturally shed

Make clear about lash fill in

Lash fill in involves the application of fresh lash extensions to the client’s natural lashes as the old ones naturally shed. This process helps maintain a full and appealing lash appearance. 

Ideally, clients should schedule fill appointments every 2 to 3 weeks. However, if there is a longer interval between fills, it may take more time to complete the fill due to the increased number of lashes to be filled.

Why should we need lash fill in periodically ?

When your lash extensions start to grow out, the bond between the extension and your natural lashes becomes weaker. To prevent any potential damage, it is highly recommended to remove the extensions once they have grown out too far and replace them with a new set to protect your natural lashes.

Refills are intended to address any noticeable spaces that occur as lash extensions naturally shed. Over time, the bond between your natural lashes and the eyelash extensions weakens due to factors like oil or impurities. Around the three-week mark, this bond becomes less stable and is prone to detachment. Consequently, we recommend avoiding refills after the three-week period, as a significant number of extensions are likely to fall out within the following week.

In addition, after week 3, it is advisable for salons to charge clients for a full set of eyelashes. 

Therefore, lashing in about 3 weeks will save you quite a bit of money instead of a full set eyelashes.

Eyelashes after performing lash fill in
Eyelashes after performing lash fill in: still as beautiful and impressive as the first time done with full set extension

Distinguish between lash fill vs full set

For beginner lash users, deciding between doing a full set eyelashes or lash fill in can be a challenging and debated topic. Lash fill in, in particular, presents a unique set of difficulties for those starting out in the field.

Lash fill vs full set of eyelashes are two distinct services in the world of eyelash extensions.

A lash fill in, also known as a refill, is performed on clients who already have lash extensions. It involves adding new extensions to fill in the gaps created as the old extensions naturally shed. Lash fills are typically recommended every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain the desired fullness and appearance of the lashes. This service is ideal for clients who want to extend the lifespan of their lash extensions and keep them looking fresh.

On the other hand, a full set of eyelashes is a service provided to clients who do not have any existing lash extensions. It involves applying a complete set of extensions to enhance the length, volume, and overall look of the natural lashes. This process requires more time and effort compared to a lash fill, as it involves attaching extensions to each individual natural lash.

Full set eyelash extension can apply for most of clients but lash fill in is not

This is because lash refills can have some contraindications.

As professionals in the eyelash industry, we advise against lash fill in when your client has fewer than 40% of their previous lash extensions remaining. The reason behind this is that performing eyelash extension fill would require a similar amount of time as completing a full set. The process involves removing any sticky residue, preparing the lashes, and ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned before applying new extensions.

Lash fill in with volume fans lash
This is a picture of a customer using volume mink fans to refill, you can see that the lashes are still beautiful and full

In cases where clients have a significant number of sticky residues on their lashes, it becomes necessary to meticulously remove them one by one using the banana peel method. This process can be time-consuming, and if there is a substantial amount of stickies present, it may be more convenient to remove the entire set of extensions and begin afresh.

If a client requests a different lash mapping or style, it is not recommended to proceed with lash fill in. For instance, if a client arrives with a previous full set of volume lashes but desires a wispy look, it is advisable to communicate with the client and suggest removing the existing full set eyelashes. Starting afresh and creating a new set of perfectly tailored wispy volume lashes would be a more suitable approach in this scenario.

The step to do lash fill in

Now, let’s discuss the recommended steps to follow when performing lash fill in on one of your regular clients who maintains good lash health and takes proper care of their lashes. 

4 important pre- steps to perfect lash fill in

  • If you observe a significant presence of sticky residues on your client’s lashes, indicating a buildup of excess adhesive, first let remove it.  This process should generally take around 10-15 minutes, although the exact duration may vary depending on the specific circumstances.
  • Second, it is crucial to bear in mind the importance of cleaning the lashes using lash foam shampoo and ensuring a thorough rinse before proceeding to apply the primer. Utilizing a micro brush, directly apply the primer to the client’s lashes. This step effectively eliminates any oils present on the lashes, ultimately enhancing the retention of the extensions for the client.
  • Third, eliminate any lashes that have extended beyond 2-3 millimeters. Leaving these overgrown lashes unattended can lead to discomfort and potential damage to the natural lashes as they may twist and cause complications.
  • And finally, thoroughly dry the lashes using a fan, a process that typically takes only 2 or 3 minutes. Once the lashes are fully dried, you are ready to commence with the lash refill procedure. 

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4 targets of lash fill in

  • Clean up remaining eyelash extensions on your eyes. This involves untangling and realigning any twisted extensions, separating clumped lashes with a spoolie brush. This step ensures a clean and organized base for the refill process to achieve optimal results.
  • Remove the lashes which will fall out as nature. By removing these lashes, you make room for lash fill in, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking result.
  • It is essential to identify and remove any lashes with weak bonding. These are lashes where the extension may be loosening or not properly adhered to the natural lash. Removing weak bonding lashes ensures a more durable and long-lasting lash fill in.
  • Address and fix any noticeable gaps or cavities between the client’s natural lashes and the lash extensions. This meticulous step ensures a flawless and voluminous appearance for the client’s lash fill in.


It is prioritized eyelash extensions because of the personalization they bring, whether you’re getting your initial full set or coming in for your 100th refill.

The skilled stylist is dedicated to helping you achieve your desired lash look, whether you prefer a more natural appearance or want to go all out with ultra-glamorous lashes. Remember, it all begins with a full set of eyelashes, and from there, you can experiment, embrace your unique style, and maintain your eyelash extension to ensure you always look your best. 

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