Warranty Policy

We guarantee to supply the right item and premium quality lashes for our customers. However, we cannot avoid situations where customers have problems when receiving goods. So we have a warranty policy to best support customers as below:

1. Warranty time

Customers must inform faulty or not as ordered goods within the stipulated time from the day you receive the package. For detail:

  • 7 days for quantity, visual defects such as broken boxes, scratches, messy of lash’s line.
  • 28 days for quality.
  • 6 months for lash curl.

2. Warranty cases

  • Customers take photos and videos of all defective or problematic goods.
  • The response time for defective goods is in accordance with the company’s warranty time.
  • For quantity and visual defects, the goods must be kept in unused condition before being sent back.
  • Goods must be carefully repackaged again before sending back.
  • Products are returned and received by our company

Specific term:
Vietnam Lash won’t support with warranty policy for goods if the above conditions are not met.

3. Warranty process

  • Step 1: Customers inform about conditions of goods to our sales agent or customer service department hotline (+84 924 851 724), include photos and videos of the false goods.
  • Step 2: After checking, we will reply as soon as possible by advising the best suitable solution for the customer so you could avoid damage as much. After that, we will give you more details for sending goods back, return terms and conditions due to the level of defect in goods.
  • Step 3: Customers ship the goods back to our factory and pay for the shipping fee. If the fault is from our factory, we will pay you that shipping fee when we receive goods.
  • Step 4: After receiving goods, our quality control department will check. If the fault belongs to our factory, we will be responsible for exchanging new products as the defective ones without any charges or customers will get a refund. If not, customers will pay fully for reproduction fee & shipping fee.

Specific term:
Vietnam Lash won’t take responsibility for refunding or exchanging if the faults or damage comes from other sides like carriers, customers.


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