Bottom Lash Extensions – Make Your Eyes Stand Out Delicately

Bottom Lash Extensions – Make Your Eyes Stand Out Delicately

You just wear bottom lash extensions and they can transform your face. Do you believe it? This article will prove that all our words above are true. Let’s dive into the post now!

Getting bottom lash extensions is always an exciting experience for those who are wearing the lower extensions for the first time. Believe us, no matter whether you are attaching top lashes or bottom lashes, they are truly transformative. Your eyelash extensions can make your eyes more open, and your original lashes will become thicker and longer. You can choose a natural look or a dramatic look; it’s up to you. However, not every client is offered to wear lower lashes as they require advanced skills to attach lashes to clients’ faces. Therefore, this is a good chance for both lash artists and customers to learn more about this kind of lash extension. Don’t waste any of your valuable time. Let’s get started.

Wearing lower lash extensions will offer you a balanced look
Wearing lower lash extensions will offer you a balanced look

Overview Of Bottom Lash Extensions  

Bottom lash extensions, as the name suggests, are eyelash extensions that are applied to your lower lashes. If you are a fan of top lashes, you should try to wear the lower ones for the following reasons:

  • Your eyes will become bigger: There are many advantages to attaching lower lash extensions, but we think the most significant one is that they will make your eyes more open and bigger in a natural way. If you have sparse bottom lashes, attaching several under lash extensions will increase volume and give you a doe-eyed appearance.
  • Build a more natural look: It is fine if you just apply for top eyelash extensions, but we ensure that attaching the bottom extensions will disappoint you. They will create a symmetrical look and make the entire appearance more balanced, which can be flattering.
  • Elongate your face: When people look at your face, the first thing they see might be your eyes. Having long and thick bottom lash extensions can help to slim down your face and bring you a delicate look.

Here are some features of lower lash extensions you should know. However, not everyone can wear them. Do you know who they are? The next part will erase your wonders.

Who Should Get Lower Extensions?

Almost everyone can apply for bottom lash extensions, yet they will be more glamorous if they wear them on some special occasions. Are you curious about this?

Fake lower lashes will save brides from embarrassing raccoon eyes after crying
Fake lower lashes will save brides from embarrassing raccoon eyes after crying
  • Mega volume lash customers: In case applying mega volume lashes makes your clients look a little bit dramatic, you can suggest they attach the bottom ones. The lower lashes can balance their look thanks to the symmetrical effect. They will also enhance the top lashes.
  • Brides: In any marriage ceremony, brides will cry so adding a few bottom lash extensions is a wise choice. They not only enhance the bride’s beautiful look but also protect her face from embarrassing raccoon eyes after crying. 
  • Mascara-loving people: We understand that some clients cannot go out without mascara on the bottom lashes. In urgent cases, this process takes some time. Moreover, mascara is not friendly with lash extensions and can harm retention. Wearing bottom lash extensions is an ideal choice to avoid the clumping of mascara debris together with the top lashes. You will not need mascara anymore.
  • People with properly long bottom lashes: If the lower lashes are too short or too long, bottom lash extensions will not work. The moderately long bottom lashes are perfect for attaching lower eyelash extensions since they will light up the client’s face in a subtle way.
  • Wide-set eyes: If people with wide-set eyes wear upper and lower lash extensions, the middle of their eyes can benefit from that. They will elongate and add depth to the eyes.

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Who Shouldn’t Get Under Lash Extensions?

Besides clients who will be more beautiful when wearing bottom lash extensions, there are a few cases you should not attach lower lashes. If you have straight-up natural lower lashes, bottom eyelash extensions can interfere with your vision and make you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, having too short and sparse lower lashes is not a good condition to wear bottom eyelash extensions. The retention will be short and your look will not be natural. The long lower lashes are not good either. Your lashes can look cartoonish-like or overdone. If you have the bottom lashes pointing upwards, it will be very hard to attach lash extensions. If you still want to wear extensions, you should not expect a natural result. We suggest you use a lash lift on the bottom lashes instead. The elderly should not get bottom lash extensions since the skin around their eyes is thinner and looser, which leads to drooping eyes or overhanging eyelids. Therefore, wearing lower lashes will be quite aesthetically pleasing. 

Detailed Guide To Apply Bottom Lash Extensions

Applying bottom lash extensions will change your thoughts about lash extensions only for top lashes. Even when you have lush and natural lashes, you will get a big aesthetic boost from attaching both upper and lower lashes. The lower eyelash extension application process is quite similar to the upper, yet in reverse. Let’s see step-by-step instructions!

Apply Bottom Lash Extensions
Apply Bottom Lash Extensions

How Do Bottom Lash Extensions Work?

Applying bottom lash extensions takes less time compared to the upper ones. Your lower natural eyelashes are developing downwards towards the skin, and the bottom eyelash extensions will be attached in the same direction. Can you imagine that? That means the curl of eyelash extensions will embrace the original lashes closely, and both of them will be facing downwards towards the skin.  Almost everyone has fewer bottom lashes than top lashes, so you need fewer eyelash extensions. Normally, lash artists will add 15–30 lower eyelash extensions per eye. However, the exact figure will depend on the density of each customer’s original lashes. 

Step-by-Step Application Instructions For Lower Eyelash Extensions

Are you curious about the instructions for applying bottom eyelash extensions? This section will show you step by step in this process.

Step 1: Choose the Right Lashes

This first step is really important. You have to pick the right lashes for your clients. The bottom lashes are thinner, shorter, and less curled than the top ones. Therefore, you should determine how much weight the natural lower lashes can support since using lighter or heavier lash extensions will ruin the client’s natural look.. You can use mink or synthetic lower eyelash extensions. We will suggest the lengths, curls, and diameters that we usually choose for our customers. You can apply a few lashes (2-3) per one lower lash for a lower lash volume set. 

  • Lengths: We expect the client’s original lashes will be extended by 1–1.5 mm, so the lengths of lash extensions should range from 5-7 mm. If the lashes are too long, they might lose their natural look.
  • Curl: Type B or J is suitable.
  • Diameter: Your clients never want to wear big lashes, so the appropriate diameter is between 0.05 and 0.07 mm.

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Step 2: Prepare Your Eyes

You will find the preparation steps for your bottom lashes are quite different from the upper lashes. Our mission is to do the best for you and your clients, so please follow the steps carefully.

  • You should use an eye pad to pull up the upper lashes to prevent them from interfering with the bottom ones. You have to ensure the top lashes completely expose the lower ones. You can also use micropore tape instead of eye pads. You have to layer 2 strips of tape with the glue parts facing each other. You should use a little bit of a sticky side since if you stick the upper lashes too tight, you can accidentally rip off the top eyelash extensions when getting rid of the tape.
  • For bottom lashes, you also have to position an under-eye pad. The bottom lashes should be exposed and laid on the pad neatly. You can use a soft patch or tape, which is stretchier and thinner, to fix the bottom lashes. No matter which tools you use, the view of the lower lashes should be clear with the white backdrop of the eye pad so that you can proceed with the task smoothly.
  • Don’t forget to add a touch of primer to your bottom lashes as they are affected by facial oil more simply and more directly than the top lashes. The priming process is the same as for the top lashes.

position an under eye pad

Notes: There must be something to place under the bottom lashes to avoid the sharp tweezer ends that can poke clients’ faces. Never ask customers to open their eyes while proceeding. Why? If they open their eyes, they are easily exposed to formaldehyde fumes, which can cause irritation and other problems.

Step 3: Select Your Extensions

After the 2 previous steps, you are ready to apply the bottom lash extension to your clients. You can flip the lash tray upside down for a more effortless application. Remember to follow the curve and growth direction of the original lashes that are growing downwards towards the skin. You have to make sure all the lashes are going in the same direction. One tip for you is that you can combine different lengths of extensions to achieve a staggered look. If your clients want a uniform look, you can use the same lengths. It is up to your customers.

Step 4: Apply Lower Lash Extensions.

When you pick and flip your lash extension, you can go ahead with isolating the original lower lashes you want to add the extensions to. You will dip the lash extensions in glue and attach them as you did for the top ones. You should appreciate the strength of the natural lashes instead of forcing them to bear the weight of extensions.

Step 5: Continue Applying Until All Extensions Have Been Completed

You have to continue applying the bottom lash extensions. You should keep the inner corners shorter than the outer ones. After all the lash extensions are in place, you can use a small brush to comb them so that they follow in the same direction. Since the bottom lashes are fewer than the upper ones, it just takes you around 30 minutes to finish the application process.

Tweezers And Glue Suitable For Attaching Lower Eyelash Extensions

For easy picking up and sticking the bottom lash extensions, you should know which tweezers are appropriate. To isolate the lashes, a curved-tip tweezer will be easy to use. The curved tip tweezers will give you good visibility to pick up and position extensions. Some people prefer to use straight tweezers to have a better angle for extension placement. The roots of the lower extensions are more visible than the top ones. Hence, we recommend you use an adhesive with a thin viscosity to stick them. If you use glue with a thick viscosity, the result might be untidy. 

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choose the right tweezers
choose the right tweezers

The Lifespan of Bottom Lid Eyelash Extensions

Besides a lot of advantages, we have to admit that the only downside of lower eyelash extensions is their durability. The bottom extensions can last for about 1-2 weeks without retouching. When clients wash and rub their faces, the lower lashes seem to be the first ones to go. The reason is that your bottom lids get a lot of tears and wear. But don’t worry, we have some suggestions to help you extend the life of your bottom lash extensions. Let’s explore. 

Tips To Extend The Life Of Eyelashes Bottom Lids

You have to follow rules for the aftercare of your bottom lash extension as for the upper ones. You should keep them dry for the first 24 hours after the lash appointment. You should stay away from long showers, crying, steam, and swimming. To keep your bottom lashes always in good condition, you have to infill them regularly. As you know, residue, oils, dust, and sebum are enemies of lash extensions, so make sure you clean or wash them frequently. If not, they will infect or damage your natural lashes.

Choosing cleansers carefully and learning how to clean your lashes appropriately are must-dos while wearing lash extensions. The ideal cleansers are specially designed formulas such as micellar water, lash foam, and brushes. Don’t rub your eyes as it will cause extension breakage. Never apply mascara or oil-based products, and remember to brush your lashes in one direction at least once a day. Brushing up and down can harm your lashes, such as breaking them off and creating friction. Pat the lashes dry before brushing. If your lashes get wet, they will become super vulnerable.


Remove Lower Lash Extensions

The removal process of bottom lash extensions is quite similar to the top ones. However, to avoid having removers exposed to your eyes, you should come to lash professionals instead of doing that by yourself at home. Here are some steps the lash experts will take to remove extensions. 

  • Apply eyelash extension remover: These products should not be used at home on your own. The lash artists will use it to dissolve the lash adhesive promptly. 
  • Position an under-eye pad to protect the skin.
  • Experts will use a micro swab to apply the lash adhesive remover.
  • Wait for several minutes to let the remover work on the glue. The artists will eliminate the extensions with a swap or tweezers.
  • After the extensions are removed completely, they will clean your lashes carefully to ensure there is no residue left.
  • The last step is to dry and brush your lashes to keep them in place. 

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The Cost of Bottom Lash Extensions

The price of applying bottom eyelash extensions varies based on the salons, lash artists, and the number of lashes applied. You should not expect a fixed price for this service. However, to help you prepare well before scheduling an eyelash extension appointment, we can say that the cost for the lower lash extensions usually ranges from $50 to $100 This charge is not applied uniformly to all customers because their lashing conditions vary. Usually, the experts will apply 15–30 extensions per eye. Sometimes this figure can be less or more, and the cost is also changed. The price for lower extensions is usually lower than for upper ones. For lash salons, bottom lash extensions are an excellent add-in service you can add to the menu to serve clients more efficiently.

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Wearing bottom eyelash extensions is so comfortable. Your lashes will be extended tastefully without touching your under-eye skin. However, if you still have a few worries about that, don’t skip this FAQs section. We will answer all your questions and be always ready to answer more. 

Why Do Bottom Eyelashes Fall Out? 

There are a few bottom lashes that fall out naturally. However, if the lashes fall out more than average, you need to consider the below reasons:
1. Irritation from skincare and makeup products.
2. The oil glands are clogged near the base of the eyelashes, causing itchiness, burning with swelling of the lids, or redness.
3. Skin cancer
4. A person pulls out their eyelashes due to psychological or emotional distress.

Do Eyelash Extensions Go On Top Or Bottom?

You can wear the eyelash extensions on the top, the bottom, or the side of your original lashes. For us, we prefer to apply both top and bottom eyelash extensions for a more natural look.

Can You Wear Mascara With Bottom Eyelash Extensions? 

Normally, you can apply mascara to lower eyelash extensions. We suggest you use water-based mascara since it will be simpler for you to wash off the mascara layer.

Can You Put Individual Lashes On The Bottom?

Yes, you can put individual lashes on the bottom. As we mentioned, applying lash extensions can make your eyes more open and bigger, so don’t hesitate to wear them.

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