7 Best Eyelash Extension Wholesalers France Boosting Your Career

France is known as the fashion capital of the world. And of course, beauty and aesthetic trends are also at the forefront in this country. Therefore, when talking about eyelash extension wholesalers, it is a mistake not to mention the best eyelash extension wholesalers France. And hello everyone, today I’m here to give you a list of 7 eyelash extensions wholesalers France that are most worth using. 

Eyelash Extension wholesaler France
Eyelash Extension wholesaler France

List of 7 Eyelash Extension Wholesalers in France

As a leading country in fashion and aesthetic trends, eyelash extensions products from France will certainly have the newest and most updated styles. Therefore, this list of 8 wholesale eyelash extensions France not only meets the quality requirements of shoppers but also provides spas and retailers with the hottest trending models. Come explore with me!

1. Vietnam Lash

When talking about eyelash extensions wholesalers France, I want to introduce to you Vietnam Lash – an international brand that can ship to every countries over the world.

Vietnam Lash, whose mission is to enhance the beauty of women, has been well received and loved by customers in many parts of the world. Many spas and retailers in France also order from Vietnam Lash because of the ability to continuously supply products, diverse eyelash extension designs and excellent quality. Vietnam Lash’s eyelash extensions are made from synthetic PBT fibers imported from Korea. High quality ingredients help make eyelash extension products not only beautiful but also soft, smooth like silk and safe for the users.

98% of customers after their first purchase become attached to Vietnam Lash. They are satisfied not only because of product quality, but also the enthusiastic consulting and customer care staff. Eyelash extensions are constantly restocked to ensure the supply is not interrupted for customers. Besides eyelash extensions, Vietnam Lash also provides eyelash extension products.

A good point about Vietnam Lash is that the products are not tested on animals, which means that Vietnam Lash always promotes ethical stories, while respecting the health of users in particular and protecting the environment in general.

Vietnam Lash is always ready to ship goods to you everywhere and Vietnam Lash also has return and compensation policies for customers if the order is defective or damaged during shipping to ensure optimal benefits for customers. So, click now to chat more with Vietnam Lash’s consulting team!

Vietnam Lash – top eyelash factory in Vietnam


Address: No. 30, lane 80, Chua Lang, Lang Thuong ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi, 100000
☎Phone: +84 924 851 724

2. Jolicis Paris 

Jolicils Paris is one of the best eyelash extension wholesalers France that I will talk about. Jolicils was founded around 2010, with just over 10 years of operation, today, they have become a large and famous brand in the beauty industry. Their eyelash extension products are very diverse. The most popular products are mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes. Besides the variety of designs and colors of eyelash extensions, Jolicils Paris is also loved by retailers, especially those just starting out in this field thanks to its affordable prices. From only about 5 euros, small spas can start a business in the eyelash extension industry with quality products from eyelash extensions wholesalers France.

In addition to eyelash extension products, Jolicils Paris also provides eyelash extension glue, professional kits for lash technicians and post-extension eyelash care products.

Customers always praise Jolicils that their silk and mink eyelash extensions are soft, light while still maintaining standard curl. Startup lash techinicians also appreciate this company for its customer service and fast shipping. Don’t hesitate to become a customer of Jolicils Paris!

Jolicis Paris
Jolicis Paris

Contact at: 

Address: 63 Rue de la Tombe Issoire- 75014 Paris – France

Phone: 06 98 34 71 86

3. Lash Master Extension de cils

If you have been in the eyelash industry for a long time, you probably know Lash Master. This is not only an eyelash extensions wholesalers France but also a place to train eyelash extension artists around the world.

Lash Master’s most popular product is Russian-style volume lashes. Lash Master’s Russia volume eyelashes are naturally black and soft. Eyelashes are meticulously handcrafted by craftsmen in every detail, making customers always feel satisfied.

To own Lash Master eyelash extension products, you need to prepare about 20 euros for one product. This is not a very cheap price for retailers who want to start, but the quality is unquestionable.

Lash Master also provides eyelash making kits for lash technicians. It is a perfect kit that includes a lot of tools that other wholesale eyelash extensions France do not provide in their sets such as specialized eye makeup remover gel, eyelash extension pads, eyelash extension primer,… If you have a spa or eyelash extensions retail store with stable revenue and want to find more wholesalers, you can’t miss Lash Master!

Lash Master Extension de cils
Lash Master Extension de cils

Contact at: 

Phone: +

Email: [email protected]

4. Lash Pro Secret

Another prominent name in eyelash extensions wholesalers France is Lash Pro Secret.

When shopping at Lash Pro Secret, customers like the Eyelash extension flat ellipse product the most. This type of eyelash is made from high quality PBT fibers. The eyelashes are soft and light as air, but that doesn’t mean they lose their curl. 

On the contrary, thanks to excellent technology, these eyelashes are even curlier than regular eyelashes and can maintain that curl for a long time even if the wearer does a lot of outdoor activities.

Moreover, the base of this flat ellipse eyelash is also designed to be concave on both sides, not round like traditional eyelashes, helping to double the contact angle of the eyelashes with the eye. This makes it easier for lash techs to manipulate and the lashes adhere better.

Discerning customers are always looking for new things and they are willing to spend more money to experience new products. And Lash Pro Secret products will help spas and retailers do this, scoring points in the eyes of customers.

From only about 15 euros to own this product from lash extensions wholesale France, why not do it right away?

Lash Pro Secret
Lash Pro Secret

Contact at:

Phone:+33 0975659115

E-mail:[email protected]

5. Cils Expert 

Cils Expert is also a prominent name in best eyelash extension wholesalers France. They are a wholesaler established in 2008. With the founder’s desire to bring beauty and confidence to women, Cils Expert is the first brand to bring eyelash extensions closer to women in this country. and have gradually improved their products over time so that now Cils Expert eyelash extensions are available in many places around the world.

Customers love Cils Expert’s volume eyelash extensions, especially the mega volume models. This brand’s mega volume eyelash extensions are meticulously made from high quality fibers. When the eyelashes are applied, the eyes not only look bigger but also deeper creating an attractive look. With a cost of about 28 euros per set of eyelash extensions, lash techs have changed the appearance of customers, making them more confident and beautiful. You can also find other products from this brand such as eyelash extension kits, eyebrow products or makeup brushes.

As a lash extensions wholesale France, Cils Expert has also proven its reputation thanks to its commitment to safe international shipping. No matter where you are, they can deliver goods in the most optimal time and their secure payment policy also makes all customers happy. Please refer to Cils Expert eyelash extensions to upgrade your spa products!

Cils Expert 
Cils Expert

Contact at: 

Phone: 01 43 43 86 23

Email: [email protected]

Address: 12 rue Dugommier, PARIS 12e

6. Cils France

If Cils Expert is an eyelash extension supplier in France that popularizes eyelash extension products for French girls, then Cils France is a pioneer in the field of eyelash extensions in this country. Cils France was founded by Andrea Prince. Initially, she was a makeup artist in America, then she went to France to start her business and was the first to introduce eyelash extensions to the French market.

Cils France has many products related to eyelash extensions. In addition to eyelash extension sets, they also have kits, eyelash extension glue, makeup remover for eyelash extensions, and eyelash cleanser.

Especially their eyelash extensions have many different price segments. From 14 euros to 30 euros, spas and retailers can freely choose the design and style of eyelash extensions. Regardless of the price segment, Cils France products meet the safety, softness and gentleness of the eyelashes.

Cils France regularly has promotions or free international shipping for large orders or familiar customers. So don’t hesitate to start chatting with them to find the lash extensions wholesale France you want!

Cils France
Cils France

Contact at:

Address: 616 North Sweetzer Ave. LA. Ca.90048

Phone 310.986.0123

Email: [email protected]      

7. Store Lashes

Another eyelash extensions wholesalers France that is also quite impressive eyelash extensions wholesalers France is Store Lashes. This is a brand and wholesaler that supplies eyelashes to major spas and world-famous makeup artists. 95% of customers after purchasing Store Lash products return a second or third time because of the good product quality.

Store Lashes’ product lines are made from silk or synthetic microfibers to create eyelash extensions that meet standards of softness, ability to hold curls and are safe for the eye area – a sensitive skin area.

Eyelash extension products are priced around 20 euros. But the great thing is that there are also regular sale programs of up to 50% to encourage new customers to experience.

The most prominent and popular eyelash line of this brand is also Russian Lashes. With Russian Lashes eyelash extensions, lash technicians can upgrade their customers’ beauty, creating a depth and seductive effect on the eyes. You can choose different curvatures: C, CC, D, DD, L, L+, M in mixed or individual packaging.

Store Lashes
Store Lashes

Contact  at: 

Phone: (+33) 05 57 21 62 94


Above is a list of 7 best eyelash extension wholesalers France that you should know if you want to start a business in the eyelash industry or upgrade the product lines in your spa. These brands are carefully selected based on product quality, variety, reputation, price and customer service. Hope it will help you.

I also have guest articles about the top eyelash extension wholesalers, you can read more by clicking on our website! And now, goodbye and see you again!

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