If you’re facing challenges of …

1.Quality Concerns:

If you’re facing uncertainty about the quality of products you’re investing in, worried that subpar items could harm your business reputation and customer relationships.

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2. Unpredictable Supply Chains

If you’re dealing with the frustration of inconsistent supply chains, struggling to secure a reliable and steady source of lash products, resulting in stock shortages and disruptions.

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3. Communication Barriers

 If you’re experiencing difficulties due to language barriers, unresponsive suppliers, or delayed responses, hindering smooth transactions and leaving critical inquiries unanswered.

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4. Cost Versus Quality Dilemma

If you’re caught in the dilemma of balancing cost-effectiveness and product quality, torn between cheaper options and the fear of compromising on the excellence of the lashes.

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5. Limited Customization

If you’re finding it challenging to establish a unique brand identity because your suppliers offer limited or no options for private labeling or branding.

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6. Post-Purchase Support

 If you’re frustrated by inadequate post-purchase support, struggling to get timely assistance or resolutions to challenges encountered after receiving your orders.


Hence, finding a reliable wholesale supplier can be a daunting task. Many businesses struggle to source high-quality products, secure favorable pricing, and deal with unresponsive or unreliable suppliers. At Vietnam Lash, we understand these challenges and strive to alleviate them by offering top-quality lashes, attractive pricing options, and exceptional customer service.

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What Vietnam Lash Offers to Customers

Quality Lashes: Our lashes, expertly crafted from premium PBT fibers, offer a luxurious and soft texture, prioritizing customer safety. We pride ourselves on a remarkable 95% customer satisfaction rate, backed by a multitude of positive feedback.

Competitive Pricing: At Vietnam Lash, we understand the importance of competitive pricing for wholesalers. Our products are priced attractively from only $2.49/tray, providing you with exceptional value and a significant competitive edge in your business.

Customer-Centric Approach: We continuously enhance our services to better serve you. With 3 representative offices strategically located in the US, Russia, and Japan, we ensure localized support. We offer diverse payment options, including Bank Transfer, Paypal, Amex, Visa, Master Card, Western Union, Wise Transfer, and Ria transfer, for your convenience. Additionally, we offer a wide range of private box and private label options, empowering you with choices.

Quality Assurance and Warranty: Ensuring your peace of mind is our priority. With a 28-day return policy covering issues related to quantity and product quality, and a 6-month lash curl warranty, we stand by the quality and durability of our lashes.

Our Commitments to Customers

Transparency and Clear Communication

We maintain open and transparent communication throughout the consultation and order fulfillment process, ensuring a seamless experience for our wholesale customers.


Long-Term Partnership

“ We aspire to be more than just a supplier. We aim to be your trusted collaborator, supporting your journey in the lash business with exceptional products, personalized service, and continuous support.


Competitive Pricing Structure

“ Our pricing structure is designed to cater to various order quantities. For 200 boxes and 1000 boxes, we offer specific price lists. Beyond 2000 from, we provide special deals (SUPER VIP price list) to ensure a cost-effective and mutually beneficial partnership. Moreover, for purchases exceeding 2000 boxes, we are open to further price negotiations to meet your specific business needs.

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What customers say about our service

The lashes are in the great consistency

“The product is great, very happy with the consistency of the lashes and curls are perfect! Thank you”

Hanna / Australia

Very fast shipping and perfect customer service

“The lashes are great like always; very fast shipping and perfect customer service. I will definitely order again and again”

Enikő / Greece

I love the lashes fibers

“They have arrived! They are divine. I love the fibers, they are luxurious! Congratulations, we will really order again”

Perry / USA

They are amazing and the best I’ve used

“Hi, I received my order! Thank you so much. Very impressed with the quick delivery time! I just tried the lashes on a client today; they are amazing, the best I’ve used, so happy, I will definitely be ordering more when I start my own lash range. Also, thank you for the glue samples, so kind of you”

Ellis / England

They are of excellent quality. You will not regret it!

“I’m delighted with the products. I totally recommend them, it is a reliable company, it fulfills what it promises and the delivery is fast. Above all, I recommend the promade fans, they are of excellent quality, light and without traces of glue. You can save a lot of time, it is the best I have tried. If you have doubts, just try it. You will not regret it!”

Marilin / Spain

Vietnam Lash has been accommodating to all my needs and requests

“Well I’m very very happy to be working with you guys! And I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Vietnam Lash has been accommodating to all my needs and requests. Even when I make last minutes changes”

Kelcie / USA

The lashes are very comfortable to wear

“So happy with the promade lashes! The curls are beautiful, really easy to work with and my clients say it’s very comfortable to wear. Thank you.”

Lin / Germany

Thanks for helping to be even better at my job

“I’m always excited when the material needs to arrive. I really love my job and thank you for your cooperation and helping me to be even better at my job. The lashes are excellent!”

Dajana / Serbia

Beautiful strong nice bases

“I tried them out! Beautiful strong nice bases. They come out of the strip beautifully. Really dark in color. The curl is beautiful!”

Aileen / USA

How to Order with Us?

Contact Us

Reach out to us via our hotline at +84 924 851 724, and our sales agents will assist you throughout the consultation process.

Invoice Generation

We’ll generate the invoice based on your preferences and business needs.


Confirm the invoice and complete the payment through various options like Bank Transfer, Western Union, PayPal, Wise, etc.

Production and Shipping

Once payment is confirmed, we’ll proceed with eyelash production, then you can choose your preferred shipping method (UPS, DHL, FedEx).

Post-Order Support

After receiving your order, we’re here to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

If you’re looking to partner with a reliable wholesale supplier for high-quality eyelash extensions, Vietnam Lash is here for you. Reach out to us through our hotline to explore our offerings and kickstart a successful collaboration. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to serving you.