How To Store Eyelash Extension Glue?

The storage of eyelash extension glue poses a frustrating challenge for lash artists due to its sensitivity to environmental factors. Problems such as early drying, decreased bonding, and contamination may result from improper storage practices. Today, we are all here to help you with solving an all-time question: “How to store eyelash extension glue?”. Our detailed guide will surely unveil expert techniques and practices to elevate your craft in the field. Follow up!

How To Store Eyelash Extension Glue? This 5 Minute Reading Will Help!
How To Store Eyelash Extension Glue? This 5 Minute Reading Will Help!

How Important Eyelash Extension Glue Is To The Application

Eyelash extension glue is essential for the application process, establishing a strong, stable bond crucial for acceptable outcomes. Without the proper glue, extensions may not adhere correctly, leading to premature shedding and an “awkward” final look. The quality of the glue directly impacts various aspects of the extension process and final appearance, including the strength of the bond formed between your clients’ natural eyelashes and extensions. Also, high-quality glue extends the lifespan of extensions by minimizing the need for touch-ups and ensuring lashes remain intact until the next visit.

To ensure a positive client experience, the ideal lash extension glue formulation prioritizes reducing irritation during both the application and wear. It should cure clearly and seamlessly blend with natural lashes and extensions for a perfect, natural-looking result. This indicates that storing eyelash extension adhesive is truly crucial for preserving its quality and efficacy. Getting the importance of how to store eyelash extension glue ensures that lash technicians and salons can maintain their adhesive at its best, benefiting both clients and the business.

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Eyelash extension glue is always professionally stored for the best use
Eyelash extension glue is always professionally stored for the best use

Reasons For Storing Eyelash Extension Adhesive

  1. Preserving the quality of the glue: one of the most mentioned reasons for lash lovers to take the matter of how to store eyelash extension glue seriously relates to the insurance of glue’ quality. The chemical components in lash extension glue are sensitive and can degrade over time if exposed to air, light, or inappropriate storage circumstances.
  2. Extending shelf life: because of its chemical makeup and air exposure, lash extension glue often has a short shelf life when it is opened. By reducing exposure to elements such as humidity and temperature variations, which can hasten deterioration, proper storage of lash extension adhesive can help extend its shelf life.
  3. Preventing contamination: the efficacy and purity of eyelash extension adhesive can be harmed by impurities like dust, debris, airborne particles, etc. To ensure constant functioning, store the glue in a clean area and carefully seal it when not in use to avoid contamination.
  4. Ensuring consistent performance: the performance of the adhesive can be affected by environmental conditions like humidity and temperature. Its consistency and efficacy during application can be preserved by eyelash extension glue storage tips between temperatures that are suggested by the manufacturer and avoiding harsh circumstances.
  5. Ensuring the safety of clients: using adhesive that is out-of-date or contaminated puts clients at risk for discomfort or allergic reactions. In order to reduce these hazards and give clients a secure and comfortable experience, adhesive expiration dates should be regularly checked and stored properly.
Lash techs must be equipped with sufficient knowledge about lash extension glue
Lash techs must be equipped with sufficient knowledge about lash extension glue

How To Store Eyelash Extension Glue Right

The quality and functionality of eyelash extension glue must be properly stored. We’ll go over important advice on how to store eyelash extension glue so that your customers get the best possible outcomes. Believe or not, this can be the best way to store lash extension glue:

1. For Unopened Eyelash Extension Glue

Unopened eyelash glue can be kept in the refrigerator as long as it stays sealed. To keep it dry, place it in an airtight container filled with a silica gel pouch. 

  • Store your glue away from primer, cleanser, and any other cosmetics.
  • Be aware of temperature changes (as the mercury climbs above 27°C.
  • Master the technique of FIFO (First in, First out) rotation.
  • Store in airtight receptacles with sachets of silica or oxygen absorber.
  • To ensure the efficacy and durability of unopened glue for extensions.
  • To preserve the glue’s quality as variations can impair its functionality.
  • To keep the glue fresh and at the ideal moisture content.

Let it be at room temperature for a minimum of 1 hour before opening. Even though moisture will seep in after it is opened, appropriate storage is still essential to preserving freshness.

  • Leave your glue in the sun (it needs a dark, cool place to live).
  • Understate the fact of labeling each bottle with the date of opening.
  • Use glue that has been stored for longer than 3 months.
  • Freezing your lash extension adhesive for an extensive period of time.
  • Sunlight can change the glue’s chemistry and reduce its strength.
  • If glue is kept in storage > 3 months, it may lose its bonding power and retain less well.
  • The glue may deteriorate and lose its adhesive qualities when frozen.

2. For Opened Eyelash Extension Glue

Lashing extension glue should generally be kept upright and out of direct sunlight and heat sources. Once the glue is opened, store it away from refrigerators to minimize condensation and solidification of glue.

  • Store in a tight, airtight container with silica or oxygen absorbers (a cool, dark drawer or cupboard).
  • After each application, the adhesive lid is well closed.
  • Replace your lash glue every 30 days, or every 10–14 days if you’re in a busy salon.
  • Periodically check the nozzle for cleanliness to prevent any blockages.
  • To keep the glue fresh by preventing moisture in the air.
  • To avoid air exposure, which could cause the glue to dry out too soon.
  • To provide the best possible bonding strength and lower the possibility of poor retention.

To keep moisture out and preserve freshness, always make sure to use an airtight container. And, to absorb even more moisture, try filling it with rice or silica gel pouches.

  • Extreme heat waves that are higher than 27°C.
  • Apply the glue directly to surfaces like tape or jade stones instead of the glue cup.
  • Try to save money by extending the adhesive’s shelf life over 30 days.
  • Overlook adhesive wipes or recycle foil wrappers from eye pads to keep the adhesive lid spotless.
  • High temperatures can cause the glue’s quality to deteriorate, which will weaken the bond.
  • Using glue that has gone bad might weaken the bond.
  • Neglecting to keep the glue lid clean can result in contamination, which will reduce its freshness and efficacy.
Convenient containers for storing eyelash extension adhesive say it all
Convenient containers for storing eyelash extension adhesive say it all

3. Containers For Storing Lash Extension Glue Properly

Since all eyelash extension glues use cyanoacrylate-based adhesives, the storage process is just the same. The glue comes in a special bottle designed to keep it fresh for a long time. Generally speaking, lash extension glue needs to be stored upright in a cold, dry location away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Airtight container The best way to store lash extension glue which extends its shelf life by maintaining controlled humidity (can be found in stores).
Cabinets, shelves, drawers, cupboard
  • Suitable places to store lash adhesives.
  • Provide plenty of room for storage, open storage, and easy access to other lash extension equipment.
Refrigerator Can be helpful even though it is not required, but in the summer.


Drawers or cabinets that are not next to windows or radiators are good places. It is crucial to keep your eyelash glue out of the refrigerator once it has been opened. And, do not transfer the glue into regular glass, or even plastic containers, otherwise you’ll send all your efforts in storing eyelash extension adhesive to nowhere!

As one of those eyelash extension glue storage tips, you should give your glue a good shake for two minutes at the beginning of each day, when you open a new bottle, and before you dispense any drops. Make sure to shake thoroughly, with enough force to cause your arm to feel a little tired afterward (or get a lash adhesive shaker). Remove the cap, put a pin into the nozzle, or cover the nozzle with a piece of tin foil to prevent your glue from shaking while the cap is on.

Proper storage of lash extension adhesive demonstrates high-skilled lash artists
Proper storage of lash extension adhesive demonstrates high-skilled lash artists


1. How Long Does Eyelash Extension Glue Last?

The quality of a glue bottle that has been freshly made and sealed usually lasts for around 6 months. The glue has a 4 to 6 week shelf life after it is opened. It is probably time to change the bottle if you see the glue become thick and viscous.

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2. What Would Happen If The Adhesive Wasn’t Stored Right?

The reputation of lash techs and salons can be negatively impacted by improper adhesive storage, which can also result in decreased potency, a shorter retention period for each lash extensions’ application. What is even worse can be risky contamination, unfavorable client reactions, and impaired application results.

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3. How To Know If Eyelash Extension Glue Expires?

A few telltale indicators of deterioration in your lash glue could be a thick, stringy quality, no sound when shaken, gray and separated appearance even after shaking, and white residue surrounding the glue nozzle. Moreover, these signs may show that the glue has deteriorated and is no longer appropriate for the best lash application if you are having issues with poor retention of your lash extensions.

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Let’s sum up by saying that effective lash applications and preserving the efficacy of storing lash extension glue properly depend on correct storage. Lash techs may maintain the quality of their glue and provide excellent results for their lash clients, which assures the success of their business, by according to storage requirements like keeping in a cool, dry environment and utilizing airtight containers.

Now, you all know how to store eyelash extension glue, right? It is your time to take action, gifted lash artists!  For those seeking advice for the improvement of your own lash skills, feel free to visit our website for more information about eyelash extensions, which is guaranteed by our dedicated experts from Vietnam Lash Factory: