Discover 6 best eyelash extension manufacturers in Vietnam

Along with the recent development of the eyelash extension industry in the world, Vietnam is also a leading country in bringing quality and affordable eyelash extension products to customers. In Southeast Asia in particular and Asia in general, the best eyelash extension manufacturers in Vietnam always occupy an important position in the eyelash extension market.

Discover 6 valuable eyelash extensions manufacturers in Vietnam
Discover 6 valuable eyelash extensions manufacturers in Vietnam

Top eyelash extensions manufacturers in Vietnam

In the list below, the product quality even surpasses that of other oldest brands in the world. And hello, today I will take you on a tour of 6 best eyelash extension manufacturers in Vietnam! Join me to see what makes these brands different and gives them credibility!

1. Vietnam Lash

Working in the eyelash extension area, I understand better than anyone the need to convey information to readers in the most authentic way. So I hope you don’t misunderstand when I put our Vietnam Lash in the top 1. The truth is that we deserve to be in this top position among Vietnam eyelash extension manufacturers.

In 2021 Vietnam Lash restructured its organization, way of working and rebuilt its brand. In just three short years, by focusing on quality eyelash extensions and customer service, we have had customer relationships with more than 1000 spas and retailers over the world.

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High-quality products of Vietnam Lash

Vietnam Lash’s eyelash extensions are meticulously handcrafted from PBT microfibers imported from Korea. This type of fiber ensures light weight of eyelashes, creating a comfortable feeling and not causing any burden on the user’s eyes. However, it still retains its wonderful natural curvature and color. More than 1,000 spas and retailers who are customers of Vietnam Lash agree and spread this after many uses.

Our eyelash extensions are diverse in design and size. Each set of eyelashes is the dedication and hours of work of each worker in the factory. That’s why Vietnam Lash’s eyelash extensions and customers go to 74 countries across all continents. Receiving 98% feedback as compliments and thanks from customers makes the Vietnam Lash team proud and try harder in shipping, after-sales policies and loyal customer care.

No matter where you are, if you want to start a business in the eyelash industry, don’t hesitate to let Vietnam Lash give wings to your business dream!

Contact  at: 

Address: No. 30, lane 80, Chua Lang, Lang Thuong ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi, 100000
☎Phone: +84 924 851 724

2. Charmlash

Top 2 in this list of eyelash extension manufacturers Vietnam is Charmlash. Charmlash was founded in 2018 by two young makeup experts in Vietnam. During its operation, Charmlash always strives to develop to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.

The most popular product at Charmlash, this brand’s best seller is premade wide fan. The eyelash extensions are also made from PBT fibers, ensuring lightness for the eyelashes. Whether applied by a seasoned professional or a novice, these lashes offer convenience and top results for customers.

Charmlash – eyelash manufacturer in Vietnam

In addition to available products, Charmlash also processes eyelash extensions according to customer requests.

Contact at:

Phone: +84 918 859 000

Address: 5th Floor, Sky Tower, No 19 -21 Pho Hue Street, Hang Bai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

3. Lux Beauty Lashes

Another name in eyelash extension manufacturers Vietnam is Lux Beauty Lashes. They are a high-end eyelash extensions brand under Minh Phi Pearl Co., Ltd. Not only a brand supplying domestic spas, Lux Beauty Lashes is also loved by international spas and retailers. A number of designers, makeup artists, and professional eyelash extension artists around the world also trust Lux Beauty Lashes eyelash extensions for their customers or student training courses.

Besides eyelash extensions, Lux Beauty Lashes also has false eyelashes, eyelash extension support products and real eyelash extension hair.

Their false eyelashes are diverse in types such as mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes, volume eyelashes, and hybrid eyelashes. Colored eyelashes are also a popular product here. Their colored eyelashes are long lasting, have bright natural colors and are safe for users.

In terms of price, Lux Beauty Lashes can completely compete with other popular brands on the market because their eyelash extension products are not only good but also affordable. For less than $5, you can own a set of standard mink eyelashes. If bought in large quantities, the price can be even better.

Lux Lashes Beauty
Lux Lashes Beauty

So what are you waiting for? Start your business right away with Lux Beauty Lashes.

Contact at:

Address: 469 Dien Bien Phu Street, 3 Ward, Dist 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: +84 967 042 522

4. Kimmi Lashes Factory

Kimmi Lashes Factory is an eyelash extension manufacturer in Vietnam with high reliability and global coverage. They are a reputable supplier in demanding eyelash extension markets such as Europe, the United States,…

Kimmi was founded and has been operating in the field of eyelash extensions since 2015. This is also considered one of the first eyelash extension brands in Vietnam and has received prestigious awards for its contribution to beauty. community in Vietnam.

They mainly supply Korea Silk / Mink Tray Eyelashes, Premium Hand Fan Volume Eyelashes (∼1000 fans/ box).

As a reputable Vietnam eyelash extension supplier, their all possible products are OEM or ODM for any specific requirements.

However, there is one thing that I have to say here that may cause this brand to lose a little point in the eyes of vegan customers: their eyelash extensions use animal hair. In addition to eyelash extensions made from synthetic PBT fibers, their mink eyelashes are made 100% from Siberian mink fur. This is a problem for customers who care about the safety of their eyelashes, animal lovers, and cruelty-free enthusiasts.

Kimmi Lashes Factory
Kimmi Lashes Factory

Contact at:

Phone: +84902539988

Address: 264A Trinh Dinh Trong Street, Phu Trung Ward, Tan Phu District. HCMC

5. TT Beauty Eyelashes

Ảnh: Beautiful and luxurious colored eyelash tray from TT Beauty Eyelash 

Talking about eyelash extension manufacturers Vietnam, TT Beauty Eyelash is also a fairly new name. They have been established for more than 5 years but so far they have achieved certain positions in the market. Similar to Vietnam Lash, they turn their weakness of being a latecomer into their strength of always updating the latest beauty trends. Therefore, TT Beauty Eyelash products not only focus on quality but also catch trends quickly and promptly.

TT Beauty Eyelashes
TT Beauty Eyelashes

TT Beauty Eyelash provides customers with free product samples for reference, increasing customer confidence. For new spas or retailers, TT also offers free box label design services. As a new Vietnam lash extension manufacturer, they always have good policies to attract customers. Thanks to that, their average monthly eyelash extension sales reach 100,000 trays and are present in 20 countries worldwide such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Australia, USA, Canada and Mexico.

The process of meticulously and carefully handcrafting eyelash extensions is publicized by TT Beauty Eyelash to customers, thereby making customers more confident in the product quality.

Please contact them immediately to get advice on preferential prices for large quantity orders.

6. Smile lash

Another eyelash extension manufacturer Vietnam on the list I’m giving today is Smile Lash. Hearing the name already shows the sophistication of the product, right? Smile Lash means lashes that can smile, lashes that help the face become more magical and more lively.

Besides Smile lash being one of the main Vietnam lash extension manufacturers supplying to the domestic market, they are also a partner of many spas or retail chains in international markets such as the US, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Luxury and quality eyelash extensions tray of Smile Lash
Luxury and quality eyelash extensions tray of Smile Lash

Their raw materials are imported directly from Korea and Japan, meticulously selected before being put into production of eyelashes. Smile Lash always focuses on improving the eyelash production process so that the eyelashes always meet standards of quality and appearance. Eyelash fibers are carefully selected before being placed in the tray so customers can feel completely secure about the product.

With an affordable price, from only $5 you can own a tray of eyelash extensions at retail price, you can absolutely think about starting your business with Smile Lash.

Contact at: 

Phone: +84 822770008

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