An Overview Of Volume Lash Extensions You Should Know Sooner

Knowing volume lash extensions, especially their size and weight, is a significant step in the lash application process. This post is a precious gift for you to kick off your lash career successfully. 

To have a perfect look, don’t forget to choose proper size and weight for volume lashes
To have a perfect look, don’t forget to choose proper size and weight for volume lashes

Why do you need to dive into volume lash extensions? Every client will have different lashes, and individual lashes also have their features, so each natural lash needs different extensions. In addition, eyelashes are the most teeny-weeny parts of our bodies; hence you have to weigh eyelash extensions carefully before applying them. 

You have to ensure your clients will feel comfortable when wearing lash extensions. This article will show you how to choose the correct volume lashes’ size and weight to keep their natural lashes undamaged and healthy. So please don’t waste any more seconds; let’s get started!

Volume Eyelash Extensions 101 

Firstly, let’s quickly go through what eyelash extensions are. Volume lashes are thinner than classic eyelash extensions. Manufacturers fan 2-10 individual lashes per fan; then, you apply each fan to a single natural lash. Hence, the overall look will be fuller, dramatic, and fluffy. 

Moreover, volume lash extensions allow you to save time for the application process instead of having a separate extension for every single natural lash. Lash artists can customize the volume lashes freely to achieve the desired appearance. 

The Importance Of Understanding The Weight Of Volume Lashes

Have you ever wondered about the significance of understanding the weight of volume lash extensions? There are a lot of questions surrounding safe lash weight. However, it is not easy to measure volume lash extension weights, and many people are unaware that improper weights can damage their natural lashes. 

When your clients wear eyelash extensions whose diameter is greater than their original lashes and the root of the natural lash is smaller than the base of extensions, their extensions may fall out quickly. Furthermore, the wrong volume of eyelash extensions can cause several following serious problems: 

You can combine several lashes to create your desired lash diameters
You can combine several lashes to create your desired lash diameters
  • The natural lashes can be broken down or start to develop downward.
  • Instead of curling lashes, clients’ lashes will hang in front of their eyes due to heavy lash extensions.
  • It can ruin customers’ natural hair follicles, prevent them from growing healthily, or even permanently make the original lashes lose.
  • The lash extensions and natural lashes cannot grow in the exact directions; clients must brush them frequently. 

Therefore, choosing the appropriate volume eyelash extension size and weight is vital in keeping your clients’ look excellent and protecting their lashes. If you are curious about how to calculate extension weight, scroll down right now. The following section will open a new world to you. 

You Need To Understand Diameter And How It Affects Weight 

To calculate the volume lash extension weight, you have to control 2 essential elements: how many extensions are used to create a fan, aka D for dimensions, and the diameter of the extensions, aka the thickness of the extensions. 

Diameter And Weight Chart

If the diameter is higher, the extensions are also heavier and thicker. You have to consult your clients and consider selecting the right ones. In case your client has thick and healthy lashes, they can bear the heavier extensions and vice versa. Don’t forget to remind your customers to take care of their original lashes carefully. 

We will introduce you to 2 charts: the first is a conversion chart for each diameter of volume lashes, and the second is the diameter and weight chart. Before calculating the volume lash extension dimensions, you have to determine how much weight your customer can wear a classic extension. Then, you will know the weight and dimensions of volume extensions. 

  • Conversion chart for each diameter of volume lashes: 

You can base this chart on how big you can make your volume fans. 

0.10mm 0.12mm
2 x 0.07mm 3 x 0.07mm
3 x 0.06mm 4 x 0.06mm
4 x 0.05mm 5 x 0.05mm
10 x 0.03mm 15 x 0.03mm
0.15mm 0.18mm
4 x 0.07mm 6 x 0.07mm
5 x 0.06mm 8 x 0.06mm
8 x 0.05mm 12 x 0.05mm
19 x 0.03mm 21 x 0.03mm

For example, to have a 0.15mm in diameter of an individual lash, you will have 4 ways to create it: 

  • Use only one 0.15mm-diameter lashes
  • Combine four of 0.07mm-diameter lashes
  • Roll eight of 0.05mm-diameter lashes
  • Mix nineteen of 0.03-diameter lashes 

Not surprisingly, the number of lashes and the diameter have a negative relationship. If the diameter of lashes decreases, the number of lashes will increase to maintain the consistent weight of volume extensions. However, do you wonder why four 0.07mm could equal one 0.15mm? We will release it in negative space; keep in mind to read it. 

  • Diameter and weight chart

After you decide the diameter of each lash, you can calculate their weight and advise your customers whether they can hold them. 

Diameter (mm) Weight (mg)
0.03 0.008
0.05 0.02
0.07 0.04
0.10 0.09
0.12 0.13
0.15 0.17
0.18 0.25
0.20 0.34

As you can see, the weight of 0.15mm is 0.17mg, while the weight of four of 0.07mm is 0.16mg. Does that mean the more lashes there are, the lighter the weight clients wear? The negative space definition can also explain to you. 

Moreover, their weight must be increased when you create thick volume lash extensions. Hence, you need to consider the thickness of the lashes before making the volume extensions. Your clients can always achieve the desired look if you choose a suitable thickness for them. 

Which Is The Ideal Thickness For Volume Lashes?

Almost all clients are looking for a natural look; the lash artists can use three of 0.07mm lashes to create soft and fluffy volume lash extensions. However, in case your customers love the dramatic and glamorous appearance, you can consider applying 0.12mm in diameter to them. 

Do You Know What Is Negative Space In Volume Lashes? 

Although diameter and weight have a close relationship, they are separate things. If you are questioning why four of 0.07mm are equivalent to one of 0.15mm and the weight of 4×0.07mm is lighter than 1×0.15mm, we will use illustrations to help you understand carefully. 

You just need to understand the primary principle of negative spaces and apply for other diameters
You just need to understand the primary principle of negative spaces and apply for other diameters

For instance, these volume eyelash extensions come from the same company and are constructed from the same materials. So the answer is to relate to negative space in a volume fan. The negative space means the space that is not occupied by a single lash. 

The picture shows a cross-section of individual eyelash extensions. The large circle consists of three of 0.07mm extensions. As you can see, they create a lot of empty space around the 3 smaller circles. These empty spaces are negative spaces.

If you imagine the one 0.15mm is a big circle, there is no negative space in this extension. Therefore, the three of 0.07mm are lighter than the one of 0.15mm. The same explanation will also be applied to other diameters and weights. 

How Much Weight Of Lash Extensions Your Natural Lashes Can Wear?

This section may be the most exciting part for lash artists. First, we will introduce you to the proper weight of volume lash extensions for clients’ current status. Then, you can refer to our suggestions and combine them with the client’s wishes to create the perfect look for them.

Each lash status will fit specific lash extension diameters
Each lash status will fit specific lash extension diameters

For Thin Lashes

If your customer is an Asian, you can consult her to wear 0.01mm-diameter extensions. This is because the natural lashes of Asians are quite thin compared to other ethnicities. Not only that, but any clients with thin lashes can also wear this kind. If your client is a 50-year-old woman, we highly recommend 0.01mm for them since, at this age, their lashes are not as thick as young people’s. 

1 of 0.01mm = 2 x 0.07mm = 3 x 0.06mm = 4 x 0.05mm = 10 x 0.03mm

Another option you can consider is 0.12mm:

1 of 0.12mm = 3 x 0.07mm = 4 x 0.06mm = 5 x 0.05mm = 15 x 0.03mm

For Healthy Lashes

If your client has healthy lashes, 0.15mm is an ideal option. This is because their original lashes can bear this diameter without being broken down.

1 of 0.15mm = 4 x 0.07mm = 5 x 0.06mm = 8 x 0.05mm = 19 x 0.03mm

For Thick And Strong Lashes

The thick and strong lashes are excellent for applying enchanting volume lash extensions. You can apply 0.18mm-diameter extensions or even 0.20 for them. 

1 of 0.18mm = 6 x 0.07mm = 8 x 0.06mm = 12 x 0.05mm = 21 x 0.03mm

1 of 0.20mm = 3 x 0.10mm = 8 x 0.07mm = 17 x 0.05mm = 20 x 0.03mm

Several Notes For You When Choosing Volume Lashes Extensions

There are some misconceptions relating to volume lash extension size and weight; therefore, we would like to clarify them to help you avoid unwanted mistakes during the application process. 

Are Two 0.1 Lashes Equal To One 0.20 Lashes?

As we explain in the negative space section, the two of 0.1mm weights don’t equal one of 0.2mm. The biggest circle is for 0.2mm, and the two smaller circles are for two of 0.1mm. In an ideal condition, all lashes have the same length, and you can see the negative space around the 2 circles. Therefore, their weight is lighter than the large circle.

The Difference Between 0.05 And 0.07 Lashes

Although the discrepancy between 0.05mm and 0.07mm is quite small, if you put multiple circles like the negative space part, you can easily realize the difference between them.

  • 1 of 0.1mm = 2 x 0.07mm or 4 x 0.05mm
  • 1 of 0.12mm = 3 x 0.07 or 5 x 0.05mm
  • 1 of 0.15mm = 4 x 0.07mm or 8 x 0.05mm
  • 1 of 0.18mm = 6 x 0.07mm or 12 x 0.05mm

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