Secrets about volume lash extension may be you don’t know

Volume lash extension is a best-selling type of eyelash extension in many famous spas and salons. The process of creating a set of volume eyelash extensions is not simple and depends on many factors. Understanding the characteristics of thickness, length, weight of eyelashes and the customer’s eye structure are the factors that professional lash technicians create a perfect set of volume lash extensions

In this article, I will reveal to you what a professional lash tech usually hides about the process of how to create a set of volume lash extensions. Please read with me now!

Some things about volume lash extension that expert don’t want you to know
Some things about volume lash extension that expert don’t want you to know

What have you known about volume lash extension?

Talking about volume lash extension, everyone working in this field has at least heard of it, right? But there are a few small but interesting details you may not know about volume eyelash. Volume eyelash extensions is a technique that originated in Russia, which is why it is sometimes called Russian Volume Lashes. This is the most modern eyelash extension style in Western European style, impressing with thick, long and curved eyelashes, creating extremely beautiful eyes.

In the volume lash technique, the lash technician will create fans that cluster from 2 to about 5 eyelashes into one fan and then attach it directly to the real eyelid. Today, thanks to the growing eyelash industry, lash technicians can use pre-made fans to ensure uniformity and save customers time. But in the past, lash technicians had to create fans themselves while applying eyelash extensions to customers.

However, no matter the method of volume eyelash extensions, technicians need to understand important factors that affect the quality of a set of eyelashes, including the size and weight of the eyelashes.

Suitable size and weight are the first thing to consider when doing a volume lash extension.

There are many questions surrounding choosing a safe eyelash weight and size for customers. The answer of an expert in connecting volume lash extensions is that it must be carefully calculated for each individual customer’s eyes.

If you choose the wrong size and weight of eyelashes in your volume lash application, many serious problems will occur, such as causing natural eyelashes to break off and prevent them from growing back due to damaging hair follicle cells in the eyelid. Or to be gentler, it will also cause volume lash extensions to not achieve a beautifying effect, on the contrary, making the eyes look saggy because the lashes are too heavy.

Choose right size and weight will boost the appearance of your clients
Choose right size and weight will boost the appearance of your clients

Tips to choose size and weight for volume eyelash extensions

Normally, the size of eyelash extensions is determined by the diameter. And for the majority of genuine eyelash extensions, larger diameter means greater weight. When lash technicians attach eyelashes with a diameter larger than the diameter of the customer’s natural eyelashes, they will easily break. Therefore, the most important tip is that the eyelash extensions must always be smaller than the natural eyelashes. 

To control this well, you need to pay attention to two factors of eyelash extensions: the number of fibers per fan, often denoted D, and the thickness of each fiber. Below is a table summarizing how to create thickness for volume lash extension based on eyelash diameter that you can refer to.

Desire diameter

Ways to create

Desire diameter

Ways to create


2 x 0.07mm


3 x 0.07mm

3 x 0.06mm

4 x 0.06mm

4 x 0.05mm

5 x 0.05mm

10 x 0.03mm

15 x 0.03mm


4 x 0.07mm


4 x 0.07mm

5 x 0.06mm

8 x 0.06mm

8 x 0.05mm

12 x 0.05mm

19 x 0.03mm

21 x 0.03mm


Remember the numbers in the table to help you make the right choice for your customer in volume lash application. Simply put, if the diameter of the eyelashes decreases, the number of eyelashes will increase to maintain a stable weight of the eyelash extensions!

And there is one more table that you will definitely be grateful for when reading this article because it tells you about the relationship between diameter and weight of eyelashes. Let’s me explain more in the next part!

Diameter (mm)

Weight (mg)


















Which size and weight is the best for a volume lash extension?

For professional lash technicians, they all understand that there is no certain number for the standard size and weight for volume lash extensions. However, in reality, most people want to have beautiful, natural eyelashes that are thick and curved but not too awkward. Therefore, most lash technicians will use fibers with a diameter of about 0.05 mm – 0.07 mm. Only in special cases, when customers want extremely thick and dense eyelashes, do they use 0.15 mm or more. 

But the most important thing is that lash technicians need to carefully consider the type of fiber that is suitable for the customer’s real eyelashes because by doing simple math from table 2, you can see that not every fiber you use will have a lower weight. Where are you?

I’ll show you an example of 1 0.15 mm eyelash. It has a weight of 0.17 mg. Meanwhile, if you create this fiber from 4 fibers with a diameter of 0.07 mm as shown in table 1, each fiber is 0.04 mg, you will immediately have a fiber weighing only 0.16mg. 

The reason for this phenomenon is called negative space. The picture below will help you visualize and explain this principle. Simply put, in the same box, if you pour water into smaller spheres and then fill the box, the volume of water will be limited by the spheres so you will get less than if you pour directly. Fill that box with water.

Illustration for the negative space rule
Illustration for the negative space rule

Volume lash technique for different types of natural eyelashes

This may be the part that lash technicians want to read the most. In this section, I will reveal a few tips that can be applied to create a beautiful set of volume lash extensions for many different eyelash and eye shapes.

1. For thin lashes

For people with naturally thin, short, sparse and weak eyelashes, the most suitable fiber to add a set of volume lashes is a fiber with a diameter of about 0.01 mm to 0.07 mm. Usually, Asian women and women aged 50 and over will fit these fiber sizes. In general, Asian women have thinner and shorter eyelashes than those in America, Europe or Africa. Furthermore, women over 50 years old have eyelashes that become weaker and thinner. Therefore, the size of the thin eyelash extensions will look more natural and adhere better to the real eyelashes, limiting damage to the real eyelashes.

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2. For healthy and strong lashes

In contrast to Asia, European girls, African girls,… and young women often have thicker, longer and healthier eyelashes. Therefore, fibers with a diameter of 0.10 mm or more will help add a darker, more voluminous feeling to the eyelashes without fear of heavy weight causing eyelash breakage or damage to the eyelid area.

For these normal healthy straight eyelashes, when placing the eyelashes, you can optionally place them from top down, bottom up, left or right.

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3. For damaged natural eyelashes

When applying makeup, some women use eyelash curlers incorrectly, which can cause the eyelashes to break. At this time, if the eyelash fan is not applied carefully, the lash technician can cause the volume lash extension to reveal flaws and be uneven. So lash technicians need to pay attention to the correct position of eyelash placement to cover the defects of natural eyelashes. For lashes that are slightly slanted to the left or right, you should place the lash fan in the opposite direction. As for broken eyelashes that curl upwards, you should place the eyelash extensions from the bottom up so that it has the firmest and most beautiful grip.

4. For drooping eyes

For those of you with drooping eyelids, whether naturally or due to unwanted eyelid surgery, it can unintentionally make your face look a bit sad and not bright. In volume lash application, if the lash technician is not skillful in choosing the curvature, it will accidentally make those eyes even more lifeless. So the appropriate curvature to help a drooping eye look sharper is the U curvature. Eyelashes with this curvature will help cover large and drooping eyelids, making the eyes look more flexible. At the same time, based on the customer’s wishes, you can also use 4D or 5D fan eyelashes to better cover drooping eyelids.

Some tips for volume lash application for dropped eyelids
Some tips for volume lash application for dropped eyelids

Some other notes with the volume lash technique

The eyelash extension process for customers is not pleasant at all, so if the lash technicians’ techniques are good, shortening the eyelash extension time is something that every woman likes. So to shorten the eyelash extension time, let’s see a few more notes below!

1. Use high-quality glue

There are many different types of eyelash extension glue on the market. Choose one with relatively good quality to be safe for customers. Besides, good glue lines will often have better glue dispersion. This means that even if you accidentally apply too much glue in a hurry, when applied to real eyelashes, the glue can spread evenly without causing clumps. This will reduce your trouble.

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2. Find a reputable mi volume supplier

Besides extension glue, the most important thing about volume lash extension is the eyelashes. The quality of the eyelashes determines up to 80% of whether the eyelash extension set is perfect or not. Therefore, choose a reputable supplier. Vietnam Lash is an address you can trust. Vietnam Lash specializes in providing high-end volume eyelashes at affordable prices and top incentives for customers. 

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3. Don’t forget to instruct your clients to take care of their volume lash extensions carefully after extensions

  • Limit eyelash contact with water for 6 hours after extension.
  • Do not use eyelash conditioner or makeup remover oil, because they will cause the glue to melt.
  • Do not use your hands to rub your eyes after eyelash extensions.
  • Note that when sleeping, you should not lie face down or on your stomach.
  • Do not use mascara or curlers to curl your eyelashes.
  • You should clean your eyelashes with water every day to protect your eyelids.
  • Avoid using hot water and saunas.


So in this article, I have provided you with a lot of interesting information that you may not know about volume lash extension. Hope it will help you in your career in the eyelash industry. If you find the article useful and interesting, please help me share it with those in need. Don’t forget to follow similar articles on our website. Now goodbye!