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The recent pandemic has made us have to wear masks whenever we leave our house, even, we are not allowed to go out except for a necessary circumstance. Makeup seems to be pointless. In this case, impressive eyes can help you catch other people’s attention. Thus, eyelashes are a quick-and-easy way to amplify your eyes and can make you look better. Let’s find out where you can get the best beauty supply lashes with Jasmine – senior beauty expert now! 

1. Vietnam is the best beauty supply lashes in South East Asian

There is a saying that there are no ugly women, only do not know how to be beautiful women. A woman who knows how to be beautiful will know how to choose the right products and good suppliers. For the eyes, choosing the best beauty supply lashes will help you feel more secure with the money you spend.

Best beauty supply lashes Vietnam Lash Factory

1.1 The origin of the best beauty supply lashes in Vietnam

In the eyelash industry, Vietnam is a country with a short chronicle. However, in recent years, Vietnamese eyelash manufacturers have proven their name in the international markets and become one of the best beauty supply lashes in Southeast Asia. 

Initially, Vietnam’s factories exported only raw materials to countries with large consumption such as Korea, China, Japan. Then, Vietnamese realized that it make our products voiceless in the international market.

After many efforts, the big eyelashes export factories in Vietnam, for example Vietnam Lash, have determined to build their own brands and then become the leading of best beauty supply lashes. 

1.2  Materials of eyelashes from the best beauty supply lashes

In Vietnam, eyelashes are researched and manufactured from many different materials. Similar to China or Korea, Vietnam is the best beauty supply lashes with products from synthetic fibers, fur, silk, … However, the most emphasis material to developed is real hair.

Vietnam Lash-The best beauty supply lashes

According to the experts, real hair can give a more durable set of eyelashes, easy to style and especially safer for the users. Another good point of this material is that it respond for all the advantages of other materials at a significantly cheaper price.

2. Outstanding feature of the best beauty supply lashes from Vietnam

Forget the dreaded smudging, flaking, or fallout you get from certain mascaras; once applied, lashes stay put and look amazing until it’s time to take them off. If you want to experience these, try products from the beauty supply lashes from Vietnam

 2.1 Feedbacks of clients of the beauty supply lashes from Vietnam

After developing their own brands, the eyelash manufacturers in Vietnam have expanded to Europe and America. The best beauty supply lashes from Vietnam have consistently received orders from European salon chains or online stores from online shopping sites in America. They have received positive feedback and compliments from customers during the past time.

A chain of beauty salons consisting of more than 50 large and small stores across Europe has been importing the best beauty supply lashes from Vietnam continuously for more than 2 years. 

‘’Affordable price, guaranteed quality and excellent after-sales service’’ – said by an import department manager of this salon chain. 

“I have never used any lashes that are so durable, light and beautiful, flexible in styling and suitable for so many different uses before”.

“Reasonable prices and helpful staff. There are also instructions for use included with the product. Great!”

Those are winged compliments for eyelashes of Vietnam Lash, a big man in the best beauty supply lashes from Vietnam

2.2 Comparison between the beauty supply lashes in Vietnam and Korea

In Korea, the most common lashes are made from synthetic fibers. Although this material is cheap, the shape is not as good as products made of real hair. Besides, through many tests by some best beauty supply lashes from Vietnam, these synthetic eyelashes have low durability, making the eyelashes less natural, thick and heavy. 

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2.3 Comparison between the best supply lashes in Vietnam and China

In this world’s most populous market, eyelashes are divided into many segments. For the cheap eyelash line, almost the quality is very low. The lashes are stiff and do not curl when styling. Simultaneously, it is also harmful to the eyes if used for a long time.

Premium lashes from Vietnam Lash Wholesale

In contrast, high-end lashes are mostly made from expensive materials such as silk or mink fur. These eyelashes, although beautiful, gentle and elegant but they are very expensive. That’s why there are very few best beauty supply lashes sale it. Another minus point of this type of eyelashes is that it is easy to fake from poor quality materials but still take extremely high prices.

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3. Why are the products of best beauty supply lashes from Vietnam at more reasonable prices?

In recent years, Vietnam’s eyelashes are not only exported to Asian countries but also to Europe, Australia and America. That is come from the quality of the product and the affordable price.

3.1 The best supply lashes from Vietnam optimized the producing process

Many other countries around the world invest billions in production lines with rigid technology. Therefore, the cost of the products they make is often double or even three times higher than those of the best beauty supply lashes from Vietnam, to compensate for the capital. Industrial production by automatic machines, the factories will not be able to control the quality of the products. Therefore, the post-production screening process will have to remove many defective eyelashes samples. This is also a reason why foreign manufacturers have to increase their selling prices to the markets.

100-handmade best Vietnam eyelashes
100% handmade best Vietnam eyelashes

In contrast, in factories who are the best beauty supply lashes from Vietnam, most of the products are manufactured by hand. We own a large team of skilled workers, enough to rotate production 24/24 but still ensure the criteria of limiting the working hours of each person. According to statistics, the defective rate of handmade eyelashes is 80% less than that of industrial production.

3.2 The demanding of the domestic eyelash industry caused beauty lashes vendor to offer competitive prices

Sparkling eyes with curled eyelashes must be every girl’s dream. Not only foreigners, Vietnamese women have also paid more attention to appearance in recent years. Therefore, the demand for eyelashes in the country has also increased a lot. Many businesses started to invest in the eyelash industry. The rapid growth of the domestic eyelash industry causes some of the best beauty supply lashes to offer competitive prices.

Compared to other countries, in Vietnam, suppliers are proactive in the source of raw materials. Most large factories in China, Korea and Japan have to import raw materials from abroad, including Vietnam for processing. Meanwhile, Vietnam has a large source of self-sufficient raw materials in the country.

Moreover, Vietnam is in the golden population stage with abundant labor resources. They are active and enthusiastic. Besides, Vietnam has a relatively cheap labor cost, which significantly reduces the cost of the product.

4. How to import eyelashes from Vietnam’s best supply lashes.

Thanks to international trade, importing products from Vietnam has never been so easy. Just follow these simple steps and take a look carefully at possible risks to avoid them, customers can access good sources of products from the beauty supply lashes. 

4.1 Just make some clicks to access sources of beauty supply lashes. 

Eyelash factories in Vietnam divide into apparent departments. The sales department will negotiate with customers about the products. Customers have a huge number of options from multitude collections.

As a smart client, you should do a lot of researches about types of lashes and decide which one is the most suitable for your requirements. Make sure that what type you need then get to know the producing factories based on its costs, quality and customer service.

Access sources of best beauty supply lashes

For customers who only buy small quantities, the retail price is available directly on the website. All things a client must do is add your products to the cart, pay for it and wait for the delivery. 

Vice versa, for those who are large distributors with wholesale purchases, they can attach samples to preview and will be offered a better wholesale price by contacting the sales department.  Checking the quality of eyelashes is important to get exactly what you want without any regrets. 

4.2 Customers service of the best supply lashes

Many big brands like Vietnam Lash have opened representative offices throughout the countries that they serve. In Vietnam, these representative offices are always ready to respond to all customers’ requirements. Overseas representative offices are also the place where customers can solve any questions or problems about the product. Some best beauty supply lashes in Vietnam always aim to uphold customer satisfaction. Therefore, representative stores are ready to solve all customer problems and provide the best support to them. 

Vietnam Lash is the most famous brand in Vietnam, and has received the love of customers in many countries around the world. In addition to two representative offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Lash has opened additional offices in Russia, China and Korea to provide customers with the best care.

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