7 vegan lash extensions brands: pioneers in beauty for women

False eyelashes or eyelash extensions are popular beauty products recently. In the past, wearing false eyelashes could make you look different and unnatural due to many factors, such as incomplete eyelash making technology, that made the eyelashes look stiff and fake. However, with modern production technology today, many high-end eyelash extensions products have been born, including vegan eyelash extensions from vegan lash extensions brands, bringing a different natural beauty to users.

Using vegan eyelash extensions takes your beauty journey to a new level. However, how do I find reputable cruelty-free lash extensions brands? In this blog, I will introduce to you a list of the 7 most prestigious brands. And it’s me again, the blogger of Vietnam Lash, who will accompany you in today’s article.

Vegan lash extension brands

Vegan lash extension brands will change your beauty experiences

What are the vegan lash extensions brands?

Before talking about vegan lash extensions brands, I want to clarify for you what the concept of vegan eyelashes is.

Vegan eyelash extensions are also known as cruelty-free lash extensions. These eyelash extensions are completely vegetarian.

Since then, eyelash extension brands have increasingly favored producing vegan lashes extension to please customers. Vegan lash extensions brands not only attract vegan-loving customers but also become the choice of animal lovers.

The production process of these eyelash extensions does not use any animal ingredients and moreover, pre-market testing is not performed on animals.

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Specialties of vegan lash extensions brands

Increasingly, with human advancement, we become more and more concerned about taking care of our health and appearance. Today’s trendy girls not only choose well-advertised beauty and cosmetic products but also pay close attention to their ingredients. Eyelash extensions also receive the same attention.

At the best vegan lash extensions brands, the production process of these eyelash extensions does not use any animal ingredients. 

That is the biggest difference and highlight of vegan lash extension—what attracts more and more users to love it.

Another special thing that vegan lash extensions brands bring is that their products are safe for users, including those with sensitive skin. Thus, if you are easily irritated or have sensitive skin then I am sure vegan lash extension is what you are looking for. We have already written a blog about the specialties of vegan eyelash extension here, don’t hesitate to click for more information!

And with the increasing number of vegan lash extensions brands entering the market, choosing the best vegan eyelash extensions brands is not simple.

Therefore, I would recommend 7 of the top vegan lash extensions brands that you should definitely try. This list includes brands with diverse prices and proven quality, let’s see and experience them!

Top 7 best vegan lash extensions brands

1. Vietnam Lash

The only vegan lash extensions brand from Vietnam on this list is Vietnam Lash. Maybe readers also know that the eyelash industry developed later in Vietnam than in other Asian countries such as China, Korea, and Japan, but in return, the hard work, meticulousness, and dedication of Vietnamese people to each product helped this brand’s products reach an international level. This is a brand with many vegan eyelash extension products that are meticulously crafted by craftsmen in every detail.

Vietnam Lash’s classic, volume or promade eyelash extension have been exported to European countries, Asia and Oceania. Every export order receives compliments from retailers. Especially thanks to the young and modern team, Vietnam Lash’s eyelash products always keep up with the trend of bringing customers the most youthful and energetic beauty. Vietnam Lash takes meticulous care of customers right from the online consultation stage. Try experiencing it right here!

Vegan lash extension brands
Vietnam Lash provides the highest-quality cruelty-free eyelash extensions.

2. Yegi Beauty

Yegi Beauty is also one of the best vegan lash extensions brands that I want to recommend to everyone. They are a brand that constantly improves quality and product segments. To meet customers’ vegan needs, Yegi Beauty has launched cruelty-free eyelash extensions with many different thicknesses, lengths, and curls. It can be said that this is one of the most diverse brands of vegan eyelash extensions.

If you are looking for easy-to-spread lashes or consider Yegi Beauty Easy Fanning Mega Volume, in terms of curl types, Yegi has up to 6 levels, from B, which is very natural, to LD, with the highest curl.

Their eyelash extension trays are typically 8mm to 17mm in length and include 12 eyelash strips in each tray. This is definitely one of  the best vegan eyelash extensions brands not to be missed!

Vegan lash extensions brands
Yegi Beauty

3. Kaletin eyelash extensions

Another brand with the same price range as Yegi Beauty is Kaletin eyelash extension. This is a beauty brand for women from Italy. I don’t know if my readers are like me, but when it comes to Italy, I always think of its classic, gentle, and noble beauty. Kaletin is such a brand. Besides regular eyelashes, they offer vegan eyelash extensions in a classic European style.

Besides eyelash extensions, they also have other products such as lash lift, brow,… Their products are always meticulously invested in materials. If anyone has tried them, there will definitely be no negative points. for this vegan lash extensions brands. Furthermore, they also pay great attention to the sustainability of their products. In addition to vegan eyelash extensions, they also have vegan lash lift system and vegan tints free from Beeswax

Vegan lash extensions brands
Kaletin eyelash extensions

4. iLevel Lab

iLevel Lab is one of the first vegan lash extensions brands to use plant-based technology to create perfect eyelash extensions for customers. This technology not only gives customers the ultimate vegan eyelash extension experience, but is also environmentally friendly by producing plant-based eyelashes that require 75% less energy than conventional eyelashes, helping to reduce gas emissions. release carbon into the environment. Plant-based eyelash extensions are thin, soft and bouncy. Unlike regular eyelashes, iLevel Lab’s eyelash extensions are completely decomposable through the industrial composting process. From there, it is returned to the earth naturally without adding to the waste burden on mother earth.

Vegan lash extensions brands
iLevel Lab

5. Genleelai Eyelash

Genleelai is a brand from the billion-people country of China. This company is one of the leading companies in the field of eyelash extensions in China in particular and Asia in general. Initially, they were not a vegan lash extensions brand but gradually, vegan-labeled products made up the majority of their product list. To keep up with trends and customer needs, it is essential. A great point for this brand is that although it offers a variety of vegan eyelash extensions, the price is relatively cheap. Compared to vegan eyelashes from other brands, Genleelai is considered suitable for all budgets. If you are considering a cheap product to try, this is a name not to be missed.

6. Rose Lash

The next brand on the list of the best vegan lash extensions brands comes from Korea. You know, Korea is always famous in the beauty industry. Not only do they stand out in their vegan cosmetic product lines, but now, Rose’s Lash – an eyelash extension brand in Korea – are also very popular.  This brand is popular with many volume and hybrid eyelash extension products. Especially the line of vegan hybrid eyelash extensions made Rose Lash famous and made them one of the best vegan eyelash extensions brands. Hybrid is the most popular looking eyelash extension this brand exports to the market today. They are mixed between normal lashes or 3D on client’s natural lashes makes eyelashes naturally thick and long

7. Naysh Eyelash Extension

Another brand on the list comes from the land of the rising sun. I’m sure you also know that Japan is one of the leading countries in the eyelash extension industry in Asia, right? And as one of the pioneering brands, Naysh Eyelash Extension from Japan does not disappoint customers when it brings to the market vegan eyelash extensions that are friendly to all skin types and the most demanding customers.

Naysh’s vegan lashes have many types, from classic to volume, hybrid, etc. They also have a line of vegan mink lashes with softness and lightness that are not inferior to high-end real mink lashes. With the dedicated care of the Japanese, this is definitely a brand that will satisfy you. Don’t miss it!

Vegan lash extensions brands
Naysh Eyelash Extension


So here I send you a list of the top 7 best vegan lash extensions brands that you should try once. If you want to improve your beauty, want to have more attractive and impressive eyes in every situation but are afraid because of your sensitive skin, vegan eyelash extension is a great choice.

Please contact the brands I suggest on this list to experience them. In addition, if you are a retailer looking for a wholesaler for vegan eyelashes, this is also a good suggestion. Finally, don’t forget to like and share the article with your friends if you find it useful! And please comment on other vegan lash extensions brands that you’d like me to experience with you!

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