How to trim false eyelashes in the best way?

How to trim false eyelashes in the best way?

Hello my beautiful girls. Are you looking for information about false eyelashes? Have you just bought a set of false eyelashes and are about to use them but discover that they are too long for the size you want?

Many people who are new to false eyelashes encounter this situation. So what to do? Let me guide you. In this article, I have tips on How to trim false eyelashes that both help adjust the length and adjust the thickness of the false eyelashes. I have compiled a few interesting tips around cutting false eyelashes, tips to cut and apply false eyelashes more beautifully or the benefits that cutting false eyelashes brings to you. Why don’t you start reading right away!

how to trim false eyelashes
Here are some tips for you in how to trim false eyelashes

Why do we have to trim eyelashes?

You know, each of us has a different shape and facial features. Some people have oval faces, some have square faces, and some have long faces. And the eyes are similar. Some people have big, round eyes, some people have small, long eyes. Therefore, false eyelashes manufacturers cannot create every type of style to suit each of us. Unless you do eyelash extensions – personalized eyelash extensions.

So when you buy a set of false eyelashes, you will definitely have to edit them a little to fit your eyes. Can you trim your eyelashes at home? Yes, of course. However, cutting eyelashes is not so simple because if you are not careful you can damage them. So how to trim fake eyelashes properly? Please read on!

How to trim false lashes that are too long?

As always, when you first learn to cut, you will find it a bit difficult. But if you get used to it, you will find that trimming eyelashes is as easy as candy. Let’s see what you need to cut eyelashes!

how to trim false eyelashes
Specialized scissors for cutting false eyelashes

Tools needed for trimming eyelashes

The indispensable thing is false eyelashes, right? You can’t cut it if you haven’t bought it yet. Second, an equally important item is scissors. Don’t use regular food scissors or paper scissors. You need a small, specialized pair of scissors so you don’t damage your false eyelashes.

You need a mirror to see and test the length of false eyelashes on your eyes.

And to attach false eyelashes to your eyes, you must have eyelash glue. If you want false eyelashes to blend with your real eyelashes to create a natural beauty, you can use mascara.

The steps on how to cut eyelashes?

Step 1: Choose the eyelash style you desire.

This will come from your needs. If you want big eyes and impressive thick and black eyelashes, let your eyelashes grow a little longer. You can refer to models on the internet or visualize the desired look yourself.

However, I have a piece of advice: if you are not too familiar with applying false eyelashes, choose a slightly natural one, meaning it will fit your eyes, not too thick or it will feel too new.

Step 2: Cut false eyelashes. 

After you have chosen the style, use tweezers to remove the false eyelashes from the tray and hold them up to your eyes to try to estimate the point where you need to cut them according to your desired shape. Then mark the point by a fold and put off the false lashes,  use scissors to gently cut off the excess eyelashes.

In this step, your scissors must be good and can be cut in one go. Do not use blunt scissors because cutting will leave very bad cuts.

After cutting, put it back on your eyes to see if it fits and adjust a little if necessary

The thing to note in this step is to cut both sides of the false eyelashes evenly so that when applied to the eye, it is even and natural. You shouldn’t just cut one side!

Do the same with the remaining false eyelashes and you will have a pair of eyelashes that fit your eyes.

Step 3: Attach the false lashes

After you have cut a pair of eyelashes as desired, you just need to attach them to your eyes. Drop a moderate amount of glue on the back of your hand and then lightly dab the false eyelashes on the glue. Just apply a sufficient amount of glue. If you use too much glue it can clump and make your lashes worse. Let the glue dry a bit in the air (about 20 seconds) then place it on your eyelid.

So you’ve completed cutting eyelashes and have a perfect pair of eyelashes on your eyes

After letting the glue dry completely, you can use mascara to apply on the false eyelashes to create harmony between the false eyelashes and real eyelashes. This is a tip that not every girl knows.

how to trim false eyelashes
Lightly apply mascara after applying eyelashes to make false eyelashes look more natural

Can you trim your eyelashes if they are too thick?

Besides adjusting the length of the false eyelashes, you can trim the eyelashes to adjust the thickness. For those new to using false eyelashes, having eyelashes that are too thick can cause you to lose your natural beauty. Therefore, with specialized scissors, you can also thin out false eyelashes to help the appearance look more natural.

It is important that you make these false eyelash adjustments before applying them to your eyes. Make sure you have the right eyelashes before applying glue and sticking them on your eyes. Absolutely do not use scissors to edit your eyelashes once they have been applied to your eyes because doing so can be dangerous for your eyes.

Can you trim your eyelashes into small sections to make it easier to attach to your eyelids?

There is a piece of advice for you when applying eyelashes on your eyelids: divide them into smaller parts. After adjusting to the desired size, if you leave a long strip of eyelashes attached to your eye, you will encounter some difficulties. A typical example is when the glue dries out when you haven’t adjusted the eyelash strip to the correct position. Thus, your eyelashes will be damaged.

So you can completely fix this by dividing the eyelash strip into smaller pieces.

By applying small sections to your eyes, you will have more precision and achieve more natural lashes. 

And this is also the inspiration for lash artists to create cluster lashes. They were born as a product to help people save significant time and effort in wearing false eyelashes at home

How to trim false eyelashes do advantages for you?

Adjusting the size of your eyelashes before applying them to your eyes has many benefits beyond beauty.

Surely trimming your eyelashes to fit your eyes will help you look more stylish, beautiful and confident. But besides that beauty, your eyes also look more natural, more suitable for daily activities, not just for special occasions.

Second, adjusting false eyelashes increases your comfort. Having your eyelashes too long or too thick can cause your eyelids to experience more pressure. Cutting eyelashes will help limit false eyelashes from rubbing against the eyes, causing irritation to the skin around the eyes.

Furthermore, when trimming eyelashes, you will limit the accumulation of dirt at the ends of your eyelashes, better protecting your eyelashes and eyes.

how to trim false eyelashes
Trimming eyelashes helps eyes look more natural

Can you trim your eyelashes extension?

Many people also wonder whether eyelash extensions should be trimmed or not. So my answer is no. If you have false eyelashes, you should trim them to suit your eye size before using them, but for eyelash extensions, after the lash artists have applied them to your eyes, you should not change them yourself at home.

Because eyelash extensions are connected to your real eyelashes, it will be difficult for you to adjust the length or thickness of your eyelashes yourself. It will be very dangerous if you use scissors not carefully.

Normally, eyelash extensions will be adjusted by lash artists to suit your wishes right at the spa. It’s already personalized so you rarely have to make adjustments after getting home.

However, for those who are doing it for the first time, it may be uncomfortable. If so, all you need to do is contact your lash artist for assistance rather than trim your eyelashes yourself at home.


So above I have compiled for you a few tips on how to trim false eyelashes and information you need to know about trimming eyelashes. Have you confidently bought yourself a set of false eyelashes and started adjusting them to suit your desired look? I bet no one will be able to do it perfectly the first time, but you will find it easier the next time. Be confident and start working on your false eyelashes right away.

If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends and relatives and leave me a comment if you have any questions. Goodbye!  

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