How to have a lash room set up? Must-have in your lash room

Thank you for visiting the Vietnam Lash Factory! How to have a lash room set up will undoubtedly be one of the most fun aspects of your lash trip! While enjoyable, designing a location for you and your clients is a crucial step in your job. For you to work effectively, the space must be welcoming, cozy, and functional. Today, your trusted source for lash extensions has provided us with must-have items for your lash room!

Must-have for lash room 
Must-have for lash room

01: Lash Bed or Chair

A peaceful and convenient environment for your clients, while you apply lash extensions, requires a comfy and adjustable lash bed or chair. It needs to provide adequate support and comfort for the client and the lash artist.

Lash bed is lash room essentials
Lash bed is lash room essentials

Application of lash extensions can take a long period, frequently between one and two hours or more. Your clients can unwind and stay in a comfortable position throughout the operation if your lash bed is cozy. A relaxed customer is more likely to enjoy their visit and schedule more visits. Stability and safety are priorities in the design of lash beds. To minimize swaying or tipping while applying lash extensions, they often have strong frames and stable bases. By doing this, the safety of the client and the lash technician is guaranteed.

Overall,  lash beds are a lash room essential piece of furniture in a lash room as it offers support and comfort for the client, encourages stability and safety, and help to create a tidy and professional atmosphere. The overall experience for you and your clients can be improved by making an investment in a high-quality lash bed, which will produce better results and increase client happiness. 

Think about the following things when selecting a lash bed:

  • Size and Dimensions: Measure the space you have in your bedroom room, then pick a bed that works nicely there. To guarantee that clients can sleep comfortably, take into account the bed’s length and width. Consider the bed’s height as well, making sure it permits simple access and a relaxed working position for you as the lash technician.
  • Comfort and Padding: Choose a lash bed with plenty of padding and cushioning for the comfort of the customer. Your clients will feel more at ease if you provide them with a bed with a plush, soft mattress.
  • Adjustability: Opt for a lash bed with adjustable features to cater to the needs of different clients and provide optimal positioning for lash application. Try to choose beds with adjustable leg rests, backrests, or height settings so you may choose the most cozy and ergonomic working posture.
  • Stability and Durability: To ensure safety during the application of the lashes, use a lash bed that is stable and strong. Look for beds with sturdy construction that can sustain frequent usage and hold the weight of customers without shaking or swaying.

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02: Good Lighting

Without enough lighting, performing our duties would be exceedingly challenging. The last thing we want to do is strain our eyes, which could compromise our vision and health in the future. You’ll have years of success if you have good lighting in your lashing room. On occasion, it might be challenging to see the little, delicate lashes that we deal with every day! Try the lighting trick we’ve provided below to make sure no lash is left behind.

Good lighting for lash room supplies
Good lighting for lash room supplies

Good illumination makes it easier to see minute features like lash separation, lash condition, and adhesive placement. This enables you to take care of any problems or discrepancies right away, resulting in a finer and more accurate lash application. A professional and pleasant atmosphere that inspires confidence in your clientele is created by well-lit lash rooms. Clients will feel more at ease and confident about the caliber of your work when they can plainly understand the process and observe your attention to detail. 

If possible, choose a lash room with windows or ample natural light. Natural light provides the most accurate representation of colors and helps create a bright and inviting atmosphere. Position your lash bed or chair near the window to take advantage of the natural daylight. 

Make sure to choose light bulbs with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or above. This guarantees that the lash extensions’ hues are appropriately depicted. Look for “daylight” or “natural white” bulbs since they emit a cool, bright light that resembles the sun. 

Position the lighting sources to reduce shadows on the client’s face and the workspace for applying eyelashes. To aim the light where it is most required, think about employing lighting fixtures with movable heads or adjustable arms.  

Look for energy-efficient lighting solutions, such as LED lights. Comparing LED lights to conventional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs reveals that the latter use more energy, have a shorter lifespan, and generate more heat. This helps keep the whole room at a comfortable temperature while also lowering energy bills.

03: Cleaning or Sanitizing Lash Room Suppliers

Maintaining a clean and safe environment for both you as the lash technician and your clients is made possible by properly cleaning and disinfecting the materials in the lash room. It lessens the possibility of bacterial development, infection, and disease transmission.

 Customers get faith in your professionalism and concern for their well-being when they observe that you place a high priority on cleanliness and hygiene in your lash room. A spotless and sterile setting reveals your dedication to offering a high caliber of service.There might be certain laws or rules pertaining to sanitation and cleanliness in beauty salons, depending on where you live. Following these rules is crucial for upholding your professional reputation as well as for making sure you comply with legal requirements.

Sanitizing Lash Room Suppliers
Sanitizing Lash Room Suppliers

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or industry standards for cleaning and disinfecting each individual item to guarantee proper maintenance of the lash room’s supplies. Use the cleaning, disinfecting, or sterilization techniques that are appropriate for the supplies. Set up a regular cleaning program and check your supplies frequently to see whether they require any repair or replacement.

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04: Lash Storage

Storage that is structured well improves workflow effectiveness. The procedure of applying eyelashes is made simpler when supplies are organized and easily available. Lash technicians can immediately locate and get the essential equipment, which saves time and promotes faster, more effective treatment. Maintaining cleanliness and sanitation by storing your lash supplies in dedicated, clean areas. By preventing product contamination, it lowers the possibility of an infection or allergic reaction in both the lash artist and the clients. A tidy and professional environment is also maintained with the aid of proper storage.

Lash storage for lash room 
Lash storage for lash room

You can make your lash room a tidy, effective, and polished workspace by putting storage first. In addition to assuring the durability and quality of your lash supplies, this helps to create a great experience for you and your clients.  

A clean,well-maintained lash room gives your company a polished appearance. Clients will have a favorable impression of your work ethic and attention to detail when they notice that you have a system in place for storage and organization. It improves your reputation and fosters client trust.

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We sincerely hope that today’s advice will help you set up your lash room and organize your lash materials. When the space comes together and you design your new, unique space, it is an exciting time. Good luck!

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