What Are Hooded Eyes – Things To Bear In Mind

The focus of your body’s features is the eyes. Like every other part of our bodies, our eyes come in a variety of shapes, indeed, spesh in every detail. Every person’s face is definitely one of a kind and no shapes of eyes have the exact same size, color, and depth. Going out with the best eye makeup look and fire lashes is a terrific chance to grade up your eyes’ beauty. Queens with hooded eyes, you’ll feel more confident if finding out more about your eye shape isn’t a matter at all! Your click on this post will take you to the lashes that fit your hooded eyelids the most. Follow through!
Hooded eyes have a mystery beauty that is effortlessly attractive
Hooded eyes have a mystery beauty that is effortlessly attractive

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes are simply one of several hereditary characteristics that can be noticed in our bodies, such as hair color or the presence of earlobes. Although it is usual for both eyes to have hooded eyelids, some people may have one only, either on the left or the right side. The hereditary feature of having hooded eyes is perfectly natural and prevalent. Excess skin sagging from the brow bone to the lash line over the eye crease characterizes such a shape of eyes. Questions raised about hooded eyes may be the same as yours.

1. Do I Have Hooded Eyes?

Look in the mirror while keeping both of your eyes comfortably open to see whether or not you have hooded eyes. Of course, this approach works well with every eye shape. In your case, a deep crease above the brow bone is hidden by a thick layer of skin that falls down due to your hooded shape of eyes. In other words, you’ll have hooded eyes if the crease above the brow bone obscures all, or almost all of the skin covering your upper eyelids. The result is that the top eyelids seem to be smaller and the typical creases are disguised. To determine if your eye shape is hooded, you can also check your lash line. You most likely have hooded eyes if the skin below the brows contacts or is very close to your lash line. It is said that people with hooded eyes normally have little to no space on their eyelids. This sort of eye shape, instead, has a visible crease that makes you look mysterious.
hooded eyes feature deep creases and a little extra skin near the brow area
hooded eyes feature deep creases and a little extra skin near the brow area

2. Hooded Vs. Non-hooded Eyes

The ability to discern the eyelid folds distinguishes eyes with and without eyelids. That being said, hooded eyes feature deep creases and a little extra skin near the brow area. This trait might make your eyelids heavier so that you’ll appear more “mature”. The eyelids, wrinkles, and leftover space leading to the brows are visible in the non-hooded eye shape. In contrast to the hooded one, this shape of eyes might give you a more awake look that brings back a sense of rejuvenation to your eyes. Those having hooded eyelids do not need to worry since your eyes are unconditionally attractive!

Reasons For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyelids tend to sink inwards so you won’t see large eyelid gaps but only wrinkles. If you pay close attention, the skin below the brows tends to touch the lash line, or even close to the lash line. This eye shape, in most cases, is genetic. Some people experience hooded eyelids due to age, trauma, or a medical condition, which affect the shape of their eyes.
Hooded eyes are not always physically owned as a genetic trait
Hooded eyes are not always physically owned as a genetic trait

1. Natural Aging

Your skin loses suppleness as you age. This is definitely natural, and at that point, the skin around your eyes begins to sag and press against the skin covering your eyelids. You may want to examine your mother, or grandma, as hooded eyes are visibly regular in them. But that wouldn’t be an assumption about your age, though.

2. Fat And Muscle

Your eyelids could appear hooded due to the structure of underlying muscle and fat. Indeed, how your eyes are shaped might depend on their anatomy. The most frequent side effect of injections used to relax the muscles in the forehead, between and around the eyes is upper eyelid ptosis.

3. Eye Surgery

Hooded eye shape may result from certain surgical procedures, such as those for cataracts, glaucoma, or LASIK. However, ptosis after eye surgery is often transient and might go away without any further medical intervention. Good signal!

4. Eye Injuries

There is no avoiding external forces. The levator muscle’s ability to perform its job might be impeded by long-term contact lens use, eyelid cysts, and ocular trauma. Your hooded eyes will eventually appear if you are unable to recuperate in time.

5. Again, Genetics

Hooded eyes are common in newborns. It is a natural eye shape, which is passed down via families. You’re more likely to inherit hooded eyelids if your parents had them. However, not all people with this type of eye shape pass this trait down to their children. It is, of course, in the meaning behind its charm and specialty.

Eyelashes For Hooded Eyes

Because every client’s eyes are different, any eyelash extension specialist must understand how to place eyelash extensions on hooded eyes. Because the client’s preferences and the stylist’s advice may vary, different types of eyelashes can be used on such a shape of eyes. Adjusting eyelash extensions requires the ability to objectively analyze the fit of their lashes as well as appropriate eyelash extension techniques. In Vietnam Lash Factory, you’re updated with thousands of gorgeous and exquisite eyelash products. It is surely our goal to bring you what is qualified for your beauty enhancement to the best extent. Thus, we’re honored to give you expert advice on smart types of lashes for an accessible level of charm, queens of hooded eyes!
Smart choices of lashes can upgrade the beauty of hooded eyes
Smart choices of lashes can upgrade the beauty of hooded eyes

1. D, M, L Curl Eyelash Extensions

Customers with hooded eyes are advised to use lash fans with a D-curve since they’ll lift the lashes off the lids and provide a dazzling look as they unfold. Your lashes’ base layer has a curvature, thus the M and L-curve on the outside border will further deepen your hooded eye shape. You can fall back on your stylists for other pretty lashes extensions, as well!

2. Wispy, Flat Eyelash Extensions

Wearing eyelashes that are too long or thick in the outer corner is better avoided if you have hooded eyes. Your eyes can narrow and seem smaller if you have a thick eyelash fringe. As a result, shorter, thinner eyelashes, or the extensions of wispy, flat lashes at the corners, are the best option to keep a good aperture for hooded eyelids. Lashes that are made of mink or silk materials are also favorably used by experienced lash stylists over their clients.

3. Lashes Of Proper Length And Thickness

Customers with hooded eyes are often advised to apply lashes that connect to the middle of the outer eye at a length of, at least, 10 to 12 mm. Choosing lashes that are slender and not overly thick can help to avoid overwhelming the eye and enhancing its hooded appearance. To give your eyes mature and appealing looks, accompany these two factors with the right level of curvature of your eyelash extensions.
The attractiveness of hooded eyes is frequently questioned
The attractiveness of hooded eyes is frequently questioned


Hooded eyelids are a wholly typical shape of eye and are largely inherited. You should not be concerned if you have hooded eyes even though there are methods to fix them. Like all shapes of eyes, hooded eyes have their own appeal, and many celebrities owning such an eye shape do believe that their eyes are attractive to people of both genders. The ideal eyelash extensions for hooded eyelids should easily lay on your lashes and give you huge and round looks without being too thick or obstructing your pupils. No matter the shape of your eyes, there are many different eyelash extensions to choose from. It is often whether you want to go subtle or make a terrific beauty enhancement! Visit our website for more updated information: https://vietnamlash.com/


1. Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?

Hooded eyes are a common physical trait in many people, regardless of ethnicity or gender. They are casual and appealing on their own. In fact, hooded eyes can occur in anyone, and many celebrities have them with skin tissue extending all the way to their lashes. So having hooded eyelids isn’t a bad thing that is even more appealing than cosmetic eye shapes.

2. Should I Correct My Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyelids have no negative effects and there aren’t many “natural” ways to treat them. However, the skin around the eyes can be stimulated to produce collagen with non-invasive procedures like radiofrequency treatments. You can also spend time caring for hooded eyes with natural extracts or serums with ingredients beneficial to the skin around your eyes. You are still in control, after all!

3. What Makeup Styles Suit Hooded Eyes?

Applying makeup correctly around your hooded eyes can give you the look of much prettier eyes. To adjust line thickness and color depth, gently apply liquid eyeliner with a pointed tip on your upper eyelid. Apply eyeshadow to the lower eyelid, blending a softer shade into the inner corner with a darker shade in the outside corner. Make sure you do them with joy and satisfaction, so that the beauty of your eyes can last in the long run.



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