Types Of Eyelash Extensions – Have You Known All?

Types Of Eyelash Extensions – Have You Known All?

Knowing about types of eyelash extensions and the ways to have the most natural look will sparker your eyes. Don’t miss this article.

How To Have The Most Natural Look With Eyelashes?

How To Have The Most Natural Look With Eyelashes
You need to consider a few factors to have the most natural eyelash

It is not easy to pick the suitable types among many types of eyelash extensions. You should consider eyelash shapes, styles, colors, and other factors in advance. So you can choose excellent eyelash extensions when you work with the lash artist.

Eyelash Shapes And Styles

There are a lot of types of individual eyelash extensions. You can combine different eyelash extensions to create different shapes and styles. From that, they can upgrade your natural lashes or have a twist with a dramatic shape. You can take a quick look at the common shapes below:
  • Natural: This type subtly enhances your natural lashes. Coincidentally, it won’t drastically alter their length or shape.
  • Squirrel: If your brow shape naturally has a high arch, the squirrel shape is the best choice for you. This adds length to your lashes under the arch of your brow. In case you are too familiar with a cat eye, the squirrel shape is a perfect alternative. 
  • Doll: This shape is wonderful for those who have small eyes. This type allows attaching longer eyelash extensions toward the center of your eyes.
  • Open: Lash artists can use open and doll shapes interchangeably as they are quite similar. However, an open shape tends to have longer eyelash extensions, a dramatic look in the middle of yours. The length of eyelash extensions gradually changes across the eyelid in a doll shape. It is not fixed and every salon might adjust the open shape to fit their expectations. 
  • Cat: Cat shape is designed for those who would like to have a mysterious and sultry look. The longer eyelash extensions will be added toward the outer eyes. So that your eyes can be elongated like cats’ eyes. 

    cat eyelash extensions
    Cat eyelash extensions

About styles, we recommend you some common styles below so you can consider choosing the best perfect one for you:

  • Classic lashes: This style is 1 on 1 eyelash extensions. It’s popular for bringing a natural look for people who want to enhance their natural lashes just a bit.
  • Hybrid lashes: This style mixes classics and volumes. That makes them look more dramatic and denser than classics, but not as dramatic as volume lashes.
  • Volume lashes: Volume eyelash extensions are in fact fans of very thin extensions applied per one natural lash. The fans can contain from 2 to even 6/8 lashes. They are thicker and more dramatic than classic lashes.
  • Mega volume lashes: This is a more advanced version of volume lash extensions. The mega-volume look is achieved by using a big number of very light and thin extensions to create a fan. Each mega volume fan uses 7 /8 to 16 extensions.
We recommend you should listen to the advice of your stylist to decide on your eyelash shapes and styles. You can choose your desired look already and bring some pictures to get advice from lash artists. The final destination is to help you have a perfect eyelash and you are happy.
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Eyelash Colors

Besides traditional black eyelash extensions, you can mix and match various eyelash colors. You can combine your existing lashes with one which has lighter or darker colors or some bold colors. 
Mixing eyelash colors is not as colorful and dramatic as you think. Choosing appropriate eyelash colors always complement your eyes. FYI, mermaid eyelash extensions are one trend that allows you to blend all colors.

Other Factors

To have a natural and sparkling look, you also need to consider other factors such as:
  • The size of your eyes: You need to look at a mirror and determine if your eyes are small, medium, or large.
  • Are your eyes sensitive or allergic to any material? It’ll ensure you are safe when attaching eyelash extensions
  • How much time are you willing to spend attaching eyelashes? Patience is a key to excellent lashes.
  • There are 3 orientations of your eyes: wide-set, close-set, or deep-set
  • The color of your eyes. Each ethnicity has different colors
  • The features of your natural lashes such as their volume, color, curl, and length
  • The kind of your eyelids: Hooded and monolid need more attention than other types of eyelids 


If you still have wondered about the types of eyelash extensions, don’t miss this section. We will erase all your worries about this topic. Let’s check now.
1. Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Lashes?
The short answer is no. Eyelash extensions will not cause any damage to your original lashes. As long as you choose and wear suitable eyelash extensions. However, you should be more careful if using glue-bonded eyelash extensions. It is due to their 2 layers of glue.
2. How Can You Prolong The Lifetime Of Eyelash Extensions?
There are a few foolproof ways to help you extend the lifetime of eyelash extensions. You have to avoid rubbing, pulling, or tugging on your eyelash extensions. You should wash your eyelashes with gentle and oil-free cleansers. Don’t forget to brush your lashes frequently to keep the follicles in their natural position. 
3. How Do You Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions?
After attaching eyelash extensions, you should take care of them carefully. So you can avoid eventually dropping off
  • During several of the first hours, never touch them much. The oils from your fingers might strain on the lash root.
  • Try to keep them dry for at least 1-1.5 days. If it is a too hot and humid day, please stay away from the heat
  • After the first 24 hours, you should not swim or sit in a hot spa for too long. If you do that, the eyelash extensions will stay on your lashes longer
  • You should try to control the oily amount on your face. It’s highly recommended to use blotting papers, mattifying lotions, and oil-control moisturizers
  • Clean them appropriately, at least several times per week with foaming lash cleansers. If you don’t have it, using a small amount of baby shampoo is fine. Never use the conditioning type. 
  • If you face any problems, don’t hesitate to contact your lash artists to get their advice.
4. Is C Curl or D Curl Better For Hooded Eyes?
For people who have hooded eyes, C-Curl is perfect for them. Moreover, the B curl is also a good choice compared to D, J, or L curl.


Finally, we have come to the destination. It’s really important when you know all about the shapes and styles of eyelash extensions to choose the type which is most suitable for your eyes. We hope our information above is supportive of your decision.

You should also consider your eyelash shapes, colors, and styles in advance. So you can choose suitable eyelash extension looks. Combining all of them will assist you in determining beautiful eyelash extensions. Don’t forget to follow our website vietnamlash.com to read more about eyelash extensions. You may find your suitable type there.

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