Colored Lash Extensions: More Colors More Impressive

Colored Lash Extensions: More Colors More Impressive

Using colored lash extensions is one of the funniest ways to show off your creative side. There is a dizzying number of choices you can pick and this post will help you figure them out. 

Applying colored lash extensions will not make you become a “colorful parrot”. On the other hand, it is an excellent way to help you have a twist on your appearance as long as you opt for the right shade and know how to mix those properly. Almost everyone who loves colored lash extensions agrees that those bring them a seamless and luxe look. 

Attracting others’ eyes is also their effect. Moreover, this is a beauty trend that is going viral on numerous social platforms from Vogue to YouTube and you will not want to leave yourself behind that. Colorful lashes are the secret to creating eye pop that is never done with natural black lashes. If you are hesitating, this article will lead you out of your safe zone. 

We will provide you with an overview of how colored lash extensions work and why they become a trend. Furthermore, knowing some tips to customize your lashes can help you have a more personal lash extension. Don’t shape yourself in one style and let’s make it different. Be wild and be fun!

Your colored lash extensions will draw people’s attention at first sight
Your colored lash extensions will draw people’s attention at first sight

White Lash Extensions

For your information, white lash extensions appear up to 4800 percent when you search on Pinterest. There are a ton of methods to mix this hue with your natural black lashes. Sometimes, you can know them via the name “Salt and pepper lash extensions” or you can combine these contrast lashes to have a Cruella look. 

White lash extensions can offer you a kind of icy and delicate vibe with an ethereal look that people will catch at first sight. The light-colored lashes can be sprinkled all around your lashes or you can arrange them in a clump at the beginning, toward the end, or middle of your lashes. Everything is up to you. 

If you wear white lash extensions, when you look at them closely, they will create an effect called an optical illusion. They will help your photos to be highlighted subtly. These colored lashes set a solid memory in people’s minds for a longer time.

Pink Lash Extensions

Pink lash extensions will bring you a sweet look
Pink lash extensions will bring you a sweet look

Have you ever imagined you will have pink lash extensions mixed with your original lashes? Everything going with a pinky tone will become so lovely. This is a chance for you to makeover your normal black hair for a sweet girl. The vibrant shade is also a perfect choice for people who are finding something special to impress others. 

You can fill the pink-colored lashes in some spaces or apply the full set of this hue to your eyes. We bet our life on it, this will be one of the most colorful lash extensions you ever have. Besides adorning your eyes, pink lash extensions wonderfully create fluffy lashes. In case you have brown eyes, pink-colored hairs will feature a charmingly sweet doe-eyed effect. 

Using a color eyeliner will not be a bad idea since it can give you a monochromatic appearance. How about adding some glitter to elevate your look on special occasions? Pink glitter lash extensions are ideal for a dance party or holidays, You can try our suggestions and thank us later. 

Red Hot Lash Extensions

As their name implies, red is hot, and red lash extensions are excellent for Valentine’s Day. Moreover, you can try to apply red-colored lashes in various ways. From a pop of this color for a sweet look to full red lash extensions for a powerful look, no matter which styles you choose, you will be attractive in this shade. 

If you own gray or blue eyes, don’t hesitate to do this as you will regret why you didn’t know this shade sooner. You can wear red-colored lashes on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even summer, they will make the summertime hotter and hotter.

Don’t forget to paint your eye areas with cold tones, blue is one of your suggestions to have a contrast effect. We highly recommend you apply this tone to your team, friends, and family to show holiday spirit. You will be in the spotlight at any party with these red lash extensions. 

Green Lash Extensions

Green lash extensions can help your eyes become brighter
Green lash extensions can help your eyes become brighter

On the contrary red hue, the green lash extensions can breathe a fresh wind to your look. Wearing green-colored lashes is a good way to express your bold personality or simply add some natural tones to your eyes. 

Like red lash extensions, you can be bold or gentle as you want since you always have numerous ways to mix this cold color with your natural black lashes. They can be sprinkled throughout your eyes or you can focus on a few specific areas of your eyes. 

In case you consider which eye color can go well with green lash extensions, our answer is brown, green, and hazel eyes as the green hue can lift and brighten your eyes. You can wear green lashes to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Eating all foods having green color on this day will help you get triple luck. 

Purple Lash Extensions

Purple is such a romantic color but there are only several people who try wearing purple lash extensions on their lashes. Hence, when you push boundaries and try this tone, you will be unique. If people get close to you, your purple-colored eyes are the first point they see. 

Purple lash extensions are perfect for green, blue and hazel eyes. This bold color will make your eyes stand out. We suggest you start with a few purple lash extensions to create an ombre effect that will help you have an impressive but still natural look.

If you choose the purple lash extensions with a matte satin finish, your look will be more dramatic. Try these lashes and go on a date, your partner will be amazed at your beauty. 

Orange Lash Extensions

Besides the red color, the orange lash extensions also bring you a look that will flame up everybody’s eyes. This vibrant color is born for autumn and Halloween and is never out of fashion. Pumpkin color and orange lashes are matching shades. 

You can be bold or gentle but we always opt for the former choice as it will make you stand out among thousands of people. You can freely choose how long you feel comfortable when wearing as our products include almost common lengths such as 9mm, 11mm, 13mm, and 15mm. 

Your hazel eyes combined with orange lash extensions will create a masterpiece in others’ views. If you are shy to express yourself in this color, you can try wearing some orange hair instead of the complete set and you will see how beautiful you are. 

Blue Lash Extensions

Do you want to have a rock and roll look? If you do, don’t skip trying blue lash extensions. Your natural black lashes and blue lashes are always a classic combination. We mean who doesn’t like these shades? 

The blue lash extensions can pump up the volume of your original eyes, so they are the best choice for people having thin and weak hair. They also reflect your vibrant characteristics and styles. Your blue eyes will be brightened up with blue lashes. 

What’s more wonderful? These extensions are multi-purpose options since you can mix them with brown and amber eyes. The amber eyes become the highlight offering pristinely detailed eye looks. You can try the aquatic theme to go to the beach to have a wonderful summer. 

Yellow Lash Extensions

While purple lash extensions add depth to baby blue-colored eyes, yellow lash extensions go excellently with dark blue eyes. They can bring you a lemon vibe with a bright and vibrant yellow shade.

Unlike other lash extensions, you can be bold or subtle as you wish, we suggest you should sprinkle yellow hairs entirely on your eyes instead of applying a full set. That will help you have a dedicated appearance.

Our yellow lash extensions are made from vegan material with top-notch quality so you don’t need to worry about the lashes that will leave you behind after a short time. We also guarantee that we have never tested it on animals so you can be completely comfortable when using it. 

Brown Lash Extensions

For those who are chasing a natural look, there is no opinion more perfect than brown lash extensions. You don’t need to choose pink, orange, or red to highlight your original lashes, using a brown lash extension can do that in a more subdued and subtle way. 

One benefit of using this shade is you can mix dark and light brown without creating dramatic changes. Brown lashes are perfectly compatible with redheads and blondes and go well with almost eye colors. 

They will match better with women who have lighter skin tones. If you are a newbie in the lash extensions field, brown lash extensions can be an ideal start. You should try to apply lighter-weight lash extensions and you will love how wearable they are. 

Ombre Colored Lash Extensions

Ombre colored lash extensions
Ombre lash extensions will help you have Instagram-worthy pictures

If you are an Instagram holic, you can catch ombre lash extensions appearing everywhere in your newsfeed. Why do people love them? People think that ombres cannot bring you a natural look but the reality proves they are wrong. 

The ombre extensions start from bold shades to lighter ones, therefore, they will not create a too clear highlight on your eyes. The gradual changes of color make you look playful and Instagram-worthy.

In addition to applying black at the roots and tanning out of lighter color at the tips, you can mix royal purple, rainbow-toned or kelly green, and sea blue lashes. Then, post your picture on social platforms and it will become a viral photo.

How To Mix Your Colored Lash Extensions

The above colored lash extensions are just several options among a wide range of combinations. Colors are unlimited, you can always customize them as you want. In this section, we will bring you the 2 most popular ways to mix your colored lash extension that draw people’s attention at first sight. Let’s check:

The first one is to mix your lash extensions with your eye colors. Each eye color will pair perfectly with one or two lash extension shades. We have mentioned that in the previous parts, you can scroll up to check. 

The other is to combine your colored lash extensions and your hair color. You can pick the extensions that match your hair color to have a safe look. If you have bright hair color, the colored lash extensions are wonderful alternatives for mascara as it is so hard to find the suitable one. 

There is also one way less common and riskier that you can apply for bold-colored lash extensions with standard lashes. The more colored lashes you wear, the more vibrant you are. Otherwise, you can mix all colored lash extensions you have without the need for standard lashes, you will be a center wherever you go. 

No matter which hues you opt for and how you mix, creativity and uniqueness are the cores of creating your own vibe. You can try on and wear any shades as long as you are comfortable and confident. 

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How To Choose Right Colored Lash Extensions

Knowing your eyes always assists you in determining the appropriate colored lash extensions
Knowing your eyes always assists you in determining the appropriate colored lash extensions

To choose the right colored lash extensions, you should consider several factors. However, you don’t have to always stick to them too closely and the most significant point is still you. Let’s refer to 4 elements right now.

  • Pick the right colors: You should check your eye colors carefully to find out the most suitable colored lash extensions for them since the perfect lash extensions have to complement your eye color. We suggest you begin with several basic tones: gray, black, or brown.
  • Your right styles: Each color will bring you different styles. For natural styles, you can choose brown or ombre lash extensions. For colorful styles, you can go ahead with red, orange, yellow, and more hues. 
  • Take your time: Although it is not the main element, you should spend enough time considering colors and styles to meet your requirements. Moreover, you ought to add about 30 minutes to get a full consultation and style phases. 
  • Just the way you are: You don’t need to do something too different from your personality. Just customize your colored lash extensions as you love and you will be beautiful as you are.


While applying for colored lash extensions, you cannot deny you can face some problems, that’s why we are here. You can refer to the following questions and answers to clear your concerns. If you have any questions besides those, don’t be shy to comment and we will reply ASAP. 

How Do You Wear Colored Lash Extensions?

There are 2 important steps you have to pay extra attention to that are to pick the proper adhesive and allow for enough time. The black adhesive just makes sense for black lash extensions. For other colors, using clear adhesive will ensure you have a seamless appearance. 

Don’t rush when attaching colored lash extensions. You need to listen carefully to stylists’ advice to have an outstanding result. Moreover, styling lashes takes a lot of time despite your lashes’ volume. You can arrange your work in advance and the rest of your mission is to be patient. 

Can I Use Black Glue With Colored Lashes?

Black glue can pair well with dark blue, black, or brown lashes. It will create an eyeliner effect but it is more visible for other bright-colored lash extensions. So our recommendation is to use clear glue for sticking colored lashes. 

Should You Apply For Colored Lash Extensions?

Colored lash extensions can offer you a unique look that stands out among the crowd. Besides, choosing the right shade can also brighten and open up your eyes that make them pop. Mascara has not as many colors as lash extensions so wearing colored lashes is the best option for changing your styles, 


As you can read, our company offers you numerous colored lash extensions such as red, pink, yellow, blue, orange, white, green, brown, ombre, and purple. You can freely add some or all shades to your cart. 

Moreover, we bring a lot of useful knowledge to help you figure out what shade is fittest with your wishes like how to mix colored lashes and what elements you should consider when opting for them. Don’t forget to come over to our website frequently to learn more about numerous topics about lash extensions. Thank you for your following. 

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