The best Vietnam eyelashes for customer

Vietnam eyelashes are one of the most trusted and loved products by women and makeup artists around the world. It is not an exaggeration that most of the major salon chains from Europe, Australia, and the United States import eyelashes from Vietnam. Today, let’s take a look at the reasons why Vietnam eyelash is so popular and distinguish the Vietnamese standard eyelash!

Vietnam eyelashes style

After more than 2 years, the world has changed to adapt to covid-19, the beauty industry is no exception. It can be seen that when masks are an indispensable item for people, beauty will mostly be focused on the eyes. Therefore, in recent years, women all over the world quickly adapt to the beauty trend with false eyelashes. Vietnam eyelashes is a line with a variety of types, colors and materials that make all users satisfied with it.

The most popular types and colors

Lash tray and lash premade are two most enjoyable types of Vietnam eyelashes. They have many different color which can match the highest required. 

Lash tray contains long strip of lashes. The artists buy this to create their own fans and connect to customers’ eyes. In the opposite, premade fans lash has two type: loose fans và fans in line, all of them are neatly arranged. Fans lash are all made from synthetic PBT fibers. The lashes on the tray are 100% even and beautiful. Fan in line are arranged on the tray so the price is higher than loose fans. Depending on the number of lines, it is divided into 12 lines (12 lines), 16 lines (16 lines), 20 lines (20 lines), 40 lines (40 lines). Loose fans are cluttered in the box. It is very easy to make and cheap. However, it is difficult to separate the fans when the lash artist is applying eyelashes for the customer.

Colors and types of Vietnam Lash

Material of eyelash from Vietnam

Based on the material, Vietnam eyelashes included 3 types: mink, silk, flat. Mink lashes have hard, black fibers. It create a glamorous look. This is also a popular type, and a lot of women treasure it. Another type is silk lashes which is as soft as silk; and flat lash is the final. It is the softest type of eyelashes and especially people design this lashes to be “flat” to attach to the eyes more easily.

How is the best eyelashes manufacturer in Vietnam

When the eyelash industry emerges, besides reputable manufacturers, there are also poor quality manufacturers, providing fake goods for profit, so shoppers need to be careful to get the best experience with them. Vietnam eyelashes.

A good manufacturer have a clear address

When you buy somethings online or look for a manufacturer, you always trust a place with clear address. This is the same for eyelash manufacturers. Giving your priority to where that clearly provide the place of production and also online addresses such as website or fanpage. One of the criteria to evaluate the credibility of a manufacturer is clarity.

Customer service is important

After finding a reputable address, you should also evaluate the manufacturer’s attitude towards customers. The best manufacturers value every little feedback from their customers and are ready to accommodate all your requests. In Vietnam, big manufacturers like VietnamLash are always ready to advise and accompany customers in the beauty process.

Products of Vietnam Lash

List of Vietnam eyelashes suplier

In Vietnam, there are many factories and units that provide eyelashes. However, customers need to carefully consider the basic criteria to choose a satisfactory supplier. This is a list of reliable Vietnam eyelash suppliers according to VietnamLash statistics.

Vietnam Lash 

Vietnam Lash is the most famous vendor in Vietnam. Vietnam Lash is ready to be the comprehensive strategic partnership with vendors and celebrated lash artists all over the world. With the important stance of the trailblazer, Vietnam Lash has already had 3 branches in Vietnam, Japan and Russia, which provide the best service and support to our beloved clients whenever they are in need. 

Vietnam Lash works with the motivation to enhance the beauty of Vietnamese women and strengthen their confidence. Under such inspiration, Vietnam Lash commits to work and provides the top-of-the-line products to expand the beauty to clients globally. Vietnam Lash is the dream vendor for any retailers who want to improve themself and  pursue their dreams. 

Tala Lashes

This is the most famous wholesaler with Australia markets and it is also the oldest partner with Vietnam Lash. After more than 5 years of cooperation, The Aus lashes has become a serious competitor of many large wholesalers in Australia thanks to the high-class premade lashes buy from Vietnam Lash wholesale.

Beauty eyelash

This is a wholesaler with the largest volume of premade fans orders from Vietnam Lash in 2020 to USA markets. The products of this wholesale are diverse. They not only focus on false eyelashes but also provide a full range of related tools such as eyelash glue, packaging, …

Vietnam eyelashes export

In recent years, the fake eyelash industry in Vietnam has developed very well. The quality and price of Vietnam eyelashes quickly surpassed those of previous countries in the industry such as Korea, Japan and received the support of many places around the world.

Main markets of Vietnam eyelashes

Depending on the region, manufacturers in Vietnam distribute goods around the world. Industry giants such as Korea or Japan have also recently imported raw materials from Vietnam. For the Chinese market, Vietnam eyelashes are also gradually gaining an advantage compared to domestic products.

Vietnam Lash exports

Vietnam Lash exports eyelashes to many of countries and regions around the world. In 2021, our mega markets are Philippines, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Russia,… They are all satisfied with the high-end eyelashes. As the world’s No. 1 wholesaler, in the last half of 2021, Vietnam Lash’s export sales skyrocketed, especially the amount of premade fans exported to China and the US. With the growing love and support of customers, Vietnam Lash will do better in customer care and product development.

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