Top 4 Private Label Lash Suppliers USA – What To Consider?

There have been a growing number of eyelash extension manufacturers with private labels in today’s beauty market. If we’re all familiar with the term “wholesale lash suppliers,” it refers to those suppliers that provide businesses with low-priced orders of eyelashes. The products are thus available to be marketed under the names or labels of the businesses.

In the USA, there are innumerable private label lash suppliers experienced in creating those high-quality lashes for a variety of customer groups. To accommodate the greater demands, they innovate nonstop in the beauty market of today. Stay tuned for our top private label lash suppliers USA and be ready to make up your mind!

Eyelash extension private label has been mushrooming in number
Eyelash extension private label have been mushrooming in number

What Are Private Label Lash Suppliers?

Private label lash suppliers are companies that manufacture eyelash products and offer them to be sold under another brand’s name or label. In the beauty and cosmetic industry, private labeling is a common practice where businesses can create their own brand without investing in the entire product development process.
In the context of eyelashes, private label lash suppliers produce various types of false eyelashes, lash extensions, and related products. These suppliers allow businesses or individuals to purchase these products and customize them with their own branding, logo, and packaging. This way, businesses can have their own line of eyelash products without the need to design, produce, or develop the products themselves.
Private label lash suppliers often offer a range of eyelash styles, materials, and packaging options for their clients to choose from. This business model provides flexibility and convenience for entrepreneurs and beauty professionals who want to enter the eyelash market without the complexities of manufacturing and product development.
Product lines are different among private label lash suppliers
Product lines are different among private label lash suppliers USA

Top 4 Private Label Lash Suppliers USA

1. Vietnam Lash Factory

Start your quest for flawless lashes with Vietnam Lash! Our range goes the extra mile, providing a stunning selection of high-quality eyelash extensions, accessories, and innovative OEM services that set new benchmarks in the industry.
For private labels and OEM, we deliver a diverse range of design choices to tailor and personalize according to your brand’s distinct style and target audience, elevating the attractiveness of your brand. Our dedication to quality guarantees that every product, be it stickers, box printing, or labels, adheres to rigorous standards, instilling a sense of trustworthiness and excellence in the eyes of your customers.
We prioritize comprehending your brand’s requirements and ambitions, offering customized solutions that align with your vision and contribute to the success of your brand.

Don’t wait any longer; contact +84 924751724 to talk to our sales representatives today and get the best offers!

Private Label Lash Suppliers USA
Vietnam Lash Factory- Top 4 Private Label Lash Suppliers USA
Place of Origin Vietnam
Products & Services Eyelash extensions, tools, accessories, OEM
Shipping Method Ex Works (EXW), DHL, Fedex, UPS, and more
Payment Bank wires (T/T), Visa, American Express, PayPal, and more
  • Whatsapp: +84924851724
  • Instagram: vietnam_lash_official
  • No 30, 80 Chua Lang, Dong Da, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

2. BL Lashes

Established in 2004, BL rapidly emerged as a leading presence in the professional cosmetic sector. Initially known as Blink Lashes, the company underwent growth and adaptation over two decades to cater to evolving customer demands, ultimately rebranding as BL Lashes in 2015. They provide a variety of eyelash extensions, extension accessories and tools, and of course, what you’re searching for today, OEM services. 

BL Lashes provides label printing and printing services, allowing your brand logo to be directly printed on the products you purchase. They offer private labeling for a diverse range of items, including eyelash extensions, eyelash extension glues, under eye pads, tweezers, as well as before care and aftercare products.

private label lash suppliers USA
BL Lashes
Place of Origin Seoul, Korea
Products & Services Eyelash Extensions, accessories, tools, OEM
Shipping Method DHL, EMS
Payment Visa, PayPal, American Express, UnionPay and more
  • [email protected] / Tel. +82 43 855 8970 / Fax. +82 43 855 8973
  • Seoul Office #619~621, 416 Hwagok-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, 07548, Korea

3. Sunny Fly Beauty

Sunny Fly Beauty Limited is a China-located eyelash factory that specializes in the design, creation, sales, and service of fashion lashes. With more than ten years of expertise, they have become the top supplier and manufacturer of eyelashes around the globe. They provide a variety of lash items, such as strip and flare lashes, eyelash extensions, brow extensions, eyebrow accessories, and many more. 

For private labels and OEM services, you have the option to select a pack containing 1 pair, 2 pairs, 3 pairs, 5 pairs, 10 pairs of lashes, or customize the packaging based on your brand’s specifications. Simply forward your logo to Sunny Fly Beauty, and their skilled graphic artist will assist you in bringing your vision to reality.

private label lash suppliers USA
One of the top private label lash suppliers USA, Sunny Fly Beauty
Place of Origin  Hebei, China
Products & Services Eyelash Extensions, strip lashes, OEM
Shipping Method DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx,EMS, SF Express, Aramex
Payment T/T, MoneyGram, Credit Card, PayPal and more 
Contact Via

4. Haiteng USA

Founded in the US, Haiteng USA is a global distributor and training center for eyelashes with a long history in the false eyelash industry. Having headquarters in New York City with over 20 skilled workers, they focus on designing, producing, and marketing false eyelashes to customers all over the world.

Products from Haiteng USA are made from sterile materials, following strict standards. Also, they provide OEM services and private label packaging, enabling businesses to buy lashes that are prepared for retail display. Their eyelash market is unmatched regarding service and product quality.

Haiteng USA’s report on annual sales ranges from $1 to 4.9 million, which demonstrates that a higher quality of service, involving quick, affordable, and dependable delivery, is what they have strived to provide thanks to their expertise in the industry

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Haiteng USA
Haiteng USA
Place of Origin USA
Products & Services Eyelash Extensions, strip lashes, accessories, tools OEM
Shipping Method Contact supplier for more information
Payment Contact supplier for more information
Contact / Address
  • 1979 Marcus Avenue, Suite 210 Lake Success, NY 11042
  • Tel. 516-789-3131
  • Fax.: 718-228-5240
  • Email:[email protected]


In conclusion, selecting the right private label lash supplier is a critical decision for any business looking to enter or expand within the beauty industry. Throughout this article, we’ve delved into the top 4 private label lash suppliers in the USA and explored key factors to consider when making your choice. From product quality and customization options to pricing and customer service, each supplier offers unique advantages and considerations. Remember, investing time in research and due diligence now can lead to long-term success and satisfaction in your private label lash venture.

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