Top 3 Private Label Lash Suppliers USA – What To Consider?

There has been a growing number of eyelash extension manufacturers private label in today’s beauty market. If we’re all familiar with the term “wholesale lash suppliers”, referring to those suppliers that provide businesses with low-priced orders of eyelashes. The products are thus available to be marketed under the names or labels of the businesses.

In the USA, there are innumerable private label lash suppliers experienced in creating those high-quality lashes for a variety of customer groups. To accommodate the greater demands, they innovate nonstop in the beauty market of today. Stay tuned for our top private label lash suppliers USA and be ready to make up your mind!

Eyelash extension private label has been mushrooming in number
Eyelash extension private label has been mushrooming in number

What Are Private Label Lash Suppliers?

Businesses that manufacture and supply eyelashes to other companies are called private label lash suppliers. Not only do they produce eyelash products under their own brands but also provide other companies the chance to buy the eyelashes and have them marked with their choices of brands or trademarks.

Since they don’t need to invest in the production process themselves, businesses may offer eyelashes as their own products. Private label lash suppliers frequently give a variety of eyelash types and materials, as well as packaging and customizing choices.

What’s the difference between private label and branded lash suppliers? They’re two distinct methods for sourcing and selling lashes. Branded lash providers, in contrast to those private label ones, are businesses focusing on marketing lashes under their names. They also have a line of eyelash products that they created and packaged with their brandings and logos.

There are many different lash styles, materials, and designs available from branded lash suppliers. Businesses buy those lashes from the branded supplier and resell them as a part of their own product lines.

Many eyelash products are available from private label lash suppliers, which are customized with a company’s label and branding. Premade eyelashes, materials, and packaging options that these suppliers provide to enterprises are normally diverse.

Product lines are different among private label lash suppliers
Product lines are different among private label lash suppliers

Top 3 Private Label Lash Suppliers USA

As a matter of fact, the USA is known for glam eyelash extension manufacturer private label. Based on our references to objective sources of information, we’d like to introduce you to top 5 private label lash suppliers USA for your preferences. Follow through, beauties!

1. Elour Beauty

Elour Beauty
Elour Beauty

The headquarters of Elour Beauty are in Qingdao, China, where it was established in 2000 with 120 employees up to now. There are a lot of products available, such as Russian lash extensions, magnetic eyeliners, premade lash fans, mink and faux mink lashes (3D to 8D), etc.

This supplier’s qualified staff, who work as a cohesive team with in-depth understanding of lash design and production, manufacture private label products and custom lashes for $24 million per year. The best thing is that they will design the private label packaging for every business completely free of charge.

2. Sunny Fly Beauty

Sunny Fly Beauty
Sunny Fly Beauty

Sunny Fly Beauty Limited is a China-located eyelash factory that specializes in the design, creation, sales, and service of fashion lashes. With more than ten years of expertise, they have become the top supplier and manufacturer of eyelashes in the globe. Their excellent design team offers exclusive private label items to their clients. Therefore, their clients are constantly grateful for their efforts.

Along with their exceptional and good customer service, they provide choices of lash items, such as strip and flare lashes, eyelash extensions, brow extensions, eyebrow accessories, and so on. This eyelash factory has 36 employees and makes $7 million a year in revenue.

3. Haiteng USA

Founded in the US, Haiteng USA is a global distributor and training center for eyelashes with a long history in the false eyelash industry. Having headquarters in New York City with over 20 skilled workers, they focus on designing, producing, and marketing false eyelashes to customers all over the world.

Products from Haiteng USA are made from sterile materials, following strict standards. Also, they provide OEM services and private label packaging, enabling businesses to buy lashes that are prepared for retail display. Their eyelash market is unmatched regarding service and product quality.

Haiteng USA’s report on annual sales ranges from $1 to 4.9 million, which demonstrates that a higher quality of service, involving quick, affordable, and dependable delivery, is what they have strived to provide thanks to their expertise in the industry.

Haiteng USA
Haiteng USA

With over ten years of experience, Vietnam Lash Factory is proudly well known as the most influential private label lash supplier in Vietnam. The factory has created high quality eyelash extension products and provided customers and businesses from all over the world with their best results of lash extensions, from individual lashes to premade lash fans, and packaging. Thanks to the contribution of 1500 eyelash artists and manufacturers, every little detail from their products has to be put through systematic inspection and censoring.

Boxes of their eyelashes exquisitely produced, reported as their sales within a month, range between 20.000 and 30.000 boxes, making them one of the most favorable private label lash suppliers among Asian and European countries.

With the intention to engrave their name to a greater extent in more potential clients’ minds, they always ensure the satisfaction of every customer by offering them qualified products as well as encouraging services with flexible terms and policies.

We are entitled to look for the supreme beauty via our own choices of beauty partners, aren’t we? That is to say your preferences of private label lash suppliers does decide how fabulous yourselves can be in beauty zones.

How To Choose Reliable Private Label Lash Suppliers?

The quality of your desired products should be ensured by selecting trustworthy private label lash suppliers. You can find a well-rated eyelash extension private label that could meet your requirements for beauty, and ensure the satisfaction of your enhancement after weighing the following factors:

Every detailed research on private label lash suppliers is worth it
Every detailed research on private label lash suppliers is worth it

1. Data From Background Check

Investigate prospective providers in great detail. Find out what other companies have to say about them by studying their reviews, endorsements, and ratings. Seek out suppliers having a successful history and a confirmable reputation in the sector. If needed, consult with other companies or experts in the field for recommendations. Try visiting their websites and social media profiles to learn more about their standing and professionalism.

2. Studies Into Product Quality

Check out how well-made the suppliers’ products are. For a test run on the lashes, you can ask for samples or purchase them in a small quantity. Also, look for those who make use of top-notch components, offer a variety of lash designs, and guarantee comfort and longevity.

Check the supplier’s credentials to ensure they satisfy industry requirements. To ensure the product safety and quality, their products must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.

3. Manufacturing Process

Find out how they manufacture their products and if they have quality control procedures in place to guarantee dependability as well as consistency. Working with vendors who place a high priority on quality and adhere to rigid production standards is significant. And, look into the supplier’ possibilities for branding, packaging, and customization of the lashes; examine their ability to meet your own goals for the best glow-up results.

4. Customer Support

Determine whether the suppliers are receptive to your questions and eager to respond with all respect. Good communication channels and top-notch customer service are crucial for a successful development of a supplier’s image and charisma. Moreover, compare their price from several sources and be wary of oddly cheap costs that may imply poor product quality. Examine the terms and conditions of the suppliers, and pay attention to the minimum order amounts, lead times, return policies, and payment options, as well.


The eyelash market has grown significantly in the beauty sector globally, and new firms are continuously opening to suit the rising demand. This progress doesn’t appear to be slowing down, so choosing the ideal eyelash extension private label can be challenging as the USA has one of the largest cosmetics industries in the world.

Finding a hair company will help to add false eyelashes to your product list if you look for a cosmetics business that sells a variety of eye makeup goods. For your best experience, we highly recommend you to leave your footprints in the universe of private label lash supplies.

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