Upgrade your pretreatment routine for summer become more brilliant

To start today’s blog about pretreatment routine for summer, please answer this question of mine! As an Eyelash Technician, what do you think about when summer is mentioned? Well, it’s certainly going to be a busy time for you. Clients will be planning for their vacations, and to prepare for a more fabulous getaway, they will surely come to your salon to enhance their appearance with beautiful eyelash extensions. However, when you look at the summer sunbeams, you might also recall some not-so-pleasant experiences when clients complained about tangled or falling eyelash extensions. If you’re currently facing this annoyance, don’t worry anymore. In this blog, we will assist you in presenting 5- steps solutions for a pretreatment routine for summer, which will make you and your salon the perfect choice for clients.

Change your pretreatment routine
Just some small change in the pretreatment for lash extensions, you can achieve more

What happens to clients’ eyelashes when summer comes?

You know, summer is here, and everyone thinks of the golden rays of sunshine by the beach, the sound of crashing waves, and the wind rustling through lush green trees. That’s the time when we’ll spend leisure time and go on vacations with family and friends. Isn’t it wonderful? However, alongside these seemingly fantastic things, there will still be factors that can hinder your complete joy. Eyelash extensions are one of them. Why is that? The work of lash technicians also becomes busier in the summer, not only because clients come in for lash extensions but also to “untangle” the mess they encounter. Summer is a hot season, and if clients are regularly exposed to outdoor activities, sweating is inevitable. Sweat, oil, and sebum can create a layer on the eyelashes. This makes the lashes clump together and tangle. Excessive sweating can also lead to dehydration. If hydration isn’t maintained adequately, the eyes can become dry, itchy, and red, and eyelash extensions are more likely to fall out. Clients who are fortunate enough to work in air-conditioned environments might not experience the issue of clumping lashes as much. However, there’s still a downside: their lashes can become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage and shedding.

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Why should you adjust the lash pretreatment routine for your clients in the summer?

In addition to the aforementioned reasons, during the summer, people also alter their skincare routines. To protect themselves from the sun, your clients use more sunscreen, and that is also a factor that necessitates to change your pretreatment routine to keep retaining your customer base.

Those inconveniences can indeed result in a terrible experience for customers. But don’t worry too much. As a lash technician, you have the ability to prevent these issues from occurring by implementing a special pretreatment routine for summer.

Eyelashes get clumpy
When summer comes, the change of weather causes the body to sweat and oil, making the eyelashes sticky and uncomfortable

How is a pretreatment for lash extensions important?

Before delving into the specific 5 steps of a well-tailored pretreatment routine for summer, let me briefly touch upon the essential aspect of pretreatment for lash extensions. First and foremost, let’s talk about your clients. Lashes clumping during the summer days can cause discomfort and diminish their elegance. Therefore, the pretreatment steps for lash extensions will help reduce lash clumping and damage. 

Now, speaking of the benefits for you in changing your pretreatment routine, it’s evident that you will gain more trust from your clients, don’t you think? You might not be aware, but many lash technicians don’t pay significant attention to altering the pretreatment routine for summer. Hence, if you take the effort to accommodate these small changes, you’ll earn extra points in the eyes of your clients. This could lead to a more loyal customer base as well. 

So, why hesitate to implement this 5-step process into the pretreatment for lash extensions at your salon, right?

Change your pretreatment routine easily with these 5 steps

And without further ado, I will now share the 5 crucial steps of a best lash pretreatment routine. Take a close look at the main points I’m presenting and consider applying them to your salon.

Lash shampoo for lash pretreatment routine
Using a lash shampoo to clean client’s lash before extension

Step 1: Cleanse the lashes with a good lash shampoo

First and foremost, cleansing is always a crucial step. Similar to prepping skincare, you need to clean it beforehand. Choose a high-quality lash shampoo to eliminate any dirt adhered to the lashes and the skin around the eye area. Usually, foam-based lash shampoos are gentle yet highly effective in cleansing. You can explore a few options at different price points that suit your salon. One thing to note when using lash shampoo is to rinse thoroughly with water. Any remaining residue on the lash strands could compromise the effectiveness of the eyelash glue. Even worse, it might get into the client’s eyes, causing discomfort.   

Step 2: Use a protein remove pads

Using lash shampoo isn’t the only way to effectively remove excess oil from the eyelid skin. Therefore, I suggest incorporating a protein remove pad into the pretreatment routine for summer to thoroughly eliminate makeup residue and excess oil. This protein remove pad is an excellent product for addressing the area around the eye. It contains aloe vera extract and other nourishing ingredients like vitamin E to ensure that it doesn’t cause harm to the lashes during use.

Step 3: Deep cleaning

Cleansing. You’re absolutely right. Step 3 out of the 5 in the lash pretreatment routine is indeed cleansing. And this time, it’s deep cleansing. In this step, you’ll need to use specialized cleansers. These are cleansers specifically formulated for lashes. They contain alcohol to help remove traces of old lash glue residue. However, because it contains alcohol, you must be especially cautious not to let it come into contact with your client’s eyes. The best way to use this type of cleanser is to apply it to the middle and tip of the lash, avoiding the lash root, my friend!

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Step 4: Apply a layer of primer to your client’s lashes

Following the three cleansing steps, particularly step three, using alcohol-based cleansers has dried out and removed the moisture from the lash fibers. Therefore, primer becomes a solution to instantly rehydrate your client’s lashes. You will need to apply a layer of primer to your client’s lashes to restore moisture to the lash fibers. Additionally, the mechanism of eyelash extension glue involves absorbing moisture to dry and adhere more securely. Thus, applying a layer of primer before using the glue allows the eyelash extensions to bond more effectively to your client’s natural lashes.

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Lash primer for best lash pretreatment routine
Lash primer use in step 4 for the glue stick better

Step 5: Enhance the adhesion of the eyelash glue

By step 4, you’ve almost completed the pretreatment routine for summer. However, to ensure a stronger bond between the lash extensions and the natural lashes, a little more is needed. To achieve an even stronger bond, consider using a Retention and Speed Booster. This product helps lift the cuticles of your client’s lash, creating a more textured lash surface. As a result, the eyelash glue has more contact points and increases its adhesive strength.

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By now, my blog has conveyed all the information for you to upgrade Your Pretreatment Routine for summer and make it shine even more! Hopefully, you’ve grasped the importance of a pretreatment routine and are ready to implement the simple 5 steps I’ve revealed. Stay persistent, keep learning, and be dedicated – your customer base is bound to significantly grow!   

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