From Drab to Fab: Revamp Your Lash Room Decor

When it comes to decorating or designing a space, especially a space that can please hundreds of customers with different experiences, do you think you will need a professional designer? The truth is, not every salon owner is qualified to invite a professional designer to create a lash room concept for their salon, and not every designer will make you satisfied. So why not come up with your own ideas and implement them to both save costs and best suit your wishes? I guarantee that after reading this article, you will confidently complete your design with complete lash room decor ideas.

lash room decor
Here are 101 lash room decor ideas for you!

Choose a color theme for your salon

I am sure that experiencing the process of coming up with your own ideas for lash room decor will be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. First of all, search for furniture, and you need to find a main color for the salon. There are many criteria for you to choose for your lash room or salon, but in my opinion, you should find colors that match your brand logo. What is the benefit of this?

When customers come to your salon, they may not remember specifically how the lash room is decorated, but the thing that sticks in their minds is definitely the color. Therefore, colors compatible with your brand logo will help your customers remember you longer.

Regarding choosing colors, I believe you can create many colors that fit your brand logo. You can also refer to color schemes or colors in the same tone as the logo on the internet. A general note is that colors for lash room decor should choose gentle pastel tones because it will bring more relaxation to customers during the experience. And some of the various sources that you can reference for your choice of color theme are Pinterest, Color hunt, etc.

lash room decor
You can easily find your favorite color on the Internet

Define the layout for small lash room ideas

After deciding on the appropriate color theme, the next step for lash studio ideas is to determine the layout. Many people often overlook this step because they think that each lash room only has one lash bed, which takes up the most space. Just arrange the lash beds properly and you’ll be fine. (about lash beds, I will talk about a separate idea later, Please remember to read them all.) But that is one of the mistakes that causes many salons to see many inadequacies and have to remodel when operating. The furniture in the lash room is closely related to each other, so the layout must be harmonious.

For example, the lash bed must be placed so that it receives a lot of light from the lamp, the lash artist’s chair must be convenient for movement, the lash tools cabinet must be within reach of the lash artist, and it must have a power outlet. Close to the lash bed and the lash artists’ seats, … and a lot of other small things that you need to pay attention to. Therefore, at this step, the advice I give to lash salon owners while preparing lash studio decor ideas is to spend a lot of time trying and editing, editing, and trying again until you find the best fit. 

Lighting is extremely important for lash room decor

For a lash room, where lighting greatly determines the speed and success of eyelash extensions, the arrangement of the lighting system is also extremely important. You should combine this step of testing lighting with the step of choosing a layout for your lash room decor above.

Investing in a complete lighting system requires a significant amount of finance, however, this is something that I advise you not to regret investing in because, in design and architecture, light is one of the most important factors.

Good lighting not only helps the lash room look cleaner and more spacious, but also helps customers feel more secure. It doesn’t always have to be white light. Depending on your color theme, you can use pale yellow lighting to create a softer space for guests. Customers can be more patient, spending hours doing eyelashes at your salon, if they are immersed in a well-lit space.

If you are considering that there are too many types of lighting, you can see another blog of ours about light for lash room decor to shortlist your selections.

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lash room decor
A lash room decor that takes advantage of both natural light and lamps will capture the hearts of customers.

Choose a lash bed that matches your lash room decor ideas

Now I will talk about the lash bed part. Many customers I have met have reported that in some salons they have visited, the quality of eyelash extensions is not bad, but after each eyelash extension session, they feel pain all over their body because the lash bed is of poor quality. So, after the lighting system of lash room decor, a quality lash bed is essential. You should choose a lash bed with a design suitable for the height of the majority of customers in the area so that they feel comfortable stretching their legs when lying do

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When applying eyelash extensions, your customers will have to lie down for hours, so the lash bed must be smooth and soft to avoid back pain after lying for too long. You can also think about using additional toppers and pillows for your lash bed set. And to enhance the customer’s personalized experience, I have a little advice: prepare a set of lash bed sheets and change them after each customer. I guarantee this small action will add another plus point in the eyes of customers for the cleanliness and hygiene of your salon.

What else can you add to small lash room ideas?

After completing the basic lash room decor above, you can, depending on the space, add some decorative items that match the concept to make the room more intimate and unique. Normally, we can plant more trees. The green color of the leaves can make customers feel completely relaxed in your lash room.

If you choose items to add to small lash room ideas, you can think of mirrors. In design and architecture, everyone knows that mirrors help increase the feeling of spaciousness in a small space. Mirrors can also reflect light, making the lash room decor even brighter. So if your lash room is limited in space, look for a mirror!

lash room decor
A large mirror will create a small lash studio ideas

In addition to the above design notes, pay attention to cuisine, ventilation and room temperature. As someone who works on eyelash extensions, you already know the importance of these factors to the dryness of eyelash glue, right? I won’t talk more about this in this article because I already have a separate article about the factors that affect eyelash extension glue. Please read more if needed!

And if one of these is unbalanced, it could be a problem for your salon’s quality connection! So think about controlling these factors when creating ideas for decorating your eyelash room! I also have a blog about humidity, ventilation and appropriate temperature factors for lash rooms here, if you need it, you can refer to it for more information.    


Above I have listed all the tips for lash room decor. It’s a waste to have to hire a designer when with just these tips, you can completely create your own lash salon space. Try and feel the joy of designing your own workspace. Don’t forget to like and share this article if you feel it is really useful. And besides, if you have any small lash room decor ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with me. I will be happy to learn from you. Goodbye!

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