Top Lash Retention Tips for Long-Lasting Lash Extensions

Recently, I have seen many new eyelash extension artists complaining that they have lost many customers because the quality of the eyelash extensions does not last long. They are very sad and don’t know if there are any lash retention tips that can improve that situation. If you are one of them, then quickly read this entire article to promptly retain your customers and expand your business with new customers!    

How to get better retention for lashes
How to get better retention for lashes

Why Lash Extension Sets Don’t Last Long

The sad truth is that even though many lash artists have provided and explained lash retention tips in great detail, many of their customers still cannot maintain their lash extensions as long as expected. So is the cause from that customer, from the lash technician, or from any other factor? Let’s see!

Do not clean the lash extension properly according to lash retention tips for clients

The first reason eyelash extensions fall out quickly is that customers do not clean them properly. Even though you may have detailed instructions on lash retention tips, customers feel it is not necessary and still clean their eyes according to their daily routine. That is the biggest cause of eyelash loss. Touching your eyelashes a lot or touching your eyelashes with water will cause your eyelashes to fall out faster. Not only that, every day you need to clean your entire face with direct water at least twice every morning and every evening. Impact and standing water will put pressure on the eyelash extension glue, causing them to break faster.

In addition, it is more dangerous when you do not wash your eyelashes properly with solutions specifically for eyelashes. Excess oil secreted from the hair follicles of real eyelashes will accumulate at the base of the eyelashes. Because the excess oils secreted every day are not easily washed away by water, this will reduce the adhesion of the eyelash extensions. Therefore, your eyelash extensions’ lifespan will quickly decrease.

Touching your eyelashes a lot or touching your eyelashes with water will cause your eyelashes to fall out faster
Touching your eyelashes a lot or touching your eyelashes with water will cause your eyelashes to fall out faster

Using inappropriate makeup products

As I have talked about the ingredients of eyelash extension glue in detail in a separate article about eyelash extension glue, it is not suitable for oil-based cosmetic products. Mascaras and oil-based makeup removers are mortal enemies of eyelash extension glue. Because the oils in these products will break the chemical bonds in the eyelash extension glue, causing the glue’s hardened structure to break. Since then, the eyelash extensions have fallen off from the real eyelashes because the glue lost its adhesion. Many customers do not carefully consider lash retention tips. They use oil-based makeup removers and overnight, the beautiful lashes they spent hours creating are gone.

Taking care after eyelash extensions may not seem like you need much attention. But it’s those little things that determine the durability of the eyelash extensions. Customers may sleep in an incorrect position, such as lying on their stomach or placing their hands on their eyelashes, which can also cause eyelash extensions to break. Many people go to bed without removing their makeup after applying eye makeup, putting pressure on the eyelash extensions, reducing the lifespan of the eyelashes.

The technician’s skills are not good

Eliminating all objective factors, a subjective factor about your skills – the lash tech – also needs to be considered. If you are a new lash tech, you should practice more before starting to apply a real set of eyelash extensions. Because lash techs are familiar with it, they will have techniques for applying glue and applying eyelashes to achieve maximum adhesion. On the contrary, for those who do not have too much experience, using too much or too little extension glue, and how to position the eyelash extensions will also affect the durability of the eyelash extension set.

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Using oil-based mascara will cause the eyelash extension glue to become loose
Using oil-based mascara will cause the eyelash extension glue to become loose

Lash retention tips for Lash Techs

You see, the reason why eyelash extension retention is reduced can come from both sides: lash tech and customers. Therefore, lash retention tips also need to be improved from both sides.

1. Make sure the customer’s natural eyelashes are clean

First, let’s talk about tips for you. As a lash tech, you must remember that to keep eyelash retention for the longest time, you must make sure the customer’s natural eyelashes are clean.

Remember: the first lash retention tips: make sure your client’s lashes are completely clean before application. You need to confirm that the customer is not wearing makeup (no mascara, eyeliner or lotion), especially oil-based products when coming in for eyelash extension.

Use a specialized cleanser to gently wipe your client’s natural eyelashes before starting, even if they have a bare face. Because it will be impossible to avoid excess oil secreted by the skin or dirt that accumulates while moving.

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Make sure the customer's eyelashes are really clean before applying eyelash extensions
Make sure the customer’s eyelashes are really clean before applying eyelash extensions

2. Make sure your adhesive is up-to-date

The second thing I want you to note is to look again at the glue products you use. You don’t need to use a completely new bottle for each guest. Because if you do that, you won’t be able to do business anymore. But before applying eyelash extensions to customers, check the eyelash glue. Lash retention tips 2: Make sure the eyelash extension glue is of good quality before using.

Eyelash extension glue is a product that is very sensitive to air. Just by opening it, the glue started reacting (even while in the bottle). Therefore, after each opening of the lid, the adhesion of the glue decreases. You should choose glues with appropriate volume to use for about 2-3 weeks maximum. If left longer, the glue may harden or lose its adhesive ability. This not only costs you money but also damages your image in the eyes of customers.

In addition, after opening the glue, make sure to store it properly when not in use. Be careful to keep the glue bottle loose and close the lid tightly. If you are more careful, you can put it in an oxygen hood to prevent excessive moisture accumulation. But absolutely do not put it in the refrigerator because every time you take it out of the refrigerator, the temperature change will cause steam to condense inside the entire jar. This causes your glue to break down even faster.

3. Lash Positioning

Make sure to check the positioning of the extensions. They should be placed parallel to the natural lashes, not at an angle. If the base of the extension or fan isn’t securely connected, it’s likely to come off easily. Also, if the angle of placement is too sharp, it reduces the surface area of the bond between the extension and the natural lash, which shortens its lifespan. Extensions that aren’t fully adhered at the base won’t last long. If you’re having difficulty seeing the base clearly, consider using magnifying glasses.

4. Remind your clients about lash retention tips

Finally, tips for your customers. Don’t be afraid to remind them many times about important lash retention tips to take care of your eyelashes after extensions. It’s better to prepare brochures to give to customers when they leave. Holding something to read may make them remember it longer than hearing you say it.

Follow these lash retention tips to help keep your eyelash extensions lasting longer
Follow these lash retention tips to help keep your eyelash extensions lasting longer

Lash retention tips for Lash Clients

If you are a customer visiting this article looking for support to prolong the life of your eyelashes, these are the tips I have for you.

1. Keep your eyes from contact with water for at least 24 hours

After eyelash extensions, you should keep your eyes from contact with water for at least 24 hours. This time serves as a rest period for the adhesive to fully dry and securely bond the extension fibers to your natural lashes. This also means you should avoid showering under running water, swimming, or going to a sauna immediately after getting eyelash extensions. Additionally, you should limit high-intensity physical activities to prevent sweating and the accumulation of sweat around the eye area.

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2. Don’t touch your eyelash extension 

Touching your eyelash extensions frequently or vigorously wiping them with a towel is a common cause of lash extensions falling out. That’s why one of the important lash retention tips for clients is to limit touching the lashes with your hands and absolutely avoid using a towel to rub your eyes. This is to prevent any undue stress on the eyelash extensions. Additionally, to avoid putting pressure on your lashes, you should not sleep face down as it can compress the lashes and make them weaker.

3. Keep your eyelashes clean

Another lash retention tips is that you need to keep your eyelashes clean to increase the lifespan of a set of eyelash extensions. Always remember to use the right type of makeup remover for eyelash extensions to remove all makeup and dirt after a busy day. But be gentle, because your eyelash extensions cannot withstand strong impacts.

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4. Environmental Considerations

Environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and exposure to moisture can significantly impact lash retention. Avoid prolonged exposure to steam, excessive heat, or humidity, particularly in the immediate aftermath of the application. Additionally, caution against activities that may compromise the adhesive bond, such as swimming or intense physical exertion, during the initial curing period.

5. Sleeping Positions

The manner in which clients sleep can profoundly influence lash retention. Recommend sleeping on their back or using a specialized lash pillow to minimize friction and pressure on the lashes. Furthermore, encourage the use of silk or satin pillowcases, as these materials reduce friction and help preserve the integrity of the extensions.

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In conclusion, maintaining stunning lash extensions requires dedicated care and attention. By implementing the lash retention tips discussed in this guide, you can ensure that your extensions stay beautiful and intact for an extended period. From choosing the appropriate adhesive to adopting gentle cleansing habits, these practices are essential for maximizing the lifespan of your lashes. Additionally, regular touch-up appointments with a qualified technician are crucial for preserving the fullness and flawlessness of your lashes over time. With consistent adherence to these tips, you can confidently enjoy gorgeous lash extensions that last for weeks on end.

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