How To Tell Customers About Price Increase? Follow through!

A firm faces numerous challenges when raising the price of its product, not the least of which is the possibility of losing customers. The good news is that your lash business can deal with this problem to survive in the market. There are also tactics for you to lessen those effects of price rises on your clients and to keep them as loyal potentials.

The cost of doing business may alter over time, so you must review, monitor, and adjust your pricing, as necessary as always. This is the point at which informing clients about those price hikes is crucial to expanding your eyelash businesses. Follow through for ideas about how to announce a price increase to clients.

How to convince your customers to accept this change and remain content when the price of items is raised is a highly delicate issue in business. So, please note that strategies can vary among businesses, understandably for the sake of their interests, as well as their capacity to retain customers for themselves.

Price increases have been commonly applied to the market of today
Price increases have been commonly applied to the market of today

Reasons Behind A Price Increase In Business

A number of factors, like inflation, an expanded product line, features, etc., may need you to boost prices. It’s vital to inform your clients of the reasons for price increases since stagnant pricing may be detrimental to any organization. Price increases that are made without telling customers will have a negative tendency. They just expect to know the rationale for the price rise, so you must explain to them reasonably enough.

The significance of price increase in business is commonly decided by the following reasons:

1. Costs Of Production

Pricing for your items is heavily influenced by production and distribution costs. You will need to increase prices to cover the additional cost if those costs rise in the market.

2. Costs Of Materials

Your bottom line will be influenced by an increase in the costs of materials, which is similar to that increase in production cost. Inflammation, the adjustment of overall prices in the market, and your products’ prices will be influential if you make changes to improve their general quality.

3. Trends In The Industry

In order to ensure that your company remains relevant, it is likely that you will not be the first player in the eyelash field. Instead, you’ll have to keep up with the competition by conducting a competitive analysis if you aren’t ready to stay up to date with any industry norms. Bringing your business up to speed can result in a price increase if you discover a certain flaw in your current business plan.

4. Growth Of Business

Most firms want growth because it can lead to pricing increases. If you decide to increase prices because of the growth of your own business, it is crucial to provide current clients with advantages or new services to counteract the effects of an increase.

Other reasons can be the continuing education and certifications in eyelash institutions, skills and expertise required in the field, improved quality and services, competition and marketing tactics, operating expenses and overheads, and time and effort involved to meet the demand for eyelash services as a whole.

Businesses must carefully assess if a price rise is necessary, and take into account potential negative effects on their customers, who understand and accept the change if the increase’s causes are explained in clear terms and policies.

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Reasons for price increase are connected to the business’s success
Reasons for price increase are connected to the business’s success

When To Announce A Price Increase To Clients?

The risk of losing some clients is always present when raising prices, which is not a frequent approach in business. You should not, however, be concerned about price rises. While client desire for price rises is always positive for your business, it is not commonly felt the same for the customers, especially those who have been supportive and close with the company from the beginning.

You must be aware of the Gain Principle, which applies to clients, before you can effectively communicate this message to them (Gain = Value – Cost). The entire value of your product minus its price is what the customer benefits from.

By proving that the value is significantly greater than the cost rise, this is made attainable. In the event that your price rises by x, your value rises by 2x, 3x, or 5x. Specific considerations and creative problem-solving are required in order to show them the increased worth of your products and services in the field.

It’s also crucial to consider the timing of your announcement. You want to inform your clients of the change in advance, if at all possible. The shift will not be a surprise because they can plan for it this way.

The optimal time to disclose a price increase is at least one month beforehand so clients will have time to make necessary adjustments, and you’ll be demonstrating your regard for them by giving them advance notice.

In addition, keep in mind the price increase justification because it plays an important role in making your explanation sound even more persuasive and reasonable to your customers. It is critical to have a compelling reason for the increase before you make an announcement.

Make sure that you’re able to explain the pricing rise to your customers in a way that makes sense, regardless of whether it is due to growing production costs or changes in the market. A price change that isn’t properly justified can harm your firm’s reputation among customers.

There are a number of ways to announce a price increase to clients
There are a number of ways to announce a price increase to clients

How To Tell Customers About Price Increase?

A multitude of factors, such as rising costs for raw materials or rising consumer demand, do cause the price of things to rise in the business world. The question is, how to communicate price increases with your customers without letting them reject your request? There are ways to do so which can be taken into account for the persuasion of your price increase:

1. Contact customers directly and tell them in advance

As soon as you choose to raise the price and before the new pricing takes effect, let clients know. Also, give them enough time to acclimate to the new offer, reevaluate their spending, or look into other options.

2. Persuasively explain the reasons for the price increase

Make it apparent to clients that you aren’t pursuing profits but just adapting to the changing market situation, whether it is raising operational costs or the need to improve your product or eyelash service.

3. Demonstrate what your customers will get afterward

You can convert a price increase notification into a product upgrade email if needed. Focus on the benefits that your consumers will experience as a result of the price rise. Such as the extra product features that they’ve been asking for, improvements in service quality, greater customer support, and so on.

4. Make sure that the current prices do benefit customers

Giving your current clients the choice to upgrade to an annual plan for the old price up until there is a particular time you turn bad news into a revenue gain before the real price hike.

5. Be honest when notifying without sounding apologetic

You have the right to periodically raise your rates as a business, provided you have a valid justification. When announcing a price rise, it is important to avoid seeming overly sorry for your own goods and charisma.

Flexibility in giving explanations is a must for all uncooperative cases
Flexibility in giving explanations is a must for all uncooperative cases


01. What Mistakes Should I Avoid In Price Increase?

The highly robotic or electronic tone is at the top of the list of things that any customers hate most from businesses. They’ll never  want to start off with a dull script or be greeted by your “little surprise” abruptly. It should not be as if you announced your price increase in an email and then were done for the month. Most clients would prefer to get frequent follow-ups, and

make sure that they don’t happen too often. Notification of any lingering queries, as well.

02. How To Deal With Uncooperative Customers?

Dealing with uncooperative customers during a price increase can be challenging, but don’t overlook the importance of handling the situation professionally and calmly. A client’ worries and complaints should be actively heard. Tell them that you value their opinion and that you are aware of their feelings. Do not argue or become defensive and, instead, concentrate on establishing points of agreement and advancing a win-win solution.

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03. Where Should I Notify Clients Of Rate Increase?

There is no one ideal method to inform your clients of a price rise. Your technique of choice will be influenced by your business’s size, nature, and consumer base. You may notify your clients of a price increase in a number of ways. Such as having a notice with your next shipment or an invoice, writing them a letter or email, posting a notice on social media or your website, scheduling a meeting, or directly calling your customers for a timely announcement.


Price rises should be communicated confidently but sparingly. When you tell a price change, be sure to specify exactly what new clients will receive in exchange for their money. If there are restrictions on the content’s nature or method of transmission, be ready to defend them with additional advantages.

If you do decide to raise your prices, let everyone in your target market know where they can find this information on your website so they won’t feel pressured into buying. Also, think of a unique way to increase their appreciation of your products and businesses.

Not all clients are cooperative. However, by solving the situation with empathy, transparency, and a focus on providing good value, you can navigate the challenges and maintain positive customer relationships.

Remember that you will increase their perception of gain and increase their loyalty by putting more emphasis on value than cost. Good luck, the potential entrepreneurs and bosses!

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