How good eyelash extension consultation can impress your clients

Before providing any beauty service, a thorough eyelash extension consultation is essential. When it comes to lash extensions, a consultation not only helps you understand your client’s needs and expectations but also ensures the safety and satisfaction of both parties. 

By conducting a comprehensive consultation, you can gather important information about your client’s desired lash look, health history, and any potential concerns or allergies. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of preparing for a client consultation with eyelash extensions, including the use of an eyelash extension consultation form.

Why is eyelash extension consultation important?

Comprehensive eyelash extension consultations can maximize the success of your appointments and enhance client satisfaction. Let see how these consultations contribute to smoother experiences for both you and your clients.

Reason to use eyelash extension (Consult your clients about the benefit that eyelash extension bring them)
Reason to use eyelash extensions: Consult your clients about the benefit that eyelash extensions bring them

Understanding Client’s Expectations during the eyelash extension consultation

A lash consultation allows you to have a detailed conversation with your client to understand their desired lash look. Discuss their preferred length, thickness, and curl, as well as any specific style they may want. By aligning your understanding with their expectations, you can ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Assessing the Client’s Natural Lashes in eyelash extension consultation

During the consultation, closely examine your client’s natural lashes to determine their health, length, and density. This assessment helps you choose the appropriate lash extensions and adhesive strength, ensuring the longevity and safety of the application.

You should also inquire about any health conditions or medications that may impact the eyelash extension procedure. Certain medical conditions or medications may increase the risk of irritation or allergic reactions. 

Therefore, ask your client about any known allergies or sensitivities, especially to lash adhesives or other products used during the procedure. This information will help you select appropriate products and avoid potential adverse reactions.

Assessing client’s natural lashes before eyelash extension consultant
Assessing client’s natural lashes before eyelash extension consultant

Preparing an Eyelash Extension Consultation Form

How Should You Prepare for a Client Consultation? How to streamline the consultation process and ensure you capture all the necessary information? Considering creating an eyelash extension consultation form with the following information.

01: Personal Information and health history

Collect your client’s name, contact details, and any other relevant personal information. You should notice all the health history of clients that you already inquire about. Making it clear in the form with the confirmation of your client helps you avoid getting undesire risks.

02: Current Lash Condition and Desired Lash Look

During the eyelash extension consultation you should include questions about the client’s natural lash health, length, and density. Requesting information about any previous lash extensions or treatments they have undergone like: Have you ever had eyelash extensions before? What was your experience with them? Reactions? Likes/dislikes? And gradually note down their desired eyelash after extension. You can add visual aids or sample images to enhance clarity and facilitate communication.

03: Aftercare and Maintenance

Educate your client about proper aftercare procedures, including how to clean, brush, and maintain their lash extensions. Provide written instructions or resources that they can refer to later.

Tips for a Successful Eyelash Extension Consultation 

Prior to a consultation, it is crucial to ensure that your workspace is arranged in the same manner it would be on the actual appointment day. This initial presentation sets the tone for your client’s first impression of both you and your studio or salon. Moreover, it is essential to have all the requisite forms, pictures, or tools readily accessible for the consultation.

Different types of eyelash extension
Different types of eyelash extension

Prepare Ahead of Time

Review your consultation form and make sure you have all the materials ready, including samples, visual aids, and aftercare instructions. Grasp all different lash styles and be prepared to provide recommendations. An addition is using inspiration “inspo” photos. Enhance client decision-making during eyelash extension consultations by showcasing your work through personal samples photos. While social media can provide inspiration, caution against setting unrealistic expectations if a client selects a style or curl that isn’t available.

“Break the ice”

“Break the ice” is extremely important. Create a welcoming and comfortable environment for your client to encourage open communication. Use the eyelash extension consultation as an opportunity to build trust and establish a professional relationship.

And then, it’s time for listening attentively to your client’s concerns, desires, and expectations. Show genuine interest and ask clarifying questions to ensure you fully understand their preferences.

Using personal samples inspiration “inspo” photos to consult
Using personal samples inspiration “inspo” photos to consult

Provide Education in the eyelash extension consultation 

Educate your client about the eyelash extension process, including the application procedure, potential risks, and aftercare practices. This information helps manage their expectations and ensures a smooth experience.

Some other questions may be asked

It is advisable to inquire whether your client wears glasses or contacts. If they do, you can provide guidance on applying a specific curl to prevent the lashes from coming into contact with the lenses. Alternatively, you can suggest that they remove their contacts before the service begins to prevent them from drying out due to prolonged eye closure.

When you break the ice, you can also ask your clients about their previous salon or place they did the eyelash extension and what did they like or dislike about their previous service? what would they like to change? These information can help you to give more correct consultation

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To summary

A client consultation is a crucial step before performing eyelash extensions. By conducting a comprehensive consultation and using an eyelash extension consultation form, you can gather important information, understand your client’s expectations, and ensure a safe and satisfying experience. Remember, effective communication, active listening, and thorough preparation are key to a successful consultation and a positive client experience.

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