How to dry eyelash extensions? The Importance Tips for Clients and Technicians

I’m delighted to meet you, dear readers, through this blog. This is where I share tips on eyelash extension care and related matters. Today, I’m here to write about “How to dry eyelash extensions?” – a question that many of you have asked, whether you’re lash technicians or clients. Join me in exploring why we need to dry lashes and what you should do to properly dry them without compromising the beauty of your lash extensions!

Why should you know how to dry eyelash extensions?

Okay, first, I want to explain to you why it’s essential to dry your lashes after washing your face or taking a shower. I understand that many of you have the habit of not drying your face after washing it or not drying your hair after shampooing, and you do the same with your eyelash extensions. That’s something you shouldn’t do at all. 

Properly drying eyelash extensions is crucial for several reasons. First, it significantly affects the durability and overall appearance of your lash extensions. If you don’t dry them properly, it can lead to premature shedding, which means they won’t last as long as they should. What’s even more dangerous than not drying them is drying them incorrectly. Improper drying can trap moisture, which can potentially lead to eye irritation or infections due to bacterial growth. These are health-related concerns. 

Besides health, there are aesthetic issues to consider as well. Wet eyelash extensions lack the alluring appeal and the look you desire. They make you appear less sophisticated and polished. Therefore, knowing the right techniques for drying is crucial to ensure that your eyelash extensions not only last longer but also maintain their stunning appearance, enhancing your overall look and eye health in the process.

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Exploring why we need to dry lashes and what you should do to properly dry
Exploring why we need to dry lashes and what you should do to properly dry

Guidance how to dry eyelash extensions for technicians

For lash technicians, mastering the art of drying lash extensions is essential for ensuring client satisfaction and the longevity of the extensions. Proper drying ensures the adhesive cures effectively, leading to longer-lasting and beautifully maintained extensions. To achieve this, employing specialized products designed for lash extension drying is key. 

1. Use specialized tools

As an eyelash technician, your lash artist should invest in high-quality tools designed to dry eyelash extensions. Such as nano mist sprayer and mini eyelash fan. These tools are specially made to speed up the drying and curing process. Yes, I emphasize again, use high quality tools. Because there are many different tools to help dry eyelash extensions, it is important that the tool you choose is good and can make customers feel secure about safety.

2. Nano Mister

One of the most popular drying tools is the nano mist sprayer. The nano nebulizer is a popular tool among eyelash extension technicians. How to dry eyelash extensions with this machine? Because of its ability to emit a fine hydrogen mist, which speeds up the curing process, it is a favorite for drying lashes. However, it’s important that you don’t overdo it. Because excessive humidity can lead to whitening of the lashes and reduced ability to hold curls. Use it with caution to achieve optimal results.

3. Mini Lash Fan

You heard right, it’s a fan. Mi Mini Fan is a handheld, battery-powered device. This fan will run at a gentle speed to not only dry the eyelash extensions but also aid in the adhesive curing process through moderate air circulation. It has the advantage of reducing the amount of time customers need to close their eyes, helping customers have new and more pleasant experiences.

Using a mini lash fan to dry eyelash extensions
Using a mini lash fan to dry eyelash extensions

4. Brush and separate

Are you wondering how to dry eyelash extensions have anything to do with brushing and separating eyelashes? This is actually a step where drying is completed. After the drying process is complete, use a spoolie brush to gently comb through the lashes. This helps with separation and prevents lashes from sticking together, ensuring a natural and flawless look.

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How to dry eyelash extensions after shower- tips for clients

For customers, cleaning and drying eyelash extensions after bathing and cleaning is also very important. Especially drying your eyelashes after bathing or washing your eyes is an important step in the maintenance and care process after eyelash extensions. So what tips are there for customers? Please watch with me.

1. Try to keep the eyelash dry in shower

I have received quite a few questions and concerns from customers about bathing and washing their face after eyelash extensions. In fact, eyelash extensions have been designed to withstand water during washing and bathing. But if you put your face right under the stream of water, meaning the water flows directly onto your eyes and eyelashes, it’s not good at all. Besides, washing your face is similar. 

The main problem is that if exposed to water for too long and directly, it will affect the extension glue, moisture and cleanliness around the eyelash roots. If the eyelash root area is not kept clean, it can easily become a place for bacteria to grow, causing infection and danger to the eyes. Therefore, limiting water contact with eyelash extensions while bathing or washing your face is an important tip. If you bathe directly under the shower, you should turn your head so that the water does not flow directly into your face. If possible, wear goggles when showering to avoid getting your eyelashes wet!

Do not let the water contact your eyes directly like this
Do not let the water contact your eyes directly like this

2. Use a smooth pad for your eyelashes

After bathing or washing your face, drying is essential. But absolutely do not use a towel to wipe the eye area vigorously. In my experience, you should only wipe one area at a time. And specifically for the eye area, use a soft and smooth makeup remover cotton pad to gently dry the water around the eyes and eyelash extensions. Tips on how to dry eyelash extensions here is to not use a towel to wipe hard on your eyelashes!

3. Do not use the hair dryer

Many of you will consider eyelashes as hair to take care of. Therefore, after showering, you can conveniently dry your hair and then dry your eyelash extensions. But remember, tips on how to dry lash extensions after a shower is to not use a hair dryer directly on eyelash extensions. The first reason is because eyelash extensions are attached to real eyelashes with glue. Using high temperatures can lead to peeling or reduced adhesion of the glue. This makes the eyelashes susceptible to losing their form and breaking. The second reason is because the temperature of the hair dryer is much higher than the tolerance threshold of the eyelashes, so using a dryer can cause the eyelashes to burn and lose their original shape. Not to mention the heat can cause burns to the eye area.

4. Do not use conditioners on your eyelashes when they are damp

The last tip for you is to not use conditioners on your eyelashes when they are damp. Use them after your eyelash extensions are completely dry. Because if you use it on damp eyelashes, you may be creating conditions for bacteria to have a place to grow and develop.


So you have read to the end of this blog. How many tips have you learned on how to dry eyelash extensions? If you don’t remember much, please review it again to choose the tips that best suit you. My article will end here. If you like it, please give it to me and share it with people who have the same need to learn. Hello and see you soon!

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