How To Apply Under Eye Patches – Tips To Protect The Eyes Correctly

You should know how to apply under-eye patches correctly to protect your clients from substances while the lash extension application process. Let’s get started!

Placing under-eye patches correctly is a way to protect your customers
Placing under-eye patches correctly is a way to protect your customers

Understanding the correct methods for how to apply under-eye patches and selecting the right type of below-eye pads are two of the top priorities of a lash tech. But don’t worry, in this post, we will provide you with all about under-eye pads and the proper way to place them. 

Placing under-eye patches is the same as the prep before painting the wall. If you focus on the under-eye areas, the eyes will never be irritated and you will achieve the best lash extension look. We also suggest some ways to relieve uncomfortable feelings when your clients wear below eye patches for the first time. Keep scrolling down and take notes carefully. 

Definition Of Under-Eye Pads

Before exploring how to apply under-eye patches, let’s read their definition. Lash artists use under-eye pads to cover the lower eyelashes while they are applying or removing eyelash extensions. The pads have to be placed before the application process. 

Lash techs need to learn to put the patches in the right position to avoid moving them or irritating the customers. There are several types of under-eye pads: silicone pads and hydrogel pads. Almost all lash techs use hydrogel patches aka gel pads so we will concentrate on them. 

under eye pads for eyelash extensions
Under eye pads for eyelash extensions

Silicon patches offer reusable and slip-free solutions for attaching and removing lash extensions. These pads come in pairs and can be easily rinsed and cleaned with disinfectants for reuse on different clients, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

The hydrogel under-eye pads ensure a comfortable wearing experience as they are made from a medical polymer material on the outside and feature a hydrogel interior. Consequently, these pads leave no residue upon removal from the client’s eyes.

Our pads have a white color to provide lash artists with a clear view, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. They adhere tightly to the skin and come in various parameters to meet individual needs.

Choose between thick or ultra-thin pads based on the desired amount of gel inside. Some pads also include collagen and vitamin E, offering smoother and softer skin while protecting against dryness.

Additionally, we offer alternative materials for eye patches. Paper pads are a cost-effective option that requires the removal of the sticker layer before adhering to the skin. These pads are disposable, lacking nourishing substances for the skin. A pack of disposable pads consists of 10-100 items and they are the most hygienic choice for lash salons.

Features In Good Under-Eye Pads For Lash Extensions

For eyelash extension processes, it is necessary to separate the upper lashes from the lower ones, preventing the adhesive from sticking the lashes together. 

Never choose lower eye pads with dark colors since you will not see lashes clearly
Never choose lower eye pads with dark colors since you will not see lashes clearly

Putting the lower eye patches will support lash artists to work comfortably and keep the client’s eye safe from damage and the ingress of coloring pigment while proceeding. However, do you know what good features a good set of lower-eye pads should consist of? 

  • The pads need to adhere tightly and don’t move while you are working
  • The shape of the pads should follow closely and embrace the lower the eyes’ contour
  • Your customers should feel relaxed when wearing pads since the lash extension application process lasts quite long
  • The pads’ surface needs to be coated to avoid sticking residues: adhesive or primer
  • Never select the dark-colored patches
  • The inner and outer of the below eyes need to be grabbed thoroughly so you can proceed with the task easily.
  • To have perfect lash extensions, lash mapping is an essential task and the pads work as a canvas for you to draw an eyelash-style map

How To Place Under Eye Patches

The next section is the core of this post. You will learn how to apply under-eye patches correctly to protect the client’s eye areas and support you during the application process. You should follow these steps strictly to provide customers with professional and relaxed feelings. 

1. Clean Lashes and Eye Area Carefully

You have to clean entire eye areas with a gentle lash cleanser since dirt and oil are accumulated consistently on the client’s skin and lashes. She might wear makeup layers, you even need to eliminate them carefully. If not, the pads might not stick on the skin solidly and the lashes are poor retention. 

2. Ensure The Pads Fit The Eyes

Almond eyes are the most common eye shape so most of the lower eye pads are designed for them. However, we always have a solution to make the pads fit your customer’s eyes, curves, and size. Here are our suggestions. 

  • Almond Eyes: As we mentioned, a lot of patches are produced for this eye shape so you can place them directly on below eye areas without using additional medical tape. 
  • Doll Eyes Or Round Eyes: People with doll eyes or round eyes easily get eyeball bruises, so be careful when placing pads on them. The normal pads will not work on these shapes and you need to apply them in various techniques. 

Some tips for you to customize under eye patches are you can hold the pads up to the eyes while they are opened to check if they can fit the eyes. You can keep several different patches on hand to have more choices for each situation and save your time adjusting pads. If the pads are not suitable for the eye shape. You can cut the bottom bit and apply it. 

cut eye pads eyelash extensions
cut eye pads eyelash extensions

For people with monolid eyes, you should cut a small triangle on the left of the upper area of patches. Then, put them on the eye skin and fold the cut-out part to embrace the eyes.

cut out part of eyelash extensions
cut out part of eyelash extensions

3. Put On Eye Pads

After adjusting the pads to fit perfectly the eye shapes, you need to apply under-eye pads gently. You can ask customers to look up straight so that you can see the lower eyelashes clearly and make it simple to apply. 

Put On Eye Pads
You can ask the clients to look up straight for easy application

Make sure the pads will not touch the eyelid margin, and the waterline or keep them away 2-3mm from the waterline to offer clients the best experience. If the eyes expose to the pads, it can cause a few serious issues: redness, eye irritation, or even bruising. You can ask the client if they are comfortable or not and adapt accordingly. 

Remove The Pads

When the eyelash extension application process is done, you have to remove the under-eye pads. You should pull the outer edge of the pads from the temple to the nose and up slowly to avoid hurting the eye parts. 

Some Issues If You Use Eye Pads For The 1st Time

In case this is the first time you use below eye pads, you might face a few problems such as eye pads sliding down or failing to stick in place. We will help to erase these concerns and have a smooth process. 

Eye Pads Slide Down

If the pads slide down, the upper lashes and lower lashes will stick together. This situation occurs when the pads are incorrectly attached, creating air pockets between the patches and the skin. Additionally, the pads can slip down if you continuously press them with isolation tweezers.
To address this issue, there are several useful tips to consider. First, exercise patience when applying patches. Position the pads slightly towards the temple and gently stretch them towards the eye corners to eliminate any air pockets.
Furthermore, it is important to avoid letting the tips of the tweezers touch the eye patches. Regularly check the condition of the pads to ensure the lashes are in optimal condition.

Eye Pads Fail To Stick In Place

In case the eye pads fail to stick in place, you cannot start the process. The reasons for this situation are easy to guess. Firstly, the customers have to bulge below the eyelids. Next, the under-eye lashes are very elastic to push the eye pad up. Finally, you don’t wash the client’s face carefully, hence, there is still oily skin and makeup traces. 

You can select appropriate under-eye pads for each kind of eyelid: ultra-thin or thicker and combine them with tape to keep the pads tightly. You can place the gel pads first, then tape the below lashes down on top of the pad. 

How To Choose The Best Under-Eye Patches For Your Clients? 

We highly recommend you use lint-free, environmentally-friendly, thin, and non-irritating pads for applying to eye areas. Don’t remember to check the quality of materials and make sure you always pick the top-level pads. 

The gel pads are an efficient assistant for you to lash mapping for various eyelash extension styles. The marks will help you work quickly and significantly affect the final result of your work. Each customer has their features, you should mark the patches on each client every time. 

What Happens If You Misuse Under-Eye Pads

If you misuse under-eye pads, you can face several serious problems such as allergic reactions, under-eye skin swelling, bruised eyeballs, and bloodshot. Let’s see their detailed information in the following section. 

Below-eye pads should keep at least 1-2mm apart from the waterline
Below-eye pads should keep at least 1-2mm apart from the waterline

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are a potential issue that all lash artists can have at least one time in their career. Typically, you would attribute this problem to improper ingredients in the eye pads. But, the usual reason is you misuse the lower eye pads. 

Under-Eye Skin Swelling

The levels of under-eye skin irritation range from mild redness, a sensation of burning, tearing, and itching to more serious issues of inflammation with mild-to-harsh redness and swelling. These symptoms can be caused by the pads being exposed too closely to the eyelids. 

Hence, you should choose the right patches for specific eye shapes and apply them gently. The distance between the waterline and the pads should be at least 1-2mm to avoid swelling, bruising eyeballs, gooey pads, and bloodshot. The eye pads might move if the clients keep talking during the eyelash extension application process so you need to pay attention to adjust on time. 

Bruised Eyeball And Bloodshot

Placing the under-eye pads too high and scratching the eyeballs will lead to forming bloodshot on your client’s eyes. They will feel quite painful and uncomfortable when closing their eyes. Hence, keep in mind to check the patches frequently to ensure they and the eyes have an appropriate distance. 


We believe that how to apply under eye patches does not challenge you anymore. Remember that you should purchase high-quality pads instead of selecting low-priced ones. Your customers can realize the difference between them.

If you choose the pads at cheap prices, they cannot adhere well and even cannot lash through the eyelash appointment. Moreover, if the pads are too sticky, they can hurt clients’ sensitive eye areas. That’s such an ouch experience. 

Besides using regular patches, you can apply under eye pads with more nutrients during the application process. The common ingredients usually added are aloe vera, vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, and more to soothe the eyes. 

Caring for your customers from the tiniest details will make them feel refreshed after a long eyelash extension appointment. They will know they are always the Queen when coming to your lash business.

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