7 Best High Humidity Lash Glue that Ace the Test in 2024

7 Best High Humidity Lash Glue that Ace the Test in 2024

Hi, fellow lash techs! Let’s face it: high humidity can be the arch-nemesis of every lash tech’s dreams. We’ve all been there, battling the elements to create those perfect lash masterpieces. Fear not, fellow lash enthusiasts, because we’re about to spill the tea on the 7 hottest high humidity lash glue that’ll have you conquering humidity like a boss! Get ready to turn up the glam and leave humidity in the dust.

How does humidity impact the effectiveness of eyelash extension glue? 

All lash extension adhesives include cyanoacrylate as a key component, ensuring quick drying and a strong hold for weeks. However, cyanoacrylate begins curing only in the presence of moisture. In simpler terms, humidity acts as an activator for the adhesive properties of eyelash extension glue.

What’s the ideal humidity for eyelash extension glue? 

To get the best results with the glue for your lashes, aim for a room humidity level between 45 and 60%.

What happens to lash extension glue in high humidity?

Now, if the humidity is too high (above 60%), your lash glue, which contains cyanoacrylate, reacts too much to the moisture in the air. This makes the glue dry much faster than it should. And if the humidity is super high (over 70%), the glue can stop working properly, leading to poor adhesion.

So, keeping the humidity in check is crucial for the success and longevity of your eyelash extensions. Aim for that sweet spot between 45-60% for the best results!

High humidity poses further challenges:

  1. Glue Drying Too Fast

In the ideal humidity range, dispensed glue remains fresh for 20-30 minutes. However, in high humidity, it starts curing rapidly, potentially causing premature drying and lash fallout.

  1. Poor Attachment

The adhesive cures faster than indicated in high humidity, leading to difficulties in attaching extensions. This results in subpar retention and weak attachment.

How to choose high humidity lash glue

If you can’t control the humidity in your space (ideally 45-60%), don’t worry! Let’s quickly figure out which lash glue will work like a charm in those humid conditions.

Opt for glue with a slower drying speed.

Here’s the deal: Humidity is like a time warp for eyelash extension glues. They dry 1-2 times faster in high humidity, so it’s crucial to choose the right glue. If your humidity is on the higher side, opt for high humidity lash glue with a slower drying speed.

For instance, if you’re used to the speedy 3- to 4-second drying time, in high humidity, it could dry in less than 3 seconds. If that’s too fast for your liking, consider switching to a glue that takes a bit more time to dry.

The key is finding the perfect balance for your lash game in humid conditions. So, keep those lashes looking fabulous, even when the weather’s not on your side! 

Go with lash extension glue with a thicker viscosity. 

The more viscous the glue, the longer it takes to set. That’s why beginners in lash artistry typically choose a thicker adhesive, while experienced lash artists prefer a thinner option.

7 Best Lash Glue for High Humidity

Product  Price
1. Lashbox LA Opening Act – Lash Extension Adhesive / Lash Glue  $38.00
2. Lashbee Pro High Humidity Adhesive $58.00
3. LivBay Lash in-betweenie – lash glue $43.50
4. Eyelash Excellent Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue  £33.95
5. La Magnétique Signature Adhesive $31.99
6. Thousand Lashes Elite High Humidity Adhesive $34.95
7. Love Potion #9 High Humidity Lash Extension Adhesive $65.00

1. Lashbox LA Opening Act – Lash Extension Adhesive / Lash Glue

high humidity lash glue
One high humidity lash glue is from Lashbox LA

This adhesive takes center stage by delivering exceptional function and retention, significantly reducing the need for time-consuming touch-ups. It works best in humidity between 55% and 65% and at a temperature of 70-72 degrees – so it’s perfect for those hot and humid days. Tailored for both beginner and intermediate lash artists working in moderate to high humidity conditions, Opening Act Adhesive ensures a seamless application process. 

LBLA provides a comprehensive guide on utilizing this glue in varying humidity conditions, offering clear instructions for achieving impeccable results. With dry times as swift as 2-3 seconds in 25-45% humidity, 2 seconds in 45-60% humidity, and an astonishing 1 second in 60-65% humidity, Opening Act is a game-changer, allowing lash artists to work efficiently and produce stunning, long-lasting results even in challenging environmental conditions. 

2. Lashbee Pro High Humidity Lash Glue

high humidity lash glue
Lashbee Pro High Humidity Lash Glue

Hey, lash artists! Tired of frequent refills and your clients’ lashes wilting in the summer heat? Say hello to Lashbee Pro High HumidAdhesive, your secret weapon against the sizzling weather! 

Crafted for expert lash artists, this adhesive excels in environments with humidity levels exceeding 60%, thriving in temperatures ranging from 68 -73 degrees Fahrenheit. The 1-2 second drying time, influenced by the prevailing humidity and temperature conditions, ensures a swift and efficient application process. Low on fumes, high on hold—up to 8 weeks of lash perfection with proper application and TLC. 

3. LivBay Lash in-betweenie – lash glue

high humidity lash glue
LivBay Lash in-betweenie – lash glue

I’ve got the inside scoop on a lash tech fav: LivBay Lash in-betweenie – lash glue. This little magic potion is the answer to all our high-humidity worries, having a remarkable 1-second drying time and a killer range of 25-75% humidity tolerance. And get this, the temperature sweet spot is between 64-80 degrees, making it your trusty sidekick in humid summer time. No more stressing about retention issues, especially in those unpredictable climates! 

4. Eyelash Excellent Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue 

high humidity lash glue
Eyelash Excellent Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue

If you’re on the lookout for the holy grail of high humidity lash glue, look no further than this gem! The sweet spot temperature range of 19-35°C (66-95°F) makes it versatile for various climates. What makes this glue a winner, especially for us working in steamy conditions, is its slower drying speed of 3-5 seconds, making it the go-to choice for high humidity situations. Think summer houses, cabins, or any lash room that turns into a tropical paradise during those scorching months!

5. LLBA La Magnétique Signature Adhesive

La Magnétique Signature Adhesive from LLBA
Another impressive high humidity lash glue is La Magnétique Signature Adhesive from LLBA

Bragging an impressive retention period of 6-8 weeks, this medium-thick viscosity adhesive proves to be a winner in high humidity. This adhesive works in a wide range of humidity, between 30-70% and 70%, and performs optimally in temperatures between 18-23 degrees Celsius (64.4 -73.4 Fahrenheit). 

A satisfied customer from Florida enthusiastically shared: “I live in Florida, so we tend to have lots of humidity and heat. I find that this glue works great for my situation! I have air conditioning, so I can keep my temperature fairly low, but humidity is always a problem, even with my dehumidifier. This glue is great for my situation because I don’t need to keep my humidity so low compared to other glues! Highly Recommended!”

6. Thousand Lashes Elite High Humidity Lash Glue

Thousand Lashes Elite High Humidity Lash Glue
Thousand Lashes Elite High Humidity Lash Glue

Calling all lash techs in search of the perfect adhesive for high humidity environments! The adhesive thrives in humidity levels of 40-70% and temperatures of 65-72°F, making it your go-to glue when the weather is playing games and ensuring a seamless lash application process. This magical adhesive flexes a retention period of 6-7 weeks, giving your clients those flawless lashes for longer. Perfect for our beginners in the lash game with less than a year under their belts, it has a slower drying time of 2 seconds, allowing for greater precision and flexibility during application. 

And guess what? Over 200 fellow lash artists have given it a sparkling seal of approval with rave reviews. It’s like the Beyoncé of eyelash extension glues—reliable, fierce, and loved by many. Get ready to slay, lash queens!

7. Love Potion #9 High Humidity Lash Glue

Love Potion #9 High Humidity Lash Glue
Love Potion #9 High Humidity Lash Glue

If you perform lash extensions in states with high humidity, like Florida or Texas, this adhesive is made to be yours! This adhesive thrives in 55% humidity but performs well in humidity between 40% and 70% too, making it your go-to partner in crime. 

How to make the most of your lash extensions in high humidity environments 

  1. Use a Dehumidifier

Invest in a reliable dehumidifier for your lash studio. Place it strategically to effectively reduce humidity levels in the room. Aim for a humidity range of 40–60% for optimal lash adhesive performance.

  1. Replace Adhesive Frequently

Change the adhesive drop approximately every 10 minutes. This ensures that you are working with a consistently effective adhesive throughout the lash application process.

  1. Nanomister or Retention Bond-Booster

Integrate a nanomister into your lash application routine. After applying lashes, use the nanomister to create a fine mist that accelerates the adhesive curing process. Additionally, consider using a retention bond-booster, which can further enhance the bonding strength in humid conditions.

In addition to the strategies mentioned, it’s essential to maintain good ventilation in your studio. Proper airflow can help regulate humidity levels and create a more comfortable working environment. Regularly check and calibrate your tools and equipment to ensure they are operating optimally.

Remember to educate your clients about the potential impact of high humidity on lash retention and provide them with aftercare instructions tailored to the specific environmental conditions. By implementing these measures, you can enhance the overall quality and longevity of lash extensions in high humidity environments.


And there you have it—the ultimate arsenal for conquering high humidity. With these high humidity lash glue in your toolkit, you’re not just creating lashes; you’re crafting works of art that defy the elements. So go ahead, slay those lash looks, and let the world wonder how you make humidity look like a walk in the park. Here’s to flawless lashes that withstand the heat—you’ve got this!

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