Top 8 Easter Makeup Looks for a Picture-Perfect Celebration

Top 8 Easter Makeup Looks for a Picture-Perfect Celebration

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by giving your makeup routine a festive twist? Whether you’re attending a family gathering or an Easter brunch, adding a pop of color to your look can elevate your festive spirit. In this article, we’ll explore some vibrant and playful Easter makeup looks that will have you turning heads at every egg hunt. So, grab your brushes and let’s dive into the world of Easter-inspired beauty!

8 Trendiest Easter Makeup Looks

1. Pastel Paradise

Easter is synonymous with pastel colors, and incorporating them into your makeup look is a surefire way to capture the essence of the season. Use hues such as soft lavender, baby blue, mint green, pink, or pale yellow on the eyes for a dreamy, pastel-inspired eye look. Pair it with a rosy pink blush and a subtle nude lip to complete the soft and feminine vibe.

easter makeup looks
Pastel colors are one of the most popular easter makeup looks


Easter pastel ideas
Easter pastel ideas

2. Bunny-Inspired Beauty

Hop into the Easter spirit with these cute and playful bunny-inspired Easter makeup looks.

Simple Bunny Look

Achieve this adorable bunny style in just 5 minutes!

Start with a fresh face, then use a black pencil eyeliner to draw the rabbit nose and whiskers. Extend lines outward for long whiskers, and add dots for a cute, tiny whisker effect. Simple! If you have extra time, consider using primer and foundation for flawless skin, adding blush for an even cuter bunny appearance, and applying mascara or fake lashes to enhance the overall look.

What you’ll need:

  • Eyeliner 
  • Foundation
  • Blush
  • Mascara / False Lashes 
Easter makeup looks
Bunny Easter makeup looks

Cutest Innocent Bunny Look

Whether you’re headed for a date or a lively party, this cute Easter makeup look is ready!

The standout element of this look is the delightful pinkish tone. Apply a gradient of girly blush, sweeping it across the cheekbones and gently towards the eyes. Enhance your lashes with volume, opting for baby doll lashes, and add a touch of dark-brown eyeshadow beneath the eyes to achieve an innocent and pure, big-eyed effect. Don’t miss the crucial step in this makeup routine—apply blush to the tip of your nose for that adorable baby-like appearance.

To complete the look, go for a matte rosy beige-pink lip color.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A pink girly blush
  2. Baby Doll Lashes
  3. Rosy Beige-Pink Lipstick 

And voila—you’re ready to channel your inner Easter bunny!

cute bunny makeup looks
One of the cutest Easter makeup looks out there

3. Floral Fantasy

Bring the beauty of spring flowers to your makeup with a floral-inspired look. 

flower makeup looks
Floral looks are spring staples

Lavender hue is a springtime classic. Mix it with flowers, and it’s an instant hit for Easter. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Achieve a soft, blended look by applying lavender eyeshadow to your crease.
  2. Infuse a hint of color by adding a pop of purple to your lower lash line.
  3. Get creative with flowers using white eyeliner, or simplify the process with a flower stamp eyeliner.
  4. Keep things subtle on your lips and cheeks by opting for a natural blush, a soft pink lip tint, or a muted nude lip color.

Next up…

Isn’t this watercolor-vibe blue petal look a treat to the eyes? 

Achieving this seemingly intricate look is a breeze; just opt for pressed flowers. Apply them effortlessly with eyelash glue wherever you fancy. Amazon offers a diverse floral set in various colors, ensuring a perfect match for any makeup style you envision.

Easter makeup looks
Heavenly Easter makeup looks by @anya.tisdale

4. Natural Flush

Go with neutral Easter makeup looks if you don’t want to much fuss.

For an Easter look that’s fresh and slightly tinted, go with the neutral pink and tan color palette. Use hues like nude pink and dusty rose for lips and cheeks. and for the eyes, a neutral brown or a tan shade to give the eyes a tint of definition. 

no makeup makeup
Go with neutral Easter makeup looks if you don’t want too much fuss.

Hourglass has many blush shades that fall into this neutral vibes. They’re seriously stunning! And, let’s not even start on Hourglass’ formula, the powder is so finely milled, it’s heavenly!

Hourglass blush
Hourglass blush shades are the perfect choice

5. Korean Peach Makeup

Without a doubt, 2023 was the year of Kpop and K-beauty trends. And the style of Korean peach makeup is one that never goes out of style. This youthful, soft, and lovely spring aesthetic is the perfect natural makeup for Easter. 

Achieving the peach-like look typically involves a blend of luscious pink and coral tones for eyes and lips, a soft overall finish, enchanting doe-like eyes, and a generous touch of blush. 

Easter makeup looks
Korean peach makeup is a great choice for a natural easter makeup looks

6. Eggcellent Eyeliner

For a more subtle yet festive look, focus on the eyeliner. Choose pastel-colored eyeliners in shades like robin’s egg blue, soft pink, and mint green. Experiment with different eyeliner styles, from a classic wing to a playful double-winged look. The key is to keep it light and fun, adding a pop of color that complements your overall Easter ensemble.

pastel eyeliner makeup
Grab a few bright eyeliners and have fun with them.
pastel eyeliner makeup
Pastel intertwined wings are for lovers of colorful easter makeup looks.

We only recently tried out this intertwined wing look. And it’s the loveliest eye makeup look for Easter. Choose two vibrant colors that contrast with each other to achieve this eye-catching look. Outline the first wing in the usual way, and add another one slightly above it. You’re guaranteed to steal the show!

NYX Epic Wear Liner Sticks have an array of hues for you to choose from, satisfy all your color craving this Easter holiday!

7. Sunset Serenity

Capture the warmth of a beautiful Easter sunset with a sunset-inspired makeup look. Create a gradient effect that mimics the colors of a setting sun. Add a touch of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes for an ethereal glow. Finish the look with a coral or peach lipstick to complement the warm tones.

sunset eye makeup
If your prefer a warm tone makeup, sultry sunset eyes are your best friends.

8. Mint to Be

Oh, picture this: a minty-fresh eye vibe paired with a sweet rosy lip—it practically shouts “springtime cuteness”! That minty green or seafoam green has this magical touch in the Easter air, giving off this delightful freshness. Now, we get it—green might not be your typical 9-to-5 go-to, but trust us, a subtle wash of mint green is not as frightening as you reckon. It’s easy, breezy, and oh-so-chic.

For the perfect minty masterpiece, we’re totally crushing on the Juvia’s Place Rebel Mint Eyeshadow Palette. It’s like a treasure trove of pigment perfection! Juvia’s Place is practically the Picasso of eyeshadows—always impressively pigmented, and this palette is no exception. So, why not dive right into the minty madness and let your eyes do the talking? Spring has never looked so chic!

spring eye makeup
Easter makeup looks easy a veil of mint green all over the lids.


As you prepare to celebrate Easter, don’t forget to have fun experimenting with these vibrant and festive makeup looks. Whether you opt for pastels, embrace the bunny vibes, channel floral fantasies, play with colorful eyeliners, or capture the essence of a sunset, these Easter makeup looks are sure to add an extra layer of joy to your celebrations. So, grab your favorite beauty products, unleash your creativity, and let your makeup shine as brightly as the spirit of Easter itself. Happy Easter!