A nano mister for eyelash extensions- a great solution to shorten lash extension time

Hello dear friend! I want to send you my warmest greetings before starting today’s blog post. The story is that my friend just bought new nano misters for eyelash extensions for her salon. They replace old mister lines that have been used for too long. Inspired by the new cute little nano minster machines in my friend’s salon, I wrote an article today to help everyone better understand this very useful tool.

What is a nano mister for eyelash extensions?

A nano mister for lashes is a compact, handheld device that has a water tank and a hole for spraying the mist. Mister runs on a rechargeable battery, making it very convenient for lash artists to use every day. 

nano mister for eyelash extensions
A lash nano mister is a device used to spray tiny water droplets onto eyelash extensionsWhat a nano mister for eyelash extensions can do?

As an eyelash artist, you know that it takes about 3 hours to create a beautiful and complete pair of eyelashes. This, in addition to depending on the proficiency of the lash artist, also has an objective reason. That is, the eyelash extensions must be attached one after another. 

This means that the lash artist will have to repeat the steps of applying glue, attaching eyelash extensions to real eyelashes, waiting for the glue to dry before starting to attach another eyelash. As you know, it takes 2-3 hours to do all the eyelashes in turn.

And it seems that professional eyelash extension artists are starting to feel bored with having to wait so long, so they have started to research. And then, nano lash mister is used based on the basic principle of eyelash extension glue.

As I said in previous articles about eyelash extension glue, it contains cyanoacrylate. When these substances come into contact with hydrogen, a series of fusion reactions occur causing the liquid glue to turn into a solid.

nano mister for eyelash extensions
Lash nano mister sprays water to help the glue cure faster

Hydrogen is a component found in water. And therefore the water vapor in the air will cause the glue to dry. However, depending on whether the humidity is high or low, the glue speed is different. Because in a salon, the humidity cannot be too high to keep the eyelash extension glue from being damaged. So nano misters have been used to create humidity.

Lash artists will use nano misters for eyelash extensions to spray tiny drops of water onto the eyelashes to stimulate the glue to cure faster. Then, eyelash extensions can go more smoothly and quickly.

Benefits of using nano mister

The use of nano mister has brought many benefits to salons. Nowadays, in salons with new and modern technology, the mister is also an indispensable tool. When lash artists are reading this article, you may think about buying a nano lash mister for yourself or your salon right away because of the following benefits it can bring.

1. Shorten eyelash extension time.

You may encounter many difficult customers. They will grumble and leave if they have to stay in bed for too long. And if you are lucky enough to meet interesting and understanding customers, they are willing to wait 3 hours for a pair of beautiful eyelashes, but I think you can’t. You can’t make a guest for 3 hours. Because of that, if you calculate, you can only do eyelash extensions for a maximum of 4 customers a day. This is bad, because the profit you earn is not enough to operate the salon.

But when you use nano mister for eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions will be significantly faster. Instead of completing just one pair of eyelashes in 3 hours, now, thanks to nano mister, you can complete it for 3 customers in that time.

2. Customers should not avoid water for too long after eyelash extensions.

Many customers do not remember the advice of lash artists after applying eyelash extensions and they cannot avoid water for 24 hours, even just 12 hours after applying eyelash extensions. Then you get countless complaints when their eyelashes turn white and fall out. It’s annoying, isn’t it? But now, nano lash mister gets rid of that trouble for you in just a few pumps. You dry it right at the salon and once the glue has reached a certain level of dryness, it will no longer absorb any more water and experience water shock. At that time, customers can comfortably wash their face or go swimming right after applying the eyelashes.

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3. Reduces the risk of eye irritation for customers.

Surely many of you have encountered cases where customers are irritated by the fumes of eyelash glue right at the salon. The most common irritation is when the client’s eyes become red and shed a lot of tears. This not only causes customers to have a bad experience, but lash artists also have to spend more time on a customer. If you have a lash mister, you will limit the smoke release of the glue. Thanks to that, customer irritation is also less. My friend recounted that after she instructed the eyelash extension staff at her salon to use nano mister for eyelash extensions, the redness and watery irritation in customers’ eyes seemed to no longer exist.

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nano mister for eyelash extensions
Use lash mister to reduce eye irritation for customers

The downside of using a nano mister for eyelash extensions

Any product that has benefits also has its downside. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of nano mister lies in its ability to increase the curing speed of glue. I will explain this clearly. You know, the fact that the glue does not dry immediately after applying eyelash extensions gives the eyelash extension artist time to adjust and shape the eyelashes, making them more beautiful and more suitable for the customer’s face. But using mister will make the glue cure faster. Those lash techs or lash artists who don’t have much experience may be confused. They will not be able to adjust the position of the eyelash extensions as desired.

Besides, if the amount of mist emitted at each spray is not well adjusted, nano mister can also cause the glue to be shocked by water and become brittle and even turn an unsightly white color.

Therefore, to use nano mister and turn it into a support tool instead of a destructive one, a lash tech needs to practice many times before going into practice.

How to use a nano mister for eyelash extension correctly?

The fogger operates on a rechargeable battery, so it’s best to charge it overnight to ensure a new work day starts with healthy tools. In addition, in case you use too much and the battery runs out, you should also have a few backup devices.

Fill the container with water. I see experts often recommend using mineral water or purified bottled water to avoid hard water buildup when using tap water. This may cause the mist nozzle to become clogged and damage the machine.

nano mister for eyelash extensions
You should use mineral water for the nano mister to avoid the damage

You should consider and plan your lashes in advance. You can imagine in your mind the position and connection method for each eyelash area. Because when using nano mister you will have to work faster than usual if you don’t want the eyelashes to be in the wrong position.

After cleaning and drying your client’s natural lashes, you’ll apply the lash nano mister. Ask the client to close their eyes and hold it about 15 centimeters away from the client’s eyelashes and hold down the button. Move the nozzle continuously and evenly across the client’s lashes. Some nano misters will automatically stop spraying after 15 seconds or 30 seconds. But there are also machines you have to stop yourself. Therefore, please estimate so that the amount of mist sprayed is just enough.

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Expert advice when using nano mister for eyelash extensions

Using a nano mister seems easy at first glance, but if you don’t pay attention to the details, the machine will likely break quickly. So please note the following advice from experts.

  • Always place the machine in a vertical orientation: When you place the machine upright, the amount of steam sprayed will not spray directly onto your eyelids. If you direct the nozzle at your eyelids, water shock will occur. At that time, the joint glue will cure quickly and become dry and brittle.
  • Wipe clean with a soft cloth: If the machine is dirty, you should only clean it with a soft, dust-free cloth. Avoid using paper that leaves dust as it can clog the mist hole. Also avoid washing with water or wiping with a wet towel because if not careful, it can damage the device’s charging port.


Above is all I want to say about nano mister for eyelash extensions. Of course, each tool has its own benefits and disadvantages. But looking at the case of my friend’s salon, I see that it does more good than harm. It is important that you train your salon or spa staff on how to properly use nano lash mist to reduce the negative effects. When using lash nano mister, please pay attention to the tips I leave in expert advice. Although these are small tips, they will help you increase the life of your device. This is the end of my article today. Hope it helps you. And if so, please help me share this article with more people! In addition, if you have a type of nano mister that you like to use, please leave the information in the comment section for everyone to refer to. Thank you for reading this far. Goodbye!

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