Top 7 low humidity lash glue that have earned the top spots

Top 7 low humidity lash glue that have earned the top spots

Hi, lash artists! If you’ve found yourself grappling with the challenges of eyelash extension applications during the winter season, worry not—we’re here to lend a helping hand. As any seasoned lash artist knows, the glue you use for extensions depends a lot on the temperature and humidity. Amidst the winter chill, many skilled lash professionals have encountered the frustrating hurdle of slow-drying glue in low humidity conditions.

Listening attentively to the concerns of these dedicated artists, we’ve compiled a treasure trove of insights and recommendations. Today, we’re excited to present a curated list of the top 7 low humidity lash glue that have earned the nod of approval from the lash community. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the world of perfect lashes and find the solutions to up your lash game this winter!

low humidity lash glue
Top 7 low humidity lash glue that have earned the top spots

What happens to lash extension adhesive when experiencing low humidity?

Maintaining the right humidity in your lash room is super important—aim for 40% to 60%. Straying too high or too low can seriously impact your lash game. If it’s too dry, the lash glue takes forever to set, and that can lead to some not-so-great scenarios:

  1. Lashes sticking together: The glue takes too long to dry, and your lashes end up joining forces where they shouldn’t.
  2. Leaning or slipping lashes: Without that quick, solid bond, lashes might tilt or slide when you’re placing them, and you won’t get that satisfying instant connection.
  3. More reactions: Low humidity can cause issues like watery eyes, burning, inflammation, or even allergic reactions.
  4. Blooming: When humidity drops below 45%, the glue fumes might wander to your client’s eyes, causing irritation and tears. It becomes a cycle of more tearing and more blooming—remember, wherever there’s water, the glue follows.

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Key Characteristics of Low Humidity Lash Glue

Quick Drying Time

One of the most critical characteristics to consider when choosing eyelash extension glue for low humidity is its drying time. In low humidity conditions, the air tends to be drier, which can slow down the drying process of the glue. 

To overcome these challenges, it is recommended to opt for an eyelash extension glue with a fast-drying formula when working in low humidity environments. A fast-drying glue ensures that the extensions bond efficiently and quickly to the natural lashes, minimizing the risk of complications during the application process.

Strong Bonding Power

Look for products explicitly formulated for low humidity environments, as they often contain ingredients that enhance adhesion. An example is PMMA, also known as poly (methyl methacrylate), which is known to be responsible for creating a durable and strong bond in lash extension glue. A flexible hold is essential to prevent lashes from becoming brittle, ensuring a natural look and feel. 

Best Eyelash Extension Glue for Low Humidity

Product  Price
1. LLBA Hypoallergenic Speedy Signature Adhesive  $31.99
2. LivBay Low Humidity Glue $65.50
3. EBL Lashes Grand Rapid $40.00
4. EBL Lashes Magic Eyelash Extension Adhesive $43.00
5. Sugarlash PRO Naked Bond $48.00
6. Borboletapro Go-To Adhesive $49.00
7. Lashes by RK Je T’aime Low Humidity Adhesive  $32.00

1. LLBA Hypoallergenic Speedy Signature Adhesive 

With an impressive 0.5-second curing time, this glue significantly accelerates the application process, ensuring a quick and efficient lash extension experience. The remarkable 5-6 weeks retention period speaks volumes about the product’s longevity, guaranteeing your clients will enjoy beautiful lashes for an extended period. Additionally, the low fume level makes it ideal for clients who may be sensitive to strong odors. 

A delighted customer attests: “I live in Colorado, where it is super dry. My humidity is usually around 20-35% and this glue is amazing! Retention on my clients is great and has helped speed up my application time.”  

low humidity lash glue
low humidity lash glue LLBA Hypoallergenic Speedy Signature Adhesive

2. LivBay Low Humidity Glue

LivBay Low Humidity Glue emerges as the ideal solution for eyelash extensions, especially if you live in a dry place where humidity hovers between 30-50%. It’s super quick, drying in just 1-1.5 seconds, making it a go-to for low humidity conditions. 

It’s important to note that refrigeration is not recommended for this glue; keep it at room temperature. Use foil to keep the tip clean and give it a good shake from side to side, or use a glue shaker for the best results.

low humidity lash glue
LivBay has one of the best low humidity lash adhesive.

3. EBL Lashes Grand Rapid

I highly recommend the Grand Rapid eyelash extension glue for those seeking an exceptional adhesive that excels in low humidity conditions. This lightning-fast drying glue is a winner, offering a remarkable 1-second dry time and an impressive 6-week hold. Its versatility makes it suitable for both classic and volume extensions, catering to a wide range of preferences. Grand Rapid is specifically designed to thrive in low humidity environments, performing optimally at 40% humidity and below. The adhesive’s black color adds a sleek touch, and its wickedly fast drying and strong holding capabilities have earned it the title of the best seller. 

For optimal results, it is recommended to change the glue every 20-30 minutes when using a jade stone. 

low humidity lash glue
EBL Lashes Grand Rapid

4. EBL Lashes Magic Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Another EBL candidate is on the list! This remarkable adhesive has an impressive 1-2 second drying time and an extraordinary 6-week hold. To maximize its incredible holding power, it is recommended to use this glue within a humidity range of 15-70%. And like it’s EBL sister, the glue is also black in color. 

Megan, a satisfied lash artist customer, raved: “I switched to this last year, needing a glue with a higher temperature range than my last glue had to offer, and I have no regrets. I use this with the primer and sealant, and my retention is the best it’s ever been. Clients come back with 80% retention in most cases.”

EBL Lashes Magic Eyelash Extension Adhesive
low humidity lash glue EBL Lashes Magic Eyelash Extension Adhesive

5. Sugarlash PRO Naked Bond

Designed to work effortlessly in room humidity levels of 20-75% and temperatures ranging from 19-23°C, this transparent, super-thin adhesive guarantees a quick bonding time of 1-2 seconds,  ensuring accurate application and impressive outcomes. They also eliminated Carbon Black color, making it a perfect option for individuals who are sensitive to this commonly used color additive in other adhesives.  

With up to 8 weeks of retention in optimal conditions, your clients will revel in the long-lasting beauty of their lash extensions. ensuring precise application and stunning results. A real crowd pleaser she is, this one.

Sugarlash PRO Naked Bond
low humidity lash glue Sugarlash PRO Naked Bond

6. Borboletapro Go-To Adhesive

Hey, lash lovers! If you’re tired of your lash extensions throwing in the towel after a good cry or a refreshing swim, Borboletapro has got your back. Their custom-made glue comes in three fabulous viscosities – Medium Thin, Medium, and Medium Thick – so you can pick the one that vibes with your lash style. With an impressive dry time of 1-2 seconds, this glue sets the stage for a hold time of up to 5 weeks without breaking a sweat. 

This glue’s happy place is between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity range of 40%-60%. Trust us, lash artists are singing their praises for the crazy retention it brings to their happy customers.

Borboletapro Go-To Adhesive
Borboletapro Go-To Adhesive

7. Lashes by RK Je T’aime Low Humidity Adhesive 

Let me introduce you to the game-changer in town – the most wallet-friendly option for lash artists on this list, without compromising an inch on quality. This glue boasts durable retention, keeping those lashes looking fabulous for a whopping 5-7 weeks. With a lightning-fast drying time of just 0.5 seconds, speed up the application process. The optimal humidity range of 30-65% ensures consistent and reliable results in low humidity conditions.

Don’t just take my word for it—a lash artist raved about this glue: “I can confidently say that this glue has completely changed the game for me. It’s faster, stronger, and has way less fumes than any other glue I’ve used. I’m obsessed and can’t wait to create some amazing lash sets with it, and I’m even more excited for the retention on my refills.”

Lashes by RK Je T'aime Low Humidity Adhesive
Lashes by RK Je T’aime Low Humidity Adhesive

How to store low humidity lash glue

Keep your lash glue in the fridge between 2º – 10ºC (35º-50ºF) when it’s not in use. Once you take it out, let it warm up to room temperature before applying—just wait 5-10 minutes or hold it in your hand.

If you’ve opened the glue, store it in a sealed container with either dry rice or silica gel packs. Lash adhesive lasts for about 6 months unopened and 4 weeks after opening. It’s best to replace it every 4-6 weeks to ensure it works well and to avoid using it past its expiration date. When in doubt, it’s better to get a fresh one. 


In conclusion, selecting the right low humidity lash glue is crucial for achieving long-lasting and flawless results. The ideal adhesive should not only provide a strong bond but also adapt to the specific challenges posed by low humidity conditions. By investing in a quality low humidity lash glue, lash artists can ensure their clients enjoy beautiful, durable extensions that withstand varying environmental conditions, ultimately enhancing the overall success and satisfaction of their lash services.

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