Wow! Here are 8 eyelash extensions boston ranked top

Hello, dear friend! How’s your day going today? Would you like to make today even more wonderful by experiencing a spa and eyelash extension service at one of these 8 best eyelash extensions in Boston? That’s right, in today’s blog, I’ll be discussing the top 7 eyelash extensions Boston that are worth trying. When you visit these places, you’ll not only get fabulous lash extensions but also a sense of relaxation from the spa’s ambiance and the skillful and friendly lash artists. Let’s explore what these 8 golden spas have to offer!

Touch your beauty with these 8 best eyelash extensions boston

8 best eyelash extensions Philadelphia

1. Lash L’Amour

Founding 8 years Services Eyelash extensions, lash lift, eyebrow, skin care 
Rate 4.9 / 5 Address 129 Newbury Street

Boston, MA 02116

Opening – Closing time Mon – Fri 10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Sat Sun 10:00 AM–6:00 PM Hotline 617. 247.1871

Lash L’Amour is a spa that performs eyelash services such as eyelash extensions, eyelash lifts, eyebrows and skin care. But their most outstanding feature is their eyelash extension service. Eyelash extensions here include classic, volume, hybrid and mega volume. All are performed by highly trained and certified professionals with strict requirements.

The lash artists here always put the safety of their customers’ eyes as a top priority. They have the skills to ensure that you will experience no discomfort both during and after eyelash extensions. When getting eyelash extensions at Lash L’Amour, you will be able to use the service for free for one week after the extension.

Coming to Las L’Amour, you will receive careful eyelash styling advice before starting. Please contact and make an appointment early to have a great experience with the eyelash extension artists here, because they are always busy.

eyelash extensions boston
Highly customized eyelash extensions in Lash L’Amour

2. Maxi Lash Boutique

Founding 5 years Services Lash Extensions,lash lamination, brow lamination, microblading
Rate 4.8/ 5 Address Boston, MA 02215

270 Babcock st. C-102

Opening – Closing time Mon – Fri



10am- 6pm

Hotline 617-639-5210

Maxi Lash boutique is located near Boston University, the busiest and easiest place to get to.

When it comes to maxi lash boutique, everyone must admire the beauty of the lashes that the artists here create. Whether it’s classic lashes, volume lashes or hybrid lashes, they are all delicately and excellently personalized by professional eyelash extension artists. All eyelash styles have a natural look, not restrictive or artificial. To enjoy all the great things here, make an appointment now for Maxi Lash Boutique, one of the 7 boston eyelash extensions worth experiencing.

Maxi Lash boutique
Maxi Lash boutique

3. K-Beauty

Founding 5 years Services Lash extensions, nail, facial
Rate 4.9 / 5 Address 82 Essex Street, 2nd FL, Boston, MA02111
Opening – Closing time Mon Close Hotline 617-938-3666
Tue-Fri 10:30am – 7pm 
Sat-Sun 10am-7pm
When it comes to eyelash extension spas that are among the top 7 boston ranked eyelash extensions with the most competitive prices, I immediately think of K-Beauty. Here, eyelash extension products are not only beautiful, durable, diverse but also affordable. K-Beauty’s spa is spacious, clean and well-lit. Lash artists here are all carefully trained and have practicing certificates.
eyelash extensions boston
Eyelash extension in K-Beauty

4. Arts beauty lounge

Founding 4 years+ Services Lash extensions, lash lift, brow, waxing.
Rate 5 / 5 Address 111 Waynewood Ave.

Wayne, PA 19087

Opening – Closing time Mon – Fri 10am-7pm
Sat 10am-5pm Hotline 610.995.2631
Sun 10am-5pm

If you have never had eyelash extensions and want to learn about it thoroughly before getting eyelash extensions but are afraid of inconvenience, Arts Beauty Lounge is the place you need to go. The eyelash extension experts here are highly skilled and have excellent techniques. But most of all, they all understand that eyelash extension techniques are only part of the success and popularity of their spa. What makes the difference is also the attitude and service they provide.

Therefore, just make an appointment and meet, the experts at Arts Beauty Lounge will solve the remaining problems for you.

Customers are full of praise for the quality of eyelash extensions. They not only give a natural look but are also safe for the eyes of even the most sensitive people. The eyelashes are thin and light but still highlight the personality of the eyes.

In addition to high-quality products, there is also an extremely relaxing space here. Just walking through the door will make your mind more relaxed and lighter.

eyelash extensions boston
A product of lash extension in Arts beauty lounge

5. CJ eyelash 

Founding 10 years Services Lash Extensions, Waxing , eye brow
Rate 4.9 / 5
Opening – Closing time Mon- Fri 10 am-8pm Address 101 Arch Street, 8th Floor, Boston, MA 02110
Sat 9am – 6pm
Sun close Hotline 781-602-0401

CJ Eyelash was established more than 10 years ago. But the skills of the eyelash extension artists here are much more than that. The owner of CJ eyelash is Christine. She has been passionate about the eyelash extension industry since it was not so popular. She went to Korea to study and practice her skills, returned to New York to practice more, then went to Boston and opened a spa that is one of the best eyelash extensions in Boston that any customer who experiences it can only say “” wonderful” and “so wonderful”.

When talking about eyelash extension materials at CJ Eyelash, I just need to say: the most expensive, highest quality and safest, you can definitely imagine.

To date, CJ eyelash has had 3 locations. This is the best guarantee for the quality of their eyelash extensions and services. All three CJ eyelash facilities are located in prime locations, convenient for anyone’s visit.

eyelash extensions boston
CJ Eyelash- one of the most valuable eyelash extensions boston ever


6. Elite Lash Studio

Founding 5 years Services Eyelash Extensions ; henna tint; lash lift; eyebrow
Rate 4.7 / 5 Address 224 Clarendon Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02116
Opening – Closing time Mon – Thu 7am – 10pm
Fri 7am – 6pm Hotline (617) 262-5274

The foundation for Elite lash studio’s services is its experienced team. From the manager to the eyelash extension artists, all are experts with extensive expertise. They bring customers not only top quality products but also meticulous and delicate care from lash artists.

Come here, you will be heard. The lash artists will not force you into any of their eyelash extension templates. They listen to your interests and living environment and then give the most appropriate advice. Just contact them to schedule an appointment and you will be taken care of from start to finish. Then all you have to do is go to the spa and leave with more beautiful, natural eyelashes than you ever wanted.

Thanks to the trust and love of customers, Elite Lash studio expanded into the field of eyebrow making. And no matter what field they are in, they are among the best.

Elite lash studio
Elite lash studio


7. Emme Lash bar

Founding 6 years Services Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow, Waxing, permanent makeup
Rate 4.7 / 5 Address 216 West Broadway

South Boston, MA 02127

Opening – Closing time Mon – Fri 9AM – 7PM Hotline (617) 901-7778
Sat-Sun 10AM – 6PM

At EMME Lash Bar, you won’t have to pay if you’re not satisfied with the service. That is their commitment to customers. This shows confidence not only in product quality, but also in eyelash extension workmanship and service. Then they deserve to be on my list of 7 eyelash extensions boston ranked top.

Beauty and makeup, especially eyelash extensions, are the passion of the eyelash artists here. Working with passion, every set of false eyelashes they create, whether classic, volume or any type of eyelash extension, cannot be faulted.

The products of other services they use are also suitable for people with eyelash extensions. For example, makeup products, makeup remover oils or facial cleansers are all oil-free products – safe with eyelash extension glue.

To learn more about EMME Lash Bar’s services, contact them but believe me, coming to experience will definitely leave you with a love that no other place can have.

EMME lash bar 
EMME lash bar

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Above are the 7 most experienced boston eyelash extensions that I have compiled and reviewed for you. I know that Boston is huge, there must be many other great spas and eyelash extension services that I don’t know about. If so, please tell me a few more places. In addition, if you find this list of 7 best lash extensions boston worth spending money like I said, please share it with your friends and relatives so they can enjoy the good things. Now I will stop this article here. Have a good day. Goodbye

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