Can you put mascara on lash extensions? Decoding the Do’s and Don’ts

In the exciting world of eyelash extensions, countless questions arise about maintenance and care. One query that is commonly asked is, “Can you put mascara on lash extensions?” Let’s dive into the answers to help you navigate your lash extension journey better.

Can you put mascara on lash extensions
Can you put mascara on lash extensions

Can I use mascara when I have lash extensions?

Is it bad to put mascara on eyelash extensions? From experts’ advice, while it is technically possible to apply mascara to eyelash extensions, this practice should be reserved solely for classic eyelash extensions and not hybrid or volume sets. Additionally, waterproof mascara should be avoided, due to the difficulty of removal. A better alternative would be water-based mascara.

Here are two key reasons to avoid using mascara with volume or hybrid lashes: 

  • Increased Weight: Applying mascara to a volume fan can significantly increase the weight on your new lashes, potentially causing them to droop or fall out prematurely. Rather than applying mascara to a single lash, you’re effectively applying it to multiple lashes making up the fan, resulting in extra weight.
  • Fan Closure: One of the advantages of volume lashes is the extra volume they provide. Applying mascara to a volume fan can cause the fan to close, and the lashes to stick together due to the mascara. This negates the purpose of having volume eyelash extensions, as the volume effect is lost when the fan closes.

So, while mascara can be used on classic eyelash extensions, it’s recommended to skip it if you have volume or hybrid lashes to maintain their integrity and longevity.

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You should only use mascara with classic lashes
You should only use mascara with classic lashes

What happens if you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

Frequent use of mascara can decrease the durability of eyelash extensions. As we discussed above, you should only apply mascara to classic lashes because they are relatively thin and only if you wish to add depth to your eyes.

Particularly with waterproof mascaras, removing makeup can become difficult as it can weaken the adhesive of the extensions.

What is the best way to wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

The method of applying mascara to eyelash extensions differs slightly from that of natural lashes. Given that the extensions adhere to your natural lashes, an extra level of caution is necessary during application to prevent early fallout or damage to your extensions.

Here’s a recommended procedure for applying mascara to your eyelash extensions:

  • Initiate the process by washing, drying, and gently combing your lashes.
  • Proceed by applying a coat of mascara with the utmost delicacy. Begin from the midpoint of your lashes and extend towards the tips.
  • Always steer clear from applying mascara to the roots and restrict yourself to no more than one or two coats of mascara.

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What mascara can I use with eyelash extensions?

It’s essential to know that oils can break down the glue that holds your eyelash extensions, causing them to fall off prematurely. Hence, mascaras with an oil-based formula should be avoided.

Rather, choose mascaras explicitly marketed as oil-free and silicone-free to ensure the longevity of your extensions. Particularly, when it comes to lash extensions, water-based mascaras are the perfect match.

The formula of water-based mascaras is devoid of any waxy or oily elements. Therefore, they won’t weaken the adhesive in your lash glue and prevent any harm to your eyelash extensions.

HELPFUL TIP: When using mascara with extensions, always be gentle during application to avoid pulling and tugging them.

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The type of mascara you should avoid when having lash extensions

Alongside oil-based mascaras, there exist other mascara varieties that you should refrain from applying on your eyelash extensions. Here are some of them:

Type of mascara you should avoid
Type of mascara you should avoid
  • Fiber Mascara

Fiber mascaras might be a fantastic choice for natural lashes but are unsuitable for eyelash extensions. They contain dry fibers like silk, rayon, or nylon that bestow a thick and dense appearance on the lashes. However, these fibers are quite challenging to remove from lash extensions and could potentially harm both your natural and extended lashes. So, for the sake of your lash extensions, it’s best to steer clear of fiber mascaras.

  • Waterproof Mascara

Though resilient to tears, sweat, and water, waterproof mascaras can cause significant damage to your lash extensions. Their water-repelling properties can render your lashes brittle and dry. Moreover, since they’re designed to resist water, these mascaras are tough to remove without the risk of causing lash fallout. Teflon and silicone, two primary ingredients in waterproof mascaras, can both affect lash retention and break down your lash adhesive. If you’re sporting lash extensions, it’s advisable to keep away from waterproof mascaras.

  • Tube Mascara

Tube mascaras, which use polymers to coat individual lashes into tubes, are not recommended for use with lash extensions. The removal process requires friction, which can be damaging to the extensions. Because these mascaras form a firm grip on the lashes, they can potentially cause harm to your lash extensions. Therefore, if you wish to keep your full set of eyelash extensions intact and in good shape, it’s best to avoid tube mascaras altogether.

How to remove mascara on lash extensions correctly?

If you decide to wear mascara on your eyelash extensions, it’s crucial to know the correct method to cleanse and remove it, minimizing any potential damage to your lashes.

Choosing a water-based eye makeup remover, like micellar water, can help in the efficient removal of your mascara without the need for excessive scrubbing. Note that many eye makeup removers on the market are oil-based, so it’s vital to check the ingredients before using them.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for mascara removal:

  1. Begin by applying a water-based cleanser to your fingers, a clean spoolie, or a fresh mascara brush.
  2. Next, softly brush through your eyelashes until all traces of mascara are gone.
  3. Rinse your lashes with lukewarm water.
  4. Following this, rinse your lashes with lukewarm water.
  5. Finally, gently brush through your eyelashes a few times more to ensure all mascara has been thoroughly removed.
Following these steps can help you maintain the health and longevity of your lash extensions
Following these steps can help you maintain the health and longevity of your lash extensions

Finally, the question “Can you put mascara on lash extensions” has been answered. While it is possible to use mascara with lash extensions, it’s generally best to avoid it unless absolutely necessary. When done correctly, eyelash extensions give your lashes plenty of volume, length, and curl, reducing the need for additional mascara. If you still want to add mascara to your lash care routine, be sure to choose extension-safe products and apply them carefully to prolong the lifespan of your lashes.

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