What Is The Ideal Lash Lengths For Me?

What Is The Ideal Lash Lengths For Me?” is a common topic that many new lash extension clients ponder and contemplate. In this guide, we’ll help you determine your ideal lash length based on factors like natural lash length, style preference, eye shape, and personal preferences. Whether you want a subtle or dramatic effect, this article will provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

The length and curl chart for eyelash extensions produced by Vietnam Lash
The length and curl chart for eyelash extensions produced by Vietnam Lash

How many types of extension lash lengths are there?

Normally, eyelash factories can produce lashes ranging from 6mm to 30mm. However, most beauty salons will use longer extensions, ranging from 7mm to 15mm. And lash extensions come in a variety of lengths to accommodate different eye shapes, lash lengths, and stylistic preferences. The categories of lengths can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer or salon, but generally, they are often divided into five main groups based on their measurements:

Type Length Details
Petite Lash Extensions 6-8 mm This shorter range is optimal for creating natural looks or for use in the inner corner of the eyes. They are also applied for lower lash extensions
Mid-Range Lash Extensions 9-12 mm These are among the most frequently utilized lengths for extensions. They’re particularly suited for the middle and outer portions of the eye in clients with short to medium natural lashes.
Extended Lash Extensions 13-16 mm These longer extensions are commonly the maximum length utilized in many beauty salons. They work well for the center and outer corners in clients with longer natural lashes.
Extra-Long Lash Extensions 17-22 mm These extremely long extensions should be used sparingly, reserved for clients with naturally long, healthy lashes who desire a more dramatic look. Most salons do not regularly carry these lengths but can arrange for their application for special requests.
Ultra-Extended Lash Extensions 23-30 mm These are seldom used in everyday styling due to their extraordinary length and are typically only available upon special request.

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How can I choose the lash length that suits me best?

1. Determine the natural lash length

To determine the right lash extension lengths, consider your natural lash length. As a general guideline, the extensions should be around 2 mm longer than their natural lashes. This ensures that the extensions blend well and appear natural without putting excessive strain on the natural lashes.

For example, if the natural lashes are 10 mm, aim for 12 mm by selecting an 11 mm extension.

2. Choose your desired style

Consider the style your client wants to achieve. Different lash styles, such as natural, dramatic, or cat-eye, require different lengths. Longer extensions create a more dramatic look, while shorter extensions offer a more natural appearance.

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3. Define the structure and eye shape

Eye shape plays a significant role in how lash lengths appear on each individual. Different eye shapes require different lash lengths to achieve a natural look. For instance, individuals with deep-set or hooded eyes may need longer lash lengths to ensure the lashes are visible, as they have to cover a greater distance from root to surface. On the other hand, those with large or protruding eyes may find that slightly shorter lash lengths are more flattering. 

To determine your eye shape, refer to the chart below: Determine Your Eye Shapes 

Determine shape and structure of your eyes will make it easier to choose the appropriate lash style and length
Determine shape and structure of your eyes will make it easier to choose the appropriate lash style and length

If you’re unsure about the appropriate length or your eye shape, don’t hesitate to consult with the professionals who will be providing the service.

4. Consider the condition of your natural lashes

When the client’s natural lashes are brittle or in poor condition, it is advisable to opt for shorter and lighter lash extensions. The healthier the natural lashes, the more flexibility you have in choosing longer extensions. However, it is still recommended to adhere to the 2 mm rule, ensuring that the extensions do not exceed 2 mm beyond the natural lash length. Prioritizing the health and strength of the natural lashes is crucial when selecting lash extensions.


Q1: What is the most popular eyelash extension length?

Many clients prefer 11mm lash extensions, making it the most popular length. This choice is based on the fact that it nicely complements the average natural lash length, which is approximately 10mm. By adding 11mm extensions, the lashes achieve a desirable fullness without causing any discomfort or strain from the extra weight. 

Ultimately, 11mm extensions are widely chosen as they help create a balanced and voluminous lash look that is highly sought after.

Q2: What is the longest type of lash extension?

Eyelash extension manufacturers offer the longest length of 30 mm for those seeking dramatic and exaggerated looks. However, in practical application, lash artists often use lengths around 15 mm or 16 mm as they are more manageable and still achieve a striking appearance

Q3: Which lash extension length appears the most natural?

To achieve a natural lash look, it is recommended to opt for medium lengths of eyelash extensions ranging from 9mm to 12mm. These lengths closely match the average natural lash length, providing a subtle enhancement that appears more realistic and less dramatic.

Q4. Are shorter lash extensions better?

The ideal lash extension length is subjective and depends on individual preferences, natural lash length, and personal style. Shorter lash extensions can achieve a fuller or more natural look, but whether they are better ultimately depends on what each person desires and what complements their unique features best. The best length is the one that suits the individual’s natural lash length and enhances their personal style.

Choosing the right lash length is a personal decision based on your natural lashes, desired style, eye shape, and preferences. Consult with a lash professional to achieve perfect extensions that enhance your beauty while preserving the health of your natural lashes. Embrace your lash journey with confidence, knowing that the ideal length is within reach.

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