Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions? Everything You Need To Know

In recent years, eyelash extensions have been a game changer in delivering the naturally dreamy and fluttery eyelashes of our dreams, a craze that has gripped all trendsetters, beauty lovers, and admirers of lashes alike.

However, even the most flawless lash extensions lose their curl over time, which leads to curiosity about whether curling eyelash extensions is possible. 

No need to fret; we’re here to provide the answer to the question “Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?. Additionally, we’ll delve into the reasons behind the curl loss in lash extensions and provide a couple of advanced techniques to help maintain your extensions’ curls for an extended period of time.


Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?

The most straight-to-the-point answer to this question is yes, you can. However, there are drawbacks. 

A majority of lash technicians and beauty professionals advise against curling lash extensions, particularly because most people don’t have the proper techniques to do so correctly.

Why is this the case? 

This is because lash extensions usually come with pre-set curls, meticulously crafted to elevate the appearance of your natural eyelashes. Specialized instruments and meticulous heat treatments are employed by manufacturers to craft the enduring curls of the extensions. 

This complex process cannot be replicated in a home setting, especially once the extensions are affixed to your natural lashes.

Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions Using An Eyelash Curler?

For the optimal well-being of your lash extensions, we recommend staying away from mechanical lash curlers.

The metallic clamp on a manual lash curler has the potential to exert pressure and grip the extensions, leading to the possibility of fracturing or harming them. Furthermore, the force inflicted by this type of curler can strain and compromise the adhesive bond, causing the extensions to detach from your natural lashes. 

Moreover, the configuration and dimensions of manual lash curlers might not align well with the fixed curvature of lash extensions, resulting in an unnatural and uneven curl pattern.

Thus, most lash professionals recommend using heated lash curlers instead.

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Why Lash Extensions Lose Their Curls

  • Lash Extensions Come Intact With Direct Heat: Our editors advise against exposing extensions to high heat sources like stoves, grills, or ovens, as this could potentially melt your lash extensions and make them soft and straightened, causing them to lose their curl. It’s also important to be careful when using a hair dryer with a high heat setting near your eyes.
  • Improper Sleep Positions
Adopting unfavorable sleeping positions may result in the compression of lash extensions during sleep.

Sleeping on rough pillowcase materials (such as cotton, polyester, or linen) or adopting unfavorable sleeping positions may result in the compression of lash extensions during sleep. This compression can harm their natural curl pattern and lead to premature shedding. 

To avoid distorting the form of synthetic lash extensions, opt for a gentler sleeping surface or use pillows made from smoother materials, like silk or satin.

Additionally, consider sleeping on your back rather than your stomach, which can reduce the chances of lash extensions coming into contact with different sleeping surfaces. 

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  • Inadequate Cleaning Routine: If you neglect regular maintenance of your lash extensions, particularly when using oil-based makeup, there is a possibility that your artificial lashes could accumulate dirt, oil, and debris, causing them to become brittle and lose their curl.
  • Growth of Natural Lashes: Similar to the hair on your scalp, your natural lashes also undergo a growth cycle. As your natural lashes continue to grow, they start pressing on the lash extensions, resulting in a gradual loss of curls. 
  • Low-quality Lash Extensions: The overall quality of the lash extensions, as well as the adhesive used during application, can significantly influence the durability of the curl and the shedding of extensions. High-grade PBT remains pliable and gentle, not brittle. In contrast, poor-quality PBT contains a large of number of air particles, resulting in a weakened bond between the lash and the adhesive. This leads to less durability, causing lashes to quickly lose their curl, weaken their grip which makes them fall off more quickly.

How to Curl Lash Extensions 

What are Heated Curlers?

Heated curlers are brush-equipped electric curlers that separate and gently curl your extensions. These babies can hold the curls of your extensions for a few hours. “Heated eyelash curlers are ideal for creating a more defined lift and prolonging a curl, especially for people who can’t seem to hold one,” says makeup artist Beck Wainner.

Compared to mechanical lash curlers, these don’t pull or tuck your lash hair, which is perfect for the fragile fibers of lash extensions. 

Another advantageous aspect of these curlers is their inclusion of various temperature control options. Some products are even equipped with LED illumination, which aids visibility while curling your lashes. You have the flexibility to select the temperature according to your lashes’ strength, thickness, and dimensions. Additionally, certain heated lash curlers feature a comb attachment to prevent lash clustering.


Steps to Curl Lash Extensions Safely

When curling your extensions with a heated lash curler, stick to these guidelines to prevent potential damage to your lashes. 

Step 1: Clean Your Lashes

can-you-curl-eyelash extensions
Make sure to keep your lashes clean and dry.

Make sure to keep your lashes clean and dry. Remove any makeup or oil residue from your lashes using a mild, oil-free cleanser. Also, comb through your lashes so that they aren’t clumped or stuck together. 

Step 2: Warm Up Your Lash Curler

Adjust the temperature on the heated lash curler wand to a suitable level. Be careful not to overheat it, as excessive heat could harm your lashes. Another step is to immerse the brush in hot water to warm it, then delicately brush and apply gentle pressure upward using the bristles along the lash base, crafting an upward curl.

Step 3: Curl from Mid-Sections to Tips

When using a heated lash curler, start from the middle sections of your natural lashes and progress toward the tips.

Avoid applying pressure to the lash base where the lash extensions are attached, as this is where adhesive is applied. If subjected to heat, the adhesion of the glue might be weakened, resulting in your extensions coming off prematurely. 

Step 4: Gently Curl Your Lash Extensions

Hold the lash curler wand for several seconds to set the curl. Exercise caution to prevent excessive pressure or tugging on your lashes.

For a more pronounced curl, gently maneuver the curler wand towards the tips of your lash extensions, repeating the process to achieve your desired level of curl.


Tips on How to Preserve Your Lash Extensions

Are you frustrated with your lash extensions losing their curl sooner than you’d like? No worries! We have some tips on how to extend the longevity of your curled eyelash extensions. 

Schedule regular fills every 2-4 weeks to replace lost lashes and maintain curls
  • Use a Lash Serum: Well-nourished lashes are more likely to maintain their shape. Using a lash serum that is compatible with lash extensions can fortify the extensions and prolong their curled appearance.
  • Get Fills Regularly: Our lashes grow and fall everyday as they go through their growth cycle. Schedule regular fills every 2-4 weeks to replace lost lashes and maintain the desired curl.
  • Comb your lashes: Regularly comb through your lash extensions with a fresh spoolie brush in a gentle manner each day. This practice helps preserve their curls and ensures a tidy appearance. Apply soft, sweeping movements to stroke from the root to the tips, avoiding any excessive tugging or pulling on the extensions.  Additionally, you can opt for mascara that is specifically formulated for lash extensions to improve their vivacity.
  • Avoid Water and Steam: For the first 24-48 hours after getting lash extensions, lash technicians commonly recommend avoiding exposing them to water and steam. Why is this necessary? This allows the adhesive to fully cure and set the curl.
  • Protect from Wind: Wind can cause lashes to tangle and lose their curl. Wear sunglasses or use your hand to shield your lashes on windy days.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the question “Can you curl eyelash extensions?” is a crucial question to ask, for anyone seeking to enhance their eye aesthetics. While the allure of achieving a more pronounced curl might be tempting, it’s important to recognize the delicate nature of lash extensions and the intricate procedures involved in their creation.

Ultimately, maintaining the health, longevity, and exquisite appearance of your lash extensions requires a combination of proper care, gentle handling, and adhering to the guidelines provided by professionals. By embracing these practices, you can fully enjoy the beauty and allure of your lash extensions while ensuring they remain a stunning complement to your overall look. 

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